Monday, June 4, 2012

Tales of the Letters

It's not that easy being green.

“I’m sure the letters are tired monsieur and I know you are as well.”

“I am, but I need them. Call them please.”

“I already did monsieur but no one would answer my summons.”

“Are they mad at me?”

“Please monsieur. ‘Tis not the case.”

“Rouse them from sleep if you must. I need them.”

Seconds later, the letters came. Some in their pajamas, yawning; one eye shut tight, others half-opened in great effort. There are murmurs of annoyance and confusion as to what’s happening. The clock reads 12:15 in the morning.

“Gather here please.”

“So what is it?” S asked in her loud shrill voice.

“Why won’t you come when I asked for all of you? Are you all mad at me? I’ve talked to the maids and they won’t give me an answer. You tell me what it is.”

“Ahhmnn, there’s nothing really going on,” A began telling. M and N behind nodded in unison.

“I don’t know about them. Pfftt. I know things are fine. It’s just that it’s been tiring lately. I’m tired. I’m sure everybody is,” I narrated in his arrogant baritone voice.

“Where’s E, I don’t see him. Is he still in bed?”

Everyone looked around as E is nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, he’s in the bathroom like he always is. Over there,” O said without the slightest attempt to hide his irritation towards his brother as E emerges from the bathroom door.

“Err, what is it? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What did I miss?”

“Just in time E. Father is looking for you of course. Come here,” J politely said, making a space between him and C to allow E a seat.

“You okay Father? Y asked not minding his brothers and sisters’ usual bickering and self-canoodling.

“I’m fine, thank you Y. But I was right. I’m tired but good. It’s you and your siblings I’m worried. Are you all okay?”

“We are,” said W enthusiastically. “Why don’t we tell Father a story while he rest. I’ll start one.”

“Hmpf! Here we go again,” H snarled at her brother.

“I’ll do it,” I volunteered.

“Of course it should me. Tales always begin with ‘once upon time.’ Idiots.”



“Alright, alright. How about for a change, I'm the one who shall give you a story?”

“Fantastic! What will it be Father?”

“It’s about Snow White.”

“But we all know that,” B couldn’t help but whine.

“It’s a different Snow White, B. You’ll know if you’ll listen well.”

Everybody hushed down, interested of the new story they're not yet aware of.

“This is about Snow White and the 26 Letters of the Alphabet.”

“Once upon a time in an enchanted kingdom there was a beautiful princess with skin as white as snow and hair as black as night…”

The Letters listened intently to a thrilling tale of magical adventure about a beautiful princess and her 26 little friends, how they sought to conquer their differences and unite themselves against the wicked Queen until the princess finds its true love.

“…and they live happily ever after.”

X, Y and Z clapped as the story ended while R let out an audible sigh.

“Question. What happened to the Letters after the prince and the princess got married?” Q quizzically asked.

“They lived, of course, and moved to help build other stories. Thousands, no, countless of them.”

“I think it’s time we all retire. Go back to your bed now. Good night.”

And they all bid him good night and merrily went upstairs still talking about the story they heard.

“I already lit the fire in your room monsieur, it should be comfortable enough.”

“Thank you. Are they all in bed now?”

“Yes my lord.”

“I should spend more time with them, yes?”

“I’m sure they’ll love it.”


6 reaction(s):

Nate said...

a lovely tale, monsieur.. :)

Little Nikki said...

light-bulb moment. *ding*

the green breaker said...

ayos. galing mo talaga. should you tell our children about this story? :p

*side note: ang cute nung quotes sa gilid mo. nainggit ako lalo na sa arsobispo. :p*

citybuoy said...

Naloka naman ako sa "our children" ni Green Breaker! haha

Aliw nga yung story. I was smiling the whole time even though i could still see spots of your darkness here and there. Gawan mo to ng sequel, DB! Yung mga punctuation marks naman. I wonder how they'll interact with each other!

Tim Smithson said...

just so cute to read..

Visual Velocity said...

A good read to end a good weekend. :)


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