Friday, July 13, 2012

Covering Dolphy

Dolphy, King of Comedy (1928-2012)  

I have no anecdotes about Dolphy. Unfortunately, I was never given the chance of working with him. But I work in a station where he is considered one of the pillars. And so in great honor and humility, I am thankful to be given the chance of covering him during these last days of him, a fellow Kapamilya.

There was a quartet waiting at the main lobby of ABS-CBN’s Main Building playing Charlie Chaplin’s Smile and Ennio Morricone’s Cinema Paradiso. The red carpet is once again rolled for the arrival of the King; a rare King, they say, whose feet remained grounded. There are flowers all around, people in white are all over as members of competing media organizations gather under one station’s roof. Truly, Dolphy came home once again.

What was different covering the Comedy King is that you deal not only with a grieving family with all the necessary sensitivity that comes with it, but also with a thousand other extended families whose lives not only touched, but lived with a man who made one nation laugh, cry and dream.

Writing the story, you deal also with your emotions. You are after all in the middle of everything. Of people sharing tales of kindness and generosity, of huge personalities who graced your young television watchings and a crowd that came as far as Bicol, Zambales and Tarlac just to catch a last glimpse of their King. You stand in front of the golden coffin and you see a sleeping King as peaceful as he could get after years of being inside a howling industry.

I don’t believe in romanticizing news that I write. I save that for features and drama scripts. But after hearing the mass and all the eulogies of family members, friends and colleagues spanning decades of togetherness, words flowed naturally. Eric Quizon thanked media people. He said he believes journalists are not just there because it is their job, but because they, too, love his father Dolphy. I couldn’t agree more.

"Beyond the lens"

"Under the warm spotlight"



"His legacy"

"Salamat sa kanilang lahat. Ano man ang mangyari at kahit kailan man, hinding hindi ako mawawalay sa inyo. Pindutin lang ninyo ang play at siguradong magkakasama-sama tayo, magchichikahan, magchochorvahan tayong lahat."

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-mark- said...

idol... peyborit namin ng ate ko na manuod ng lumang nakakatawang movie niyan nila dolphy tuwing madaling araw... masaya na lalo sa langit..

LJ said...

Thank you for sharing this DB. :)

I failed to watch it live, and by reading this, it feels like I was there at the Dolphy Theater

Bino said...

Great job DB!

Mugen said...

I love it when you humanize the news. I know it was a stressful week for you, but despite everything, I still envy you for being there - at ground zero.

Kudos, Che.

bagotilyo said...

nalungkot ako sa pagkawala niya.


thanks for sharing your experience with us DB :)


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