Monday, July 16, 2012

Leather boots fixation

"There comes a time when what is needed is not just rhetoric, but boots on the ground."

It is not a recent perversion to be honest and I only have three pairs as of now, the other one not being in the picture because they’re at my cousin’s house. I love boots, leather boots. I love wearing them here in this tropical country where flip flops are normal everyday gear. I love them and I think I may be having some bizarre relationship with it.

The first one is made of cowskin leather. It’s not really that expensive but I won’t say which brand. The shorter one, which is the shortest among the three, I just acquired recently and the future fourth is a custom made one and is still in this shoemaker’s shop ready for pick-up by next month.

Most would say this add up to the piles of my weirdest fascinations. But I’ll tell you a bit why I fell in love with these leather babies.

Leather boots saved me from this massive heartache. I was walking then on a mall, reliving the old days how he and I would stroll the same route making it like those alleys in Paris graced by countless lovers. I was cursing every step of mine without his beside. And then I thought I’ll buy anything in that mall, anything that would make me feel better, anything that would pull me away from that pit of misery.

I tried ice cream, which usually works in some situation, but lamentably failed during that time. I tried new shirts. Underwear. Pillows. Bed sheets. And then the eureka moment, a brown leather almost knee-high boots.

The next day, I wore it at work. I wore it like a crown bound for my feet. The sluggish walks brought about by love’s rejection found its pride once more. The boots made me feel like I was taller, taller than anyone. Even taller than him who’ve left me. I tilted my head and once again, I was walking with my head held high.

It’s not just about looking badass with them. Sometimes I even draw ideas and inspiration from them. I’ll cross my legs, watch them dangling and a thought would come. They have this power which makes me feel I’m okay and I will be okay. They are my armor, gleaming and warding off unseen offenses; a reminder of a stature, a soldier ready for a frontline battle.

So in one cold night, if you happen to see a boy wearing boots, torn jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket, smoking on the side street as he watches the stars and the rambling people around him fade, you’ll not only understand why, you’ll recognize who that boy is.

"So lonely soldier go home
Lonely, but never alone
Good eyes, see nothing to shoot
Good feet, feel good, givin' up good boots"
-Damien Rice, Lonely Soldier

7 reaction(s):

Nate said...

i remember how you told me about this one time you wore your boots at work and how people are like teasing you na kabayo nalang ang kulang, or something like that.. :p

nainggit siguro sila, kasi keri mong mag-boots.. :)

rudeboy said...

These boots were made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I love boots, shoes, fingers, feet. Appendages are nice. I write about them too.

Olivr said...

the boots.. never wore one. haha

Désolé Boy said...

Nate - Haha. Friend kong cameraman ang nagsabi 'nun. Actually joke lang naman yun. Boots are common thing sa work.
Rudeboy - I had to google it. Megadeth huh. Didn't imagine you listen to them. I like it. But change that to "And one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over your face [all over your dick]." Haha. I kid. I'm no more bitter.
Michael - Boots are nice, aren't they? And fingers? And feet? Hmmnn. Interesting. I'll read them on you. :)
Olivr - You should try them. You'll be surprised how much power they possess. Thanks for droppin' by.

Guyrony said...

These boots coupled with a pair of beige chinos or even carrot skinnies are so in nowadays.

-mark- said...

paborito ko ang leather boots noong mahilig ako pumunta sa pulp summer slam at sa mga gigs, astig kasi... me time pa na me nawala ang leather boots ko,nag Garrison boots ako haha


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