Sunday, March 4, 2012

Escape to the deep blue sea

I’m writing this now away from the bustling crowd of the city. I would like to call it an escape. Although to some, escape equates to cowardice, one must understand that there are many forms of escape. Like this one, when you escape to get free. 

I won’t say where I am though. Yeah, that’s selfish. Understand that this should to be a time alone, though I’m not really alone in all it's meaning and essence. I have a few friends with me who are dying of laughter a few meters away from where I was crouched. From here I could hear the usual sexual banters, the constant swear words and the occasional reference to disgusting events of our dear old college days. Truth is, maybe, I was never really alone. 

I’m not drinking though. I couldn’t remember anymore the last time I was drunk. Also, I already quit smoking for, I think, half a year already. But these are trivial things and are totally irrelevant, immaterial and impertinent to the thesis statement of this entry. Or if I’m lucky enough to have one, that is. 

I just wish I could do this more often. Roaming the sea with a jet ski, shooting sunsets and sunrises, watching kids build sand castles and making a complete fool out of myself. But you all know how hectic my work is. I’m not complaining though. I love my job. And the more challenging it gets, the more that I enjoy this small escape. 

Anyway, to get a picture of where I am, our hotel room is in the third floor so it’s much of an effort if you want to change clothes or if your forget something. But the veranda gives you a full view of the wide open sea. Last night, we got a really good view of a mini fireworks display provided by the neighboring resorts. In a short while, around five wishing lanterns flew like sparkling ball of fires lighting up the night sky. This morning, on my way to get coffee, I saw my friend flirting with some bell boy. She’s been “harassing” the poor guy since we arrive. She succeeded getting his number and God knows what else. 

There's a group of men playing volleyball, laughing and throwing sands at each other form time to time. The cocktails on the bar are not good enough that the best they could offer you are frozen margaritas. The mountain shape is like that of a woman waiting in bed. Just before breakfast, I was walking on the seaside alone and I saw this weirdly shaped shell. For a moment I thought it's like a small heart, but with a few turns, it looked more like some bended ass. I pocketed it. 

I sure love the sea. But it scares me during night. Like it can swallow me whole and bring me to a dangerous dark world. The sea is not just tranquility, summer or journey. It reminds also of atonement, of penance and return. One day, it will cover all the land. It will happen during summer, when everyone is in heat and everyone is having their own moment of fun.

While I'm here, a sad news came. Isagani Yambot, a former boss at the Philippine Daily Inquirer passed away. It's a very sad moment for Philippine journalism. I remember how he declare his fate on the young journalists, how he lament the death of newsmen in a certain massacre and his simplicity that never seemed to match his high ground in the industry. Farewell sir and thank you for the lessons. 

7 reaction(s):

kalansaycollector said...

agree. creepy ang dagat sa gabi. feeling ko maniningil siya ng buhay or something. :p

yey summer na summer na nga!

ZaiZai said...

enjoy your 'escape' desole! I too have a fear of the sea at night time, parang may hihila na lang bigla sayo.

Gian said...

you're simply nowhere

- to be found, probably safe and sound. and the last statement is the antonym.

have fun! =)

Nortehanon said...

"It will happen during summer, when everyone is in heat and everyone is having their own moment of fun.">>>Ay, scary..wag naman po sana.

citybuoy said...

It's nice to get away every now and then. I hope you rest well, DB! :)

Leo said...

Feels like you had fun. :)

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