Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because we believe in love

Some find chocolates and rainbow magical, others are fixated with roses and thorns.

Some prefer to stand before God and man to claim happily ever after.

And then there are those who fell in love... simply with life.

A warm welcome to my nephew, Lincoln. Uncle is so excited to visit you there in Texas. I'll see you soon.

6 reaction(s):

Leo said...

Awww. The second baby pic I saw today. One was from Doc Ced. :)

Congrats to your family DB!

Nate said...

congrats to you!! and welcome to the world, baby Lincoln!

bien said...

awwww. excited na rin ako sa pamangkin ko

shenanigans said...

aaawww... sweet!

citybuoy said...

Oh he looks like he's going to grow up into such a cutie! :)

Visual Velocity said...

Welcome to the world, baby Lincoln!


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