Tuesday, August 30, 2011

People of the nine

photo credits: Bino, Xander & Leah

I wish to tell you many things right now, so many stories, too many timelines knocking on my temple, bursting to come out beyond the tip of my pen. First there was the peculiar magic the raging waters of Typhoon Mina that enchanted a certain Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna last Saturday. I could write about men riding colorful carousels, the crazy extreme rides or how it feels being 130 feet up in the air, sitting in a swinging gondola in freezing cold. Or maybe I’ll tell you about Tagaytay in its early morning fog, the distant rebellious dark clouds threatening every now and then and a certain special steaming hot Bulalo for late breakfast. 

But so much for that. 

This time, allow me to tell you of a few people who literally stood with me under that mad pouring rain in green and yellow raincoats, those who screamed with me at the top of their lungs as the earthly space shuttle launched itself and those who embraced the cold wet mist on top of Tagaytay that early Sunday morning. 

First there was Carlo, the major link in all of us, who made nightly Hangout sessions happen in full real life. He seemed serious, intimidating as if living up to his moniker – the Supladong Office Boy, but turned out to be welcoming, easy to get along with and a guy with such a huge heart. Leah is as charming as she is here in online world, the ideal Ilongga whose smile can brighten up the gloomy sky of Tagaytay’s stormy morning. Yow was probably the most polite person I have ever been with in like a thousand years; his presence reminded me of a world before I enter this mad concrete jungle I’m currently inhabiting that made the monster that I am now. 

Xander is a thirteen year old boy trapped in a man’s body. His wit and crazy antics could no doubt easily charm any lady’s heart or as was revealed lately, could even trigger some pretty indecent proposals. Jay was my roommate. His simplicity is what struck me most. I just wish I could sleep well like him as I was really having a sleeping disorder these past few months. Berl, by first impression, looked like one who could star in those evening American sitcoms. And I wasn’t wrong! He is very funny and very kind as well. Bino looked shy at first. I was reading his blog for a long time now but never got the guts to comment or simply make my presence known. All I can say is that he’s a very generous person. Again, he’s very generous that thanks to him, one day, desoleboy.com will be born. Haha. Kidding. 

And last, but definitely not the least, is Meliza. Honestly, I know nothing about her at first. I’ve never had the chance to read her blog and never encountered her on Twitter, but turned out, we were both just waiting for a cigarette session partner to wile away the cold weather. And let me tell you this: a single cigarette stick could bond any two strangers, even if they’re from completely different world. Yes, it did for us. 

In gratitude, I write this article for them. I could very well drag every word in my vocabulary that would express how thankful I am to these people for welcoming me in their company and still they wouldn’t be enough. Strange that after a year of blogging in wary of fellow bloggers due to privacy paranoia and hard earned lessons, I found myself loosing the very mask of Désolé Boy only to reveal the real person behind for such amazing people. 

I wish I could write more, tell you all the fun stuffs, the few struggles brought about by series of unfortunate circumstances and expound more on why I’m 30-minutes late for the 9 in the morning meet-up. I wish I could capture here in words, all the puns shared, the warm smiles and laughs under cold weather and a friendship that is beginning to unfold. 

I write this days after as people of the nine already went back to work, some to their respective provinces while others, including me, is sick, and I am thinking if everything that happened was imagined, almost surreal. But as Pico Iyer puts it, none of the truest things in life arrived at by thinking. They come as suddenly as thunder, or in this case, in a sweep of a staggering rain. 

There are stories they tell about Laguna and Tagaytay, about distant motels and the hunt for the cheapest of the cheapest flip flops, but today, I decided to tell you the story of the people of the nine in hopes that in the coming days, I would be given chances to write more about such illustrious people that came that one rainy day of August. 


For Bino, Berl, Carlo, Jay, Leah, Meliza, Xander and Yow

Author's note: The deciding of not putting any censor on the picture is kinda symbolic for me though I would like to thank Supladong Office Boy, Bino and Yow for doing so in their respective blogs. Let's just say that this entry is the only exception. 

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the green breaker said...

Ang laki pala ni Xander! haha.

Wow, ang saya naman. Ingget much.

Leah said...

Wow.. habang binabasa ko, napapa "huh" na lang ako.. Epistaxis. Lols..

Andaming nangyari sa EB.. pero yung pinaka importante dun, eh nagkita-kita tayong lahat.

Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!


Aww.. this is such a lovely post about the EK/Tagaytay adventure.. and the "people of nine"... Would u mind if I share it sa isang FB group? :)

Supladong Office Boy said...

ate leah, naunahan mo ko!!

