Friday, May 4, 2012

Watching popcorn movie alone

After weeks of people raving about The Avengers, I finally got the chance to catch it on the local screen. Problem is I couldn’t pull any of my friends to watch it with. So like the usual, I went on alone. 

I had my ticket reserved for 2:55 pm screening. I left ABS-CBN exactly 2:00 pm, hailed a cab and arrived at Trinoma exactly 2:15 pm. I remember I haven’t eaten anything since morning so I grabbed a burger somewhere and some iced coffee to go with it. 

When I entered the movie house and went on with my assigned seat, I frowned upon seeing I would be seated squeezed in the middle of a bunch of mushy couples. There was the usual pinch somewhere inside, but I didn’t bother and reminded myself I’m there to soak in the awesomeness of the film. 

The film didn’t start at 2:55 pm so there was plenty of time for the couple to do the usual thing. From the corner of my eye, I could see how the boys would throw some pecks on the cheek, on the neck and elsewhere in the face of their respective muses. 

The girls couldn’t be left behind. Their heads resting on their consort’s chest, hands trailing the masculine hair of the boys’ thigh while elbows rest somewhere beneath Adam’s red apple. 

I was half amused, half disgusted by the play of the scene. I told myself, if I ever I’ll have a partner someday, I would never allow a thing or two of what these couples are doing. 

And then it hit me. That word, “if.” 

The movie went on for the entire two hours and I really enjoyed every minute of it. Thor was amazing, also Hulk. I laughed at the Iron Man’s humor and was taught of a good life lesson out of Captain America. All in all good especially for kids like me. 

The lights went on once more. People started piling out; the couples too. They held hand, girls leaning over their boys, the boys walking in their strut that tells they have got the best looking girl in their arms. And off they left. 

I thought, somehow, this place is becoming more of a world for couples. Whenever I dine alone in a restaurant, whenever I take a stroll in a park alone, whenever I watch a popcorn movie alone, just like this, I get that same stare. That questioning stare which translates to “oh he’s alone.” There’s no questioning there. And more confusingly, I take them as a pressing statement. Something fixed. A fact. A conclusion. 

I realized how pathetic I am for thinking “what if.” There’s no “what if.” There are no “what ifs” for me. 

As I make my way out of the mall, the usual noise of the bustling crowd overwhelmed me. I remembered I have lots of things to finish so I thought I needed to go home fast. As I stepped out in the open parking lot, I didn’t immediately notice the mad pouring rain. I looked up at the swirling dark clouds high above and then I ran towards the van that would take me home to Bulacan. I handed a hundred peso bill to the driver. He asked: “Ilan ‘to, isa lang?” That moment, a memory kicked inside my mind. I chuckled. And then, I gave the obvious answer “Opo, isa lang ‘yan.”

9 reaction(s):

imsonotconio said...

well i watched the avengers alone too.

in fact i like watching movies alone.

nothing wrong with that

Bino said...

di bale, sa SOM may mga kasama ka, kami. hehehe

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I want a partner too, but it's extremely challenging where I live. Meh. I'll go see the Avengers alone too. I salute you good sir! I guess I have the gay boys in my books to keep me company.

Lone wolf Milch said...

in my case i would prefer to watch a movie alone. so i won't get distracted

-mark- said...

Tamad akong manuod ng movie eh, naghihinayang ako,haha dinodownload ko na lang sa torrent at pinapanuod siya, ALONE. di lang ikaw ang alone,madami padin hehe

Nate said...

@DB: *hugs*

Mac Callister said...

exactly the same reason why i dont wanna go watch movie alone...

that same reason. thats why may friends ako kabi-kabila para pag di pwde yun iba, may iba pang available to accompany me...

mahirap din maging single. I know.

shenanigans said...

kamusta ka na?

Drama King said...

Sapul na sapul naman ako. Haha. I love watching movies alone. Hindi ko alam kung na-love ko siya kasi nasanay na lang ako. me being single for many years now. Pero mahirap nga 'yung manuod ng movies na puro couples ang makikita mo. Kaya ako, i refrained myself from watching romantic movies alone. Download ko na lang. Kapag naman mga ganito, naghihintay talaga ako ng makakasama. Ang lungkot naman kasi. Kapag mga art films, ayan ayos lang mag-isa. Mas masaya at mas mananamnam mo ang movie. :)

Naalala ko lang 'yung line sa movie na PS I Love You.

"So now, all alone or not, you gotta walk ahead. Thing to remember is if we're all alone, then we're all together in that too."

So we're not alone after all. Hugs! :)


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