Monday, February 27, 2012

Happiness is me

Despite the obvious lack of sleep punctuated by the dark circles that never seem to want to leave my stricken eyes. Despite the bothersome backaches. Despite the mounting chores. Despite the mounting bills. 

See the man with his head on fire. See that he’s laughing. See that he’s naked. 

Despite the single lonely gentleman named Mar Roxas screaming from the bottom of my wallet. Despite the tiny hole on the shoulder part of my favorite jacket. Despite breaking my iPod’s earphone for the nth time. Despite the additional taxes snatched away from my poor salary. Despite the happy kids playing below my window which force me to rise from bed at 8. And yes, despite sleeping at 4. 

Regret nothing. Not even those sugary cakes and jellies you refused to take just to stick with your effort to appear cliché. Not even those cruel speeches you had to sit with just to please a boss or appear smart. Not even a former lov, bestowed upon some troll who keeps dragging his rotting knuckles, not to mention his fat ass. You are meant for the hurt. You are meant for all the dark smokes, the vomits and all the vile that came with it. You’d think the world has gone mad and centered on you? It was. And it will always be, babycakes. 

Despite the juggling man boobs and bear belly mightily confronting the numerous iron blades at the gym. Despite the deadlines that always seem faster than the speed of time. Despite the 24 years of singlehood and the occasional malignant hostiles of the past threatening the future. Despite the ants, the mosquitoes and the wasps. Despite my icky little horny alter ego. Despite me. 

There was never me, neither you, that ever existed. All there is are rainbows, cotton candy clouds and monsters made of marshmallows. You think aliens exist? They do. But not like in the movies. Most of the time, they’re misunderstood. Yes, that is the term, isn't it? Misunderstood.

"I go through all these, before you wake up. So I can feel happier, to be safe up here with you."
-Bjork, Hyperballad

9 reaction(s):

Garpppy Garp said...

Poetic. Hands down!

canonista said...

and the ending song... is just melancholic.

Mac Callister said...

Galing galing :-)

Nate said...

@DB: lil bro!!! i remember our conversation at the coffee shop where you said that a person shouldn't be defined by a relationship that he has..

you're single.. so what?!

you are happy despite all the things that have happened or is happening, because you chose to be happy.. :)


Victor Saudad said...


Leo said...

Awesome line of thinking. Applause! Applause! :)

citybuoy said...

Happiness is an inside job! :)

LJ said...

Before I always believe that happiness is a choice.

Now I understand it more,

It is an inside job! :)

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

Despite na aaminin kong na confuse ako kasi di ko ma comprehend gaano ang ang poetic level mo, i know this post is about you. and happiness. and all of it. Good! :D


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