Thursday, August 4, 2011

Broken hand

There can be a lot of ways how someone’s right hand could end up like this, but most could be summed up in one word – stupidity.

Rolling on that wrong side of the road while terrible pain sears everywhere, I knew the right hand suffered the most. I knew something is broken somewhere there and as quick as the accident took place, a million thoughts came running towards my head.

My worries proved to be valid right after. Work suffered. Even eating and dressing yourself up became huge tasks. And as if they were never enough, a very kind waiter at Greenwich last Monday, after I consumed all my pizzas with my poor left hand, handed me a performance rating slip for me to fill up not minding the fact that my injured right hand is very much visible and that there are actually four of us in the table.

I would go upstairs at home and would face my piano keyboard, eyeing it very dearly. Should something worse than this accident happened, I thought, not being able to play the piano would be the most tragic. You can play the piano even if you’re blind, even if you’re deaf, even if you’re dyslexic or just plain stupid but you cannot play the piano with only a left hand.

Whenever I’m feeling deeply sad, just the mere touch of my fingers on the piano would relieve me. I realised I need to take good care of my hands. And not just the hands, but the mind and heart controlling them.

When the accident happened, my hands are really full. I have a handful of problems exploding in my very palm. I was racing with the rain and the mad wind is gushing fiercely on my face until I lose control of everything. I didn’t pray. I was pressed on a dank pavement and behind all the pain, there was a mounting shame taunting. People gathered around. There were shoutings. Shame. Blood. Open wound. Shame.

But in times like this you’ll realise that there are those who are willing to slice your porkchops for you, hold your other hand so you can safely ride a jeepney or simply open the door for you. They are there, friends, family, even Joey, who up to now, still, I don’t know who he’s supposed to be in my life. But all the same, I’m more than thankful for them.

The writing of this, anyway, should prove that things are fine and I’m back to being the old me. Maybe from here on I won’t hop on a motorbike anymore. Maybe.

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DSM said...

I know I should feel bad that this happened to you but the "willing to slice your pork chops for you" part really made me smile. good you have these people around you. hope it heals fast DB.

Aris said...

nabali man ang kamay mo, nabuo naman ang mga realisasyon. at sabay sa paghihilom ay ang higit na pagpapahalaga sa mga bagay na taken for granted noon.

get well soon, db! :)

Nate said...

@deebee: omg.. :( it's good to know, though, that you're doin' fine now.. *hugs, but careful enough not to hurt the right hand*

be extra careful next time, ayt?

oh, you play the piano?? :D

Mr. Brightside said...

Get well soon DB.

c - e - i - b - o - h said...


kakatakot naman ung bandage mo..

rudeboy said...

Whoa, when did this happen?

And riding a motorbike out in the rain, too, tsk tsk.

Well, DB, I hope you're feeling better. And take care of that hand. Those piano keys won't play themselves, ya know?

Spiral Prince said...

I have always, always feared to have my hands injured. What am I without them? Ink and watercolour cannot unfurl by themselves alone. You take care, DB. :)

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

Mr. DB! Pagaling kaw! :D hassle naman sa mga gala nyo nina leah at SOB

the green breaker said...

Awww. DB, I felt the strong emotion when you had realizations on not being able to play the piano should your hand refuse to heal..

Good thing, you are well now. You are prone, aren't you? Keep safe.

Tantan Decena said...

Get well soon, po! :_)

Kane said...

Ouch... must have hurt. I hope the healing goes nicely.

I've ridden bikes before but well, it is dangerous. I guess I'm really the kind of girl you put in a car.


Viktor Saudad said...

fractured hand/wrist?
Well you'll grow it back, hopefully sooner than you realize.

Take your calcium supplements.

YOW said...

Tigilan na nga ang motor. Nakakamatay yan, pag sakay pa lang nagbuwis buhay ka na. Get well soon Kuya DB. :) Pag-type pa lang ng post na to using one hand feeling ko ang hirap na. God bless.


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