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Romance of the young

Like every love story, it all started with a once upon a time.

Once upon a time, a young boy fell in love to a young girl with a magical voice. They met behind the curtains of a famous theater house, a certain day in the month of November.

Clutching his banduria on his left hand and an unknown book on the right, the boy’s hurried steps echoed around the hallways. He’s already late for his rehearsal. As sweat trickles down his anxious face, he heard a woman’s voice singing a very beautiful kundiman he never heard before.

Ako’y isang ibong sawi…na hindi makalipad…at sa puso’y may sugat…wala pang lumingap.”
(I’m a bird in vain…who cannot fly, no more…and my heart is wounded…with no one to care.”)

Every note exudes a decalcified lonesome, as if a bird trapped in a porcelain cage lamenting in deep agony.

Inabot ng hatinggabi… sa madilim na paglipad… saan kaya ngayon ang aking pugad?”
(“Caught within midnight…in a dark flight…now where to find my feeble nest?”)

Like being pulled by invisible lines, the young boy changed course to find the woman singing. In a turn towards another dark alley, he found what he was looking for in a corner of a deserted little theater’s backstage.

The voice came from a young girl, about as young as the boy now in deep awe of such breathtaking beauty parading before his eyes.

Sa mata mo’y may isang… langit ng pangarap; sa puso mo’y mayro’n kang pugad ng paglingap.”
(In your eyes, a heaven of dreams; in your heart, a nest made to care)

The young girl’s flowing dark hair was kept all the way to her back. She was wearing a plain white dress which skirt long enough to hide her knees. Her voice, ethereal; loud but soft, as if whispering through the boy’s ears.

The girl felt the presence of the young boy behind her. She stopped singing and the world once again fell into tragic reality.

“Sino ka? (Who are you?) the girl curiously asked. She noticed the banduria in the young boy’s hand and realized who the young boy is.”

“Hinahanap ko yung mga kasama ko. Baka nakita mo? (I’m looking for my mates. Maybe you saw them?)"

“Hindi eh. (No, I didn’t)."

“Yung kinakanta mo kanina…ang ganda. Ano ‘yon? (You were singing a while ago…it was beautiful. What was that?)"

“Yun ang contest piece ko para bukas. Ibong Sawi ang pamagat. Ang hirap nga eh, nagkakamali pa ‘ko. (That’s my piece for tomorrow’s competition. Its title is Bird in Vain. I’m still having a hard time singing it.)

“Ang galing mo nga eh! (But you’re brilliant!)"

“Gusto mo tapusin ko? (You want me to finish it?)

“Oo naman. (Of course.)

And the young girl, once again, casts her spell though her magical music.

Kung ako’y mamatay sa kapighatian (If I am to die out of deep pain)
 Sa puso mo lamang, muli akong mabubuhay (Through your heart, I shall once again live)
 Sa puso mo’y mayro’n kang pugad ng paglingap (In your heart, a nest made to care)
 Kung ako’y mamatay sa kapighatian (If I am to die out of deep pain)
 Sa puso mo lamang, muli akong mabubuhay (Through your heart, I shall once again live)

At that moment, the young boy knew only one thing – he’s in love. The young girl in plain white dress, the young boy has no desire at all but to touch her, to prove to himself that she was indeed real and not another surreal hallucination like the characters in the book in his hand. The sensuous crystal music, he will die the moment it falls into a pit of rest.

“Ang ganda. (It was beautiful.)

“Salamat. (Thank you.)

For a moment, the young boy and the young girl said nothing to one another. For the young boy, we knew it was love, but for the young girl – forever we shall never find out.

“Alis na ko. Baka hinahanap na ko. (I have to go. Maybe they’re already looking for me.)" And the girl turned her back to the young boy. )

“Sandali! Pwede bang malaman ang pangalan mo? (Wait! Can I have your name, please?)"

The young girl paused for a moment, as if weighing whether to give in to the boy's request. Then she broke into a wide smile.


And she hurriedly left, running towards the dark alley, away from the confused boy.

The young boy never saw her again. Yes, he desperately looked for her but she vanished without a trace. The music never left him though.

Years later, like this very moment, the young boy would close his eyes trying to summon an image of the young girl he once met. She never came back yet her music always comes. It never left.

And so like every love story, this story also ended with a happily ever after.

And they live happily ever after.


Author’s notes:

A banduria is a native Filipino string instrument and is part of a collective ensemble of Rondalla while a kundiman is a genre of traditional Filipino love songs.

Ibong Sawi by: Jose Corazon de Jesus (aka Huseng Batute) music by: JM Buencamino
English translation is not official and is only provided by the author

This is for you Aizel from that young boy you once enchanted.

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^travis said...


she's your girl who got away ba?

Nate said...

@deebee: yi... tamis!

dark_knight said...

ayiee I like! haha

bienvenido_lim said...

NAMCYA? did she win?

the green breaker said...

naks naman! kay sarap balikan.

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huhuhuhu i love the ending... chong my ipapagawa ako sa iyo punta ka sa blog ko ha.. hehee


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