Monday, September 16, 2013

Yet you are not here

You know those times when I have lots of things in my mind, ideas to write about, like poems and opinions or a melody perhaps. But when faced by a blank paper, or a blinking cursor in the computer monitor, the piano keys, they're all gone right on a snap. Actually no. There would be faint traces of them, staggering in all places yet I can't make sense of it anymore. And then in those moments of solitude, like those times when I'm on a ride on my way home before witching hour, they're back. Dancing before my very eyes like the flickering night lights of the city, inviting, conquering my images of unfeelingness towards a grand landscape of beauty.  

That's how you appear to me, my love. One moment you're there only to disappear by the next. But always, taking me beyond breathless desire, consuming all my senses until I don't know what to say anymore. Or what to do. Except to love you. 

If only I can bury my words in you, make you feel my music born within my fingers. But before I could, once again you are gone. And so once again, I wait for that horizon where your figure would appear with a hope that, maybe, if I wait long enough you'll never disappear again. 

"Yet you're not here" taken from  Nayyirah Waheed's "I wake to you everywhere, yet you are not here"

2 reaction(s):

Seth said...

hmmm.... eponine ikaw ba yan? :D

JM said...

and my heart breaks for you.


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