HUGS! HUGS! HUGS! to you DB..

bakit ang galing galing mo magsulat? nagmukhang article sa Abante at Bulgar ung mga blog namin tungkol sa iBall, samantalang sa'yo pang Manila Bulletin o Phil Daily Inquirer. hahahah.

nice meeting you DB. thanks for the compliments too. 'til we meet again.

Bino said...

dahil dito, hindi na ko magsusulat ng english. hehehehe.

yeah medyo shy nga ako nung una. ganun talaga. nanantiya pa eh.

anyway, i'm so glad na nameet ko kayong 8. ang mga ala-ala ng enchanted kingdom at tagaytay ay mananatili sa aking puso't isipan habang buhay. maraming salamat sa isang napakasayang memorya

cuteberl said...

nosebleed talaga ang blog mo pero for this post surely thumbs up ako. dinuyan ako ng malalim mong ingles at dinala ako sa mahiwagang mundo ng desole boy. hindi ko kayang tumbasan ang galing ng inyong mga poste. salamat sa pakikipagkulitan sa amin... nice meeting you... your such a great person...

YOW said...

Hayy.. Nakahinga din. Sorry naman sa post ko, teka i-delete ko lang. LOL.

Ever since, bilib na ako sa pagsusulat mo at patuloy akong nai-impress. Di ko ine-expect na mamimeet kita sa personal kuya DB. Akala ko hanggang kulitan lang tayo sa Chwirrer eh. Haha. Salamat sa compliment. Hihi. Ang ganda basahin ng lahat ng description, ikaw na talaga kuya. Kailan ba ang "How to write a worth-reading post" seminar mo? Haha. Sasali ako kahit magkano bayad.

Nilagyan ko din ng cover mata mo sa blog post ko, hindi lang pansin. Check it out. Haha. It was nice meeting you Kuya DB. 'Til next time. :)

bien said...

Come hell or high water ang drama ng i-ball nyo. Looks like you had fun.

So DB eto na ba ang bonggang bonggang paglaladlad mo dito?

citybuoy said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Congrats on not censoring your picture anymore! It's a very big move. :)

Désolé Boy said...

Joe - He's taller than me. At sobrang saya talaga ;D
Leah - I'm glad you liked it. Sure, okay lang i-share.
SOB - Haha, sabi ko na maaalala nyo yung *hugs* eh. Tawa ko dun ah. Salamat din senyo. And yeah, see you soon ;D
Bino - Weeeh walang ganun, haha. Maraming maraming salamat din. 'Di ko yun makakalimutan lahat. Kita-kits!
Cuteberl - You too, Berl. You are a great person. All of you actually. 'Till next time ;D
Yow - Ako din eh, kala ko hindi tayo magmi-meet. Hindi mo na rin kailangan ng seminar mo dahil nauna na kong humanga sa blog mo. Good luck on your career and I really do hope you'll pursue med school one day. Salamat and until next time ;D
Bien - I guess this is it. Blame these amazing people. I finally came out of my shell. And I would be more than glad to see you Bien when my ship landed there in your island ;D
Citybuoy - Super fun, hehe. I hope you guys approve of my "great revelation" ;D

~ JaY RuLEZ ~ said...

dugo ilong ko hehehe..

ndi ko kaya magsulat nang ganyan..

pero hanga ako sa galing mo DB.

masya ako at nakilala ko si Desole Boy...

Sana magkitakita pa uli tau..


Xander said...

napanganga ako habang binabasa to.. I was writing our Tagaytay/EK post in ENglish pero nung nabasa ko to.. nagiba isip ko.. wahaha tinagalog ko na.. ahahahaa


I so like this one:

Xander is a thirteen year old boy trapped in a man’s body. He’s wit and crazy antics could no doubt easily charm any lady’s heart or as was revealed lately, could even trigger some pretty indecent proposals

ayee... sana mukhang 13 years old din ako.. wahahahaa...

Xander said...

@green breaker -- mukha ba akong malaki? wahahaa..lol.. akala mo maliit ako? ahehhe..

kalansaycollector said...

this is super cool.
inggit! :p

ang nice nung kapote mode sa EK! :)

its nice to see the faces behind the said blogs. :)

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

wow!! fun fun fun..
nakakatuwa naman ito...

Kyle said...

ayun si DB,hehehe. la bang next iBall? :D

pointlessparanoia said...

Reading this post makes me drool with envy.


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