Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Phantom of the Blogosphere

The Man eyed his Prey ravenously. There was no hatred but pure savagery in those eyes, a wildness that even wolves could find formidable. His face was gaunt, devilishly handsome but betrayed by those protruding cherry-red lips.

He stood behind a huge trailer truck as he watched his Prey approach his direction. He could hear his own heart beating. He’s not afraid of the Prey, though. He’s just afraid of the many other insignificant things now racing furiously inside his head. 

He peered through a very tiny hole of the truck. He calculates his distance versus the Prey, its approximate speed, even its expressions. “Is it alert?” “Is it aware of the looming danger?” “Is it pre-occupied by many other insignificant things also?” He observed carefully.

In a fraction of a second, as the Prey turned at the side of the truck where the Man was hiding, three consecutive gunshots roared. The Prey froze, every fiber of hits muscle screaming silently in pain. It stared at the evil eyes of its murderer and caught glimpse of Hell in them. Slowly, it fades like a dying candle until it no longer recognized anything. It dropped on the concrete ground, like a useless rug, lifeless. 

A few more minutes passed by and a fearful scream was heard followed soon by sirens of police mobile. 

The Man is already gone. 


After a series of murder cases across the metropolis in just a span of three weeks, top officials send out warning to the general public of a possible serial killer currently on the loose, after another human dead body was again found, this time at Batasan Hills, Quezon City. 

Police Officer Juan Cristo Madalo identified the latest victim as Carlo Mayuga, 26, resident of 89 Barangay Liang, Malolos City and was found dead beside a parked trailer truck in Mainam Street. The victim suffered from three major gun wounds that resulted to his death: one its forehead, on its left chest and on its groin, same with the other previous eight victims. 

According to initial investigation, Mayuga visited a friend near the place where his body was found by a resident who requested to remain anonymous. 

In further probing, NCRPO Director General Ismael Gullido said they discovered a significant link among all the recent killings aside from the similarity on the way they are gunned. Apparently, all eight victims, including Mayuga, are bloggers owning a personal website each. However, it is still unconfirmed if all the victims knew each other through their respective web blogs. 

While Gullido admitted they still don't have a suspect behind the killings, he said they are now forming a special task force to handle the cases intensively as well as increasing police visibility across the region especially during nighttime. The public, meanwhile, is advised to remain calm and vigilant as tighter investigation is now currently on the move. 

-report from the Philippine Daily Reporter, 19 August 2011


The Man lounges on his handsome armchair reading broadsheet. From that, he learned that his latest prey was in fact from Bulacan and it made him laugh. "Was all these, still, a coincidence?" he thought. 

He throws the paper on the carpeted floor and grabs his Armscor 45 caliber pistol. He polishes it carefully under the faint light of his lampshade. In between, the man would smoke his pot for few hits, taking quick glances at his open Macbook sitting on the center table of his living room. 

“There’s the blog site of my next prey,” he thought. White sleek, a profile picture of a half-naked guy and is said to be in his early twenties. “A perfect prey for me,” he said. “Just like the others, fuckers who all deserve to die in a meaningless death.” 

More deaths shall follow. For the mean time, he shall start work. The first step, find the man behind the anonymous blogger that is his next prey. 

On the laptop screen, it reads: Désolé Boy

Author's note:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. 

However, remember that in every fictional story, there's always the hint of truth behind it. May you find that truth buried here. Thank you. 

17 reaction(s):

Ester said...

winner! seriously this blog opens up my mind to certain things that is beyond my imagination. with your words and metaphors, i am really forced to think paving a new ground and avenue for my brain to be explored. keep up this writing style!!! KUDOS!

dabo said...


Ang galing!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Hahaha! Futahkels, kinabahan akong bigla. Eh ang lapit ko lang sa Malolos! hahaha!

Nicely written! :)

Nate said...

@hrh queen chuni: i felt the same.. my heart incessantly pounding till the last word of this post...

@deebee: you never fail to scare the crap out of me.. :P

Jon said...

wahaha, salbahe ka Deebee. at malamang, blogger din ang suspect. can't wait for the film direk!


engel said...

at syempre natakot naman ako. may news article pa.

good job!!!

rudeboy said...

Well done, db! I had to do a double-take to check if it was fiction.

Hmmm...Dead Bloggers' Society.

Sounds like a great plot for an indie film.

ZaiZai said...

love it! specially the last part when it reveals that you're next desole boy..take care! hehe :)

KikomaxXx said...

o sige na hanep pagkagawa kasi i almost fell for the gaga.,.. hahaha hanep chong...

the green breaker said...

natakot ako! haha. NKKLK.

early twenties din kaya ako. and before I had the eyes as profile pic, half naked ang DP ko. kala ko totoo! haha.

actually, naisip ko si Jon somewhere dito. hahaha

bien said...

yeah should be a good whodunit movie

I want to know the story of The Man ala profiler

imsonotconio said...

lurve it!

Leo said...

Don't kill Desole Boy. He's a good writer. :)

Viktor Saudad said...

Effective ha, at talaga nagsearch ako ng news article.

Tho at first, after learning it's fiction, I really thought it's a sick post.

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

na bother ako. ano ang truth behind this fiction?! ahahaha...

citybuoy said...

Okay, that was kinda creepy. Chineck ko tuloy if my blog had any personal information.

From the time that I first read you, you've really grown by leaps and bounds.

citybuoy said...

And yes, please don't kill Desole Boy. :)


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