Friday, February 17, 2012

The balls of Jeremy Lin

The story is told now by many. This, they say, is a story of “Linsanity.” This is the story of Jeremy Lin. 

It begun, for us NBA fans, that day when New Jersey Nets vowed down to New York Knicks. In an unexpected turn of events, an unknown Asian guy snatched away the victory and pulled the Knicks up from poor defeat. Remember that the top two scorer, Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, were and are still gone. And just like in the movies, it paved way for Lin to strut his balls -figuratively and literally. 

I reserved my admiration for Lin and decided to wait for the anticipated match against the Lakers nation. All of us Lakers-fans probably got one thing on our mind that time: let’s see how your magic work against Kobe Bryant. But by the end of the game, Lin simply proved that a raging 7-footer Black Mamba and his championship rings were not enough to snatch away the basket for a man packed with determination. 

Nevermind that he used to be a benchwarmer for the Knicks and that he also failed to get drafted by any NBA franchise before, but the idea that he was peddling DVDs of his games is just too much for the underdog loving brethren. And yes, even for the hard-chested basketball fans. 

I agree with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that Lin being Asian weighs a lot of factor in his recent splash of sucess. True, it's all part of the magic why people everywhere, even kids, tell people their tales of Linsanity but I think the figures he had thrown in a span of few games that the spotlight is his, were enough to remind people that talent, in the end, prevails beyond anything. As of this writing, it’s a record breaking 7-straight win for the Knicks. 

Yes, it's another underdog-rising-tale. But altogether, what makes the man Jeremy Lin the newest rising star in NBA is his effort to breakaway from stereotype. He simply wants to be considered as a serious professional basketball player -nothing else. 

But challenges for the rising Lin are just beginning. ESPN sets eye on this photo by MSG Network featuring Lin’s head in between ends of broken fortune cookie with the sentence “The Knicks’ Good Fortune” on a piece of paper. Fans are crying foul for such obvious racism. And I have to admit, even Lakers camp is no innocent with the growing “hate-campaign.” But maybe that’s what this really is all about. There’s no end to it. Maybe we’ll just have to wait and further see what the man Jeremy Lin is made of.

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ıǝɹɯɐı said...

I love Jeremy Lin. Everybody loves Asians who play ball. :D

린코 said...

The title seems very leading but yeah, all praise Linsanity. God he's good... playing basketball that is. :))

ZaiZai said...

recently ko lang nalaman ang Linsanity - I've updated myself by reading his bio in wiki. Galing galing at inspiring sya :)

citybuoy said...

Did you hear about the twitter war between him and mayweather. he handled it with such class. ;p

Désolé Boy said...

ıǝɹɯɐı - Asians are cool! Mayweather disagrees though, but who cares?
린코 - Straight win!!!
ZaiZai - NBA is a tough world as it goes beyond the boundaries of the court. We relate to his story because in many points of our life, people said "no," too, many times.
Citybuoy - It has been our story for 2 days in Patrol and other newscasts and I am more amazed than ever. Such a gentleman, that Jeremy Lin. ANd oh, he's good looking, too.

the green breaker said...

When someone gets big, the cloud of comparison and detractors eventually get bigger. Lin has never been overrated so far. I like him.

Visual Velocity said...

It's refreshing to see Asians in NBA. I hope this trend keeps up.

kalansaycollector said...

oh basketball talk...



Gina Gao said...

This is a very good post. Keep it up.

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

I'm not a racist but I really really don't like that guy.

Peter said...

The tragedy of racism. I hate it.


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