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Love lessons inside the impeachment court

So we ended the first season of #CJontrial last February 29 and we’re already pushing for a marathon session upon its return on March 12 (as of yesterday's ruling, the proposed marathon hearing was junked). I’ve been covering the said trial for the past months and while I enjoy the legal gymnastics and the occasional battle of comedies, it sure is draining to listen, take notes, write within your deadline and study more just for a single subject.

The past 26 days of the trial taught me so much, not just in the conduct of my profession, but also some lessons about love. Just like what Rihanna said, I found love in this hopeless place.

It started with a crowd of journalists trying to mix humor against legal talks just for their entertainment. That time I was quietly listing down things people are throwing with past forward thinking of my contribution. What I learned is that even love can be subjected into questions of legality. Or maybe not the literal legality of it.

Here are some points and legal jargons that caught most of these humble journalists’ attention that will attempt to teach you lessons about love:

EXCESSIVE ENTANGLEMENT (This is a term used by the House prosecution panel to describe Chief Justice Renato Corona’s relation to former president Gloria Arroyo.)

In love, this is a common mistake of many, including me. As they say, anything in excess is in itself a recipe for a huge mess. But what struck me are the words of veteran journalist Lynda Jumilla: Excessive entangelement. As in “luluha ka lang sa lalaking ‘yan kaya iwasan mo ang excessive entanglement sa kaniya.” Worse is when one think there’s an “entangelement” yet in actuality, there’s none. Beware. The greater the entanglement, the harder it is to free yourself from its bind.

FALSUS IN UNUM, FALSUS IN OMNIBUS (As the feisty Senator-judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago explained to lead prosecutor Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas Jr., if it is proved that they’re lying on how they happen to take possession of the alleged leaked bank records of the chief justice, none of which that follow their initial argument could be taken as truth. The legal maxim literally translates to “false in one thing, false in everything.”)

He lied to you the first time, chances are he’s gonna do it again in the nearest future. Worse, it might be that his previous statements are not even entirely true. In my case, the Animal already confessed Its lies, but the oh-so-martyr in me still swallowed Its words like some gospel proclaimed in a high pulpit. Don’t. A lie is a lie and a liar is a liar. But worse than being a liar is a liar admitting that he’s one.

ABUNDANTI CAUTELA (Literally means “excessive caution/care.” Senator Santiago, then, pleads to the impeachment court to defer its affirmative ruling on the motion of the prosecution requesting for subpoena duces tecum against bank records of the chief justice citing the principle of ex-abundati cautela.)

Being but a mere mortal, we are all aware that falling in love is a complicated state. Yes, in theory, it renders normal senses to be impaired, but in the midst of all its intricacies, we must remain at caution despite the “hallucinogenic effect.” Remember that while it is your constitutional privilege to give abundant affection, and yes, love, it is your divine duty to provide abundant care and respect for yourself.

RATIO DECIDENDI (During the 16th day of the impeachment trial, Senator Santiago asked House lead prosecutor Rep. Niel Tupas Jr. to explain the meaning of “Ratio decidendi,” which means the rationale for the decision.)

After all the shit happens, the burden now lies on you to decide whether to continue being with a shit or cease being a shit yourself. Now, if you are a normal person with a regularly functioning neurons and synapses, as the feisty senator said, you will decide on severing ties with that asshole. In my case, it took me so long deciding to breakaway with the Animal. But at some point, I just stopped and said “enough.” And then I went on. It’s a tough decision and you’ll need to muster all the conviction you have at your disposal. There are moments when you’ll feel bad for throwing all those time invested in turning your back against him. But with not doing so, you are wasting the entire blissful future waiting for you which you’re blindly disregarding for a simple reason that you cannot move one. Remember the rationale for your decision, which is very simple: you love yourself. That’s all.

MOTU PROPRIO (Meaning, resolving case on one’s own. On Day 2 of the trial, the Senate, motu proprio, suspends trial since prosecution is not prepared to present evidence.)

You committed the sin of excessive entanglement with the Animal and now he decided you’re nothing but a trash so he simply threw you away helpless. Big deal. You’ll wallow on your misery, of course. That is normal. You can blame the Animal, plan your diabolical revenge or jump from one bed to another for some act of rebellion. Truth is, none of these can resolve the pain you’re having. Pain won’t go away no matter what you do. You’ll just have to make a room for it in your life. Only you, yourself, can resolve everything. As the great Miranda Priestly so eloquently said, “the decision’s yours.”

SUI GENERIS (The impeachment trial being a quasi-political and quasi judicial act is considered sui generis, meaning one of a kind. Because of this, Rules on Evidence cannot be strictly followed and the basis for conviction should not be as high as “proof beyond reasonable doubt” and neither as light as “substantial evidence.”)

The lesson here is that you cannot treat every situation the same as the others. Not because you committed an “excessive entanglement” with an idiot means all the guys/girls to follow are a bunch of idiots. Every relationship or entanglement is unique over the other. Take the lessons from the previous pains but never give up on love. It won’t be called falling in love if it won’t hurt at some point, right?

So there. We might not be able to completely grasp the art and science of love but there are fine points we should be contemplating on. Falling in love or being in love is no excuse to be stupid or worse, a paralytic. Believe me, I've been there. We cannot force to domesticate douchebags but we can be a bit wiser. I admit that I failed in the previous and the next I got a grade of 3.0. Which is good! As what the gentlelady from Iloilo Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said, in UP it means I pass you but I warn you.


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red the mod said...

I just had a geek boner. I do love Latin. And, of course, legal parlance provides more than the adequate volume, next to medical science, and just below taxonomy. :D

the green breaker said...

And this is how I learn. The analysis and decomposition of love into scientific bits is sort of genius. It is like a natural pattern of the universe has been decoded. LOL

ROFL at Excessive Entanglement and the shit stuff that go with it. I had this "You were too dense. And you didn’t have the balls to tell me." moment to recount this term with so there you go. Hahaha.

Nate said...


citybuoy said...

Oh DB! I followed the hearings on TV and never did I imagine that there was a tangent like this. Hands down, most interesting thing I've read all week. :)

Pipo del Rosario said...

Pwede mo ba akong isama? Gusto ko manood ng session kaso wala naman akong maisama eh. =)

KikomaxXx said...

promise boss di ko naintindihan.. hehe sorry :)

Leo said...

This is just brilliant.

Désolé Boy said...

Red - Really, you love Latin? You know I can recite the rosary in 4 languages: English, Filipino, Italian and yes, even in Latin. Wanna hear? :p
Green Breaker - The "excessive entanglement" part is my fave too.
Nate - Bakit naman Kuya Nate? Hindi ko ba na-explain ng maayos ? :(
Nyl - Maybe that's the difference when you're actually in the Senate sitting for long dragging hours, writing your articles in deadline while still listening to what's happening. Haha. Anyway, thank you for such huge compliment.
Bossing Batman - Isa ka pa boss. Di ba malinaw ang explanation ko? :(
Leo - Kind words Leo. You're too kind. Thank you.

Désolé Boy said...

Pipo - Very strict sa Senate eh pag walang media pass. Sometimes di rin kame pwede sa gallery. Sa media room lang.

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