Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From Corona to Gaga

I was about to watch Lady Gaga’s concert for free as one of those media perks but then I almost didn’t make it because of my work. Remember what happened yesterday at the trial? After a stretch of four hours listening and taking down notes, writing in between scripts and article for online news, and the occasional banter with fellow journalists, I was too tired to even think of the concert. Ironic isn’t it? 

Then all the exits were blocked because of Corona’s so-called attempt to walkout. The heck! I was ready to sleep inside the gallery (beside my babycakes) that time and throw all the possibility of watching Motha Monstah. But Corona made it all good by the end. Or maybe Cuevas. Poor former Justice, unaware of his client’s dark scheme, he earned quite a number of boos from the watching crowd, even from the covering media. 

After everything was settled my boss told me to just leave them and run towards MOA Arena. I was already Tweeting about my problem of going to the concert venue as fast as possible when a former date volunteered to drive for me. T’was very cool of him. 

Only, I wasn’t able to use my “powers” to enter the patron part. I was almost late and my friends of course were almost late as well (we all work for the media industry). So we settled for the lower box part which is cool coz I really need to sit down for a while and have some rest. 

The moment Lady Gaga appeared, the whole arena exploded. 

I turned emotional thrice during the show. One is when she belted out "Born This Way." Yes, the anthem. I know there’s a whole giant vagina thing but I guess it started with her speech about setting yourself free. That if you feel oppressed, controlled by the many commands of this society, allow that moment to break loose and set yourself free. 

Second is with her song "Hair." She played the piano on this part while talking about the struggle to have her concert push thru here in the Philippines and the threat of entering Jakarta, the next stop for the Monster Ball Tour. The whole arena was quiet. Like soaking on every word she sings. I thought how being one’s self is very tough despite how simple it sounds. And like what the song says, I thought, I’ve had enough. 

Last is during the encore part, "The Edge of Glory." Here my friends and I danced arm-in-arm. I thought about how much they mean to me. And then a memory. A memory of this boy who left me just recently. I wanted to sing the song to him and tell him he need not feel lonely anymore, that I’m always here for him. Someone who accepts him despite the world telling me not to. I wonder if I’ll be given the chance again to tell him that. I regret that I never took the chance before. And then I danced once more to drown all the memories. 

It was a fun night. Evidence are my growling voice, sore throat and slight fever. When people started piling out of the venue, we heard shoutings. And then I saw Lady Gaga appeared at the right side of the stage and waved to the fans. 

I like Lady Gaga. I even Tweeted that Lady Gaga is God. I believe she is, but not in its most literal sense. We’re all God, after all. The music she creates empowers people. It makes people who are alone feel that they’re not. Her message is acceptance, tolerance, respect and love. Isn’t that the message of God? Or Jesus? How could that be equated to Satanism? I was covering the impeachment trial for almost 4 months now, and you know what? There I saw the works of Satan.

The giant vagina. 

After the show, I posed for a picture in this standee and 
all of a sudden guys with SLR cameras, some wearing production
ID's, started taking a picture of me to my horror. I dunno why. 
Anyway, you guys like my outfit? Haha. Red pants, suspenders
and a Captain America shirt or as my friends said:
"lakas maka-twink." There should be a black coat but
my friends asked me to remove it to reveal my "bubble butt."

With Tessa Prieto. 


Lady Gaga shouted: Where are my gay kids in the Philippines? To which I roared an eardrum-breaking "heeeeeeere!" People in front of me threw shameless stares. 

We were all hot for one of Gaga's dancers. They're all hot actually. Aren't they a treat? *grins*

We died when Lady Gaga began pumping in her motorcycle, grabbed the Philippine flag and slide in on from her motha-monstah-vagina to her face. Take that ex-Cong. Benny Abante. 

This is an unedited post. Apologies for the lapses. 

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rudeboy said...


We were breathing the same Lower Box air last night, db.

So near and yet, oh so far, tsk tsk.

And I knew it was Tessa doing her Walking Christmas Tree in May impression in the mosh pit. I was a little intrigued by the swarm of blue-shirted security personnel down there at one point, then I thought someone had spilled overpriced water on Tessa and she was writhing on the concrete in electric dreams.

Well, one can always dream.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ bubble butt. Hahaha!


-mark- said...

di ko maaninag yung giant vagina.. sayang.haha

Bino said...

glad you enjoyed it bro!

Désolé Boy said...

Ruddie - Oh my effin' God! You're there? I'm dying to meet you in person, ano ba! Anyway, Tessa noticed me after she was interviewed by few media. She prolly remember me during my short stay at Inquirer. Haaay. I really wish I was able to see you, although how should I recognize you? To borrow your words, one can always dream.
Charles - Naman. Yun pa pinagtuunan mo ng napansin brotha *blush*
Mark - Oh, ang tagal mo yatang absent sa blog. San na yung pangako mong dog? Kala mo ah. Hehe. At talagang pilit mo inaninag ang giant vagina. Haha.
Bino - Oo naman brother, hehe. Manood din tayo minsan ng concert. Tayong mga iBloggers.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Hoy hindi ko yun pinagtuunan ng pansin, natawa lang ako! hmpft. :)


bien said...

loving the suspenders

JC said...

i like your outfit! haha.

amazing concert!

Désolé Boy said...

Charles - Ngayon naman pinagtatawanan mo ka. *sigh* Hahaha.
Bien - Love them too. I just wish I have a longer torso. I have weird body proportions. *sigh*
JC - Oh di ba parang reporter lang tayo. Ikaw assigned sa Day 1 ako sa Day 2. Hehe.

Nate said...

somewhere in the post lies an untold story; almost unnoticed, because of the overwhelming mother monster experience that you've narrated.. *wink*

and i must say, i luuuuuurve how you wore that outfit.. ikaw na!! and having a your photo taken beside a fashion icon, priceless. :)

KikomaxXx said...

bat ka pa nagtago boss... nakita ka na namin dun sa mga pic ni bino... hehehe anyways... its a gift naman for you to unwind..


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