Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To Jonathan Carroll and that little bird who told him

Remember how I was desperately looking for a copy of the novel "The Ghost in Love" by Jonathan Carroll and how I wanted it badly as a gift for my birthday?

I just had my wish come true.

And the best part, Jonathan Carroll himself, the author, gave it to me.

Last night I received this e-mail:

I couldn't believe it at first. I must admit, I'm having second thoughts if it was really Mister Jonathan Carroll who sent me a copy of the book. So I doubled check and went on Mr. Carroll's official website and here's what I found out.

I went crazy when I noticed his official e-mail address and the e-mail address that sent me the copy are actually the same.

Another thing that came across my mind is who is that "bird" Mr. Carroll is referring to?

I was having a conversation with Papa Jay in YM that night and told him about the whole thing (know that you're one of my primary suspects Papa Jay, hehe). He said that bird must be the one who told Mr. Carroll about my wish to have his novel as a birthday present. The question now is, who's that bird that told Jonathan Carroll about everything?

But more than anything...

to Mr. Jonathan Carroll

Thank you so much for giving me one of the greatest gifts for my birthday. And it's not my birthday yet! Haha.

I just hope that more of your books will be available here in the Philippines. Please write more inspiring novels. Again, thank you so much.

and finally, to that little bird who told Mr. Carroll

Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me. You just made me so happy. I just hope you