Monday, November 14, 2011

Waking up, not on the wrong side, but on the wrong bed

I was so drunk last weekend to the point of passing out for some unexplainable reason. Alright, let me at least try telling you.

I'm sure at some point before we have our iPads and Macbooks, we've all been drowned by pestilential virus in our PCs. Remove and all, we did try our best including thousands of tools from the very same websites that gave these parasites. But they just keep coming back, yes? And just when you thought you finally eradicated these morons, there it is, sheepishly sitting comfortably in our PC system, breeding every second ticking.

That's what happened. A virus which I thought I already deleted on my system, continue to persist, glaring arrogantly at me after months and months of hardwork and resistance. I just couldn't understand how it happened. So I let the vile of booze and wine went all the way inside my gastritic system. Another virus, yes.

It was not really my intention, to be honest. A beer tower just appeared out of nowhere while we're dining at Gerry's grill, Saturday night. The girls came. The boys did, too. Partyphiles are messaging left and right and we gave in. I gave in.

At 1 am, I was already drunk. We tripped to Eastwood and continued the party. I was leaning at the back of Angela's car on our way not noticing this guy beside. He was Angela's classmate in college we'll call him by the name Preston.

I was half annoyed, half amused by his interrogations about my job. He's a communication graduate too but as he said, not fortunate enough to land a job inside the industry. He's a call center agent of some sort.

At first, I thought he was just trying to break the ice but as we trash the dancefloor in Circa, I realised the dude wanted a fuck for the night. And I'm his target. I'm his fuck.

My phone was ringing off the hook courtesy of my mother. Yes, I was drunk, but I kinda know she won't sleep well not until I get home. I must admit I wasn't able to tell her I'll be going home late. So I told my friends I need to go home and asked if someone could drive me to Cubao where I could hail an FX to Malolos. As with any good friend who wants to keep company for the party, no one bothered to.

So we went to some odd place, a shady condo somewhere in Makati and the party heats up. Preston shared some doobi which I declined at first. I haven't tasted that shit since high school, my darkest years. But he won't take no for an asnwer. He bit my ear, licked my neck and went on with my bitter lips. The doobi triggered everything. I just got wilder and wilder and I couldn’t control myself anymore. And the rest, of course, is history.

But the "horror" came late Sunday morning. I woke with a jolt. I'm wearing a white shirt and a blue striped boxers, lying in a unfamiliar bed. And the worst of it, Preston was beside me ...naked from waist up.

I quickly got up and looked for my clothes. Apparently, Preston was awake and spoke.

"Hey, are you going?"


"Angela said she'll pick you up. Why don't you wait for her?"

Everything flashed back and it hit me. Angela promised we'll sleep in her apartment. While trying to suit up quietly, I was screaming curses for my very thoughtful friend for dumping me in this stranger's bed. And what the hell happened? Why am I not wearing my clothes? Questions drowned me. Did we have sex? Am I devirginized by this bloke? F*ck, what if he gave me HIV.  F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!

"Can you even remember me?" he asked at the middle of all these thoughts. He chuckled.

"We partied last night, right? But I must admit I can't remember your name. Peter?"

He laughs. I'm actually a sucker for name. And birthdays. And other important dates.

"Preston. And you're DB."

"I know I am. Listen, I'm sorry but I really have to go. Thank you for letting me crash in."

"It's nothing. Friends naman na tayo since friend mo si Angela and friend ko din siya college pa lang. That makes us officially friends," he declared.


I'm starting to feel better. I know I'm okay and by checking, somehow, I confirmed nothing against my normal mind happened. I felt no discomfort and everything was just my usual paranoia.

"Do you want to have coffee first? I'll make some," he blurted with his left brow slightly inching up. 

I studied his proposal staring at his bare chest. The sight might not be tempting enough but the idea of coffee after a night of shits sounds irresistible. But I know if I agreed upon his invitation, it would lead onto something I'm avoiding in the first place.

So my dear readers, what do you guys think DB did? Did he dive again to the boy’s bed, this time fully conscious or did he keep his vow of chastity and quietly went home? Take your wild guess at the comment section. For a few special people, your answer might make or break our friendship so don’t fret!

