Monday, June 25, 2012

In offense of LeBron James

There’s a massive hysteria going on right now as the NBA post season  commences. Miami Heat finally won the championship over a helpless Oklahoma City Thunder and LeBron James finally snatched a ring to underscore his MVP titles and record-beater digits.  Understandably, the bandwagonry is just overwhelming.

With this comes the proclamation by some that the era of hating LeBron James ends, or should end here. I disagree.

I don’t “hate” LeBron in the most literal sense of “hating” but I do hate him in an NBA fan way of hating.

Before 2010 that the self-proclaimed King was reigning over Cleveland Cavaliers, my eyes were already hot for him. And why not, since LeBron was dominating the East during All Star Games plus his bravados were not that any charming at all. At last, when he finally led the Cavaliers to finals and lost, I shared few of his sentiments and the frustration that came with it. I understand that it must be tiring, giving best shots after best shots to no effect. A trade or a transfer is inevitable, I said.

But lo and behold. Instead of playing the hero’s part, LeBron magically turned himself into a huge villainous creature in a sweep of a moment. Not only that the Cavaliers were not courteously informed of his transfer, a massive circus was mounted and with all its spectacle and delays announced LeBron’s new home – the Miami Heat.

There should have been certain honesty in it. Imagine LeBron carrying the entire weight of the team for seven solid years. Drafted straight from high school with all the record smashing performance, it’s natural for him to seek a better court where he could validate his claim of being “The Chosen One.” It could’ve been another normal transfer. It happens all the time. And yet it didn’t.

Instead, he basically told the entire world via live broadcast that he’s done being surrounded with talentless people and he’s better off somewhere where he can be with the bests like he always is. And then they made a huge publicity stunt with the formation of The Big Three and then came the prophetical words of LeBron about winning “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven championships.”

No one wants a bragging hero who hasn’t won a war yet. This is why the volume of hate towards LeBron further propagated last season. He failed and choked over his own conceited words.

Suddenly, we remember that he’s not that much of an ace since he cannot run offensively during the crucial final seconds of the game thus being useless in close-fights (imagine the Lakers-Celtics). That he will always remain prone to leg-cramps and he’s retaliation over the hate campaign against him was rather tasteless.

I have all respect for his undeniable talent and I would agree with him saying those people who hate him, probably like me, have bigger problems, living a more miserable life compare to the mansion where he goes home. I would also be honest that some of the hate rubbed on me because I’m a Kobe Bryant fan. But in case LeBron and his fans haven’t noticed, this is how the world of sports has been going on for the past millennia. Since we root for a certain individual, we tend to go against the other one and by going against doesn’t literally translates to hating. Yes we “hate” LeBron, make jokes about him and laugh at his minutest mistakes and sometimes go even further on personal attacks, but that’s just it.

He won a championship this year but that’s just one of the “seven” he proclaimed. I believe he still has a long way to go to pull together the set back he did during the 2010 stunts. And believing so doesn’t mean I’m a hypocrite or a phony basketball fan the way others are sneering on with the likes of me recently.

We lived in a world where LeBron James is called King. We lived in a world where LeBron James is The Chosen One. Now, we live in a world where The Chosen One becomes The Chosen Won. But I don’t believe it should stop me from having a go against him. For I don’t believe in those who went for the get-championship-quick scheme, yes among the many reasons.  In the words of the great Michael Jordan, he wouldn’t have contacted his rivals from other teams like Magic Johnson or Larry Bird so that they could huddle under one team and conquer universes basket after basket. It’s simply because he wants to kick their asses himself. That'show a real basketball champion should think!

And so in the world I inhabit, hating LeBron James is as perfectly normal as some people out there calling Kobe Bryant "Crocodile Kobe."

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Juan der Last said...
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Juan der Last said...

Well, I don't like LBJ nor Kobe. Hate is too strong a word, and requires so much more energy than I'm willing to expend. Good for LBJ though. Can't say he doesn't deserve it this year. I just hope it's his last. Hehe.


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