Kidding. Nothing you’ll say will be used against you.

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Nate said...

kelangan may threat? ganyan? --- "For a few special people, your answer might make or break our friendship so don’t fret!"

bilang ginusto mo naman na maging kuya mo ako, may palo ka sa akin.. pili ka: paddle, belt buckle, baseball bat.. lolz. :P

whatever it is that happened, no judgment here.. i might violently react, though.. but definitely no judgment.. :)

oh, and the palo stays.. may palo ka pa rin sa akin.. :P

Jean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-mark- said...

naalala ko tuloy nung panahon na freshmen ako sa college at hayok akong magdoobie to the point na umuuwi akong lasing at walang alam kahit kung paano ako nakauwi.haha

Mugen said...

I'd rather say I dropped by and read your entry. Hehe.

Victor Saudad said...


Lalo na kung may gagawa nyan para sa bed! Sorry, but i'm not a fan of baristas sa coffeeshops.

Hey DBoy, btw, thanks for the comment on my page. Isa lang actually naisip ko with the initials DB. :) I just wanna make sure kung sino.

Guyrony said...

Well, well, well what do we have here?

Why, it's DB, our used-to-be young and ignorant boy growing up...

Kids these days, they do grow up so fast.

Bino said...

text ko na lang sa yo comment ko heheh

KikomaxXx said...

ang nasa isip ko since lasing ka na and everything.... IDC... hahaha di ako nangingialam much... malaki ka na dude... hahaha

kalansaycollector said...

OH EM! :p

hmmm after fun coffee?
not bad. :p

citybuoy said...

I'm guessing your heart wanted to dive in but your mind fought it.

Why are you fighting it, DB? I once read that if none of the things you're doing seem to work, you must change it.

Désolé Boy said...

Nate - I'd rather choose the baseball bat ;D
Jean - Why did you delete your comment? I've read it anyway. Thanks for having faith in me, hehe.
Mark - You bad boy! Hehe. Thanks for droppin' by here.
Mugen - What happened? You used to be brutally honest with me, hehe. ;p
Victor - Ahmmnn I wonder if you could make some for me. Haha. Thanks Victor;D

Désolé Boy said...

Guyrony - Haha. Of course I'm no kid, hehe.
Bino - Waaah! Now I'm mortified. ;D
Bossing - Yan ang gusto ko sayo bossing. Parang suportado mo ko na hindi naman, hehe.
Kalansay - Hmmnn I didn't say so, hehe. ;D
Citybuoy - To be honest I don't know how to answer that right now. Maybe I'm still building my fences of right and wrong. I dunno exactly. But thanks for pointing that out ;D

the green breaker said...


Yan. Ganyan ang sinabi mo pagkagising mo. LOL.

Let me connect this to your intro, that there are viruses which we think are already eradicated but for fact is still not. Maybe there are things in your head that you still recount and consider important. When truth is, you've no reason to let them stay and confuse you. I may misinterpret you completely but I think the things that fuel you are the things that hold you back.

Caloy said...

No one can resist a hot mug of coffee after some junk. The bare chest was just a bonus. Hehe!

Mac Callister said...

hmm, i guess, you said NO and went straight home. and you wont just give in your virginity to some strangers right?


ahmer said...

No, of course.

Leomer Apolonio said...

i think you just had coffee and went home after. once is enough right? hahaha.


Victor Saudad said...

I actually do like making coffee for myself... and for a special someone :)
Kaso, instant coffee lang maiaalok ko...

Unlike yang offer ni Preston.

(oh, and I think i'm younger than you :P)

Désolé Boy said...

Joe - You're right. There's no reason for them to stay anymore. Evicted!
Caloy - Espresso? Brewed? ;D
Mac - Are you just convincing yourself or you really got faith on me? Haha.
Ahmer - Jeez. Haha. Dunno how to react on that ;D
Leo - Hmmnn there's no "once" in the first place, hehe.
Victor - 's long as it's you it won't matter. You're younger? Awww ;D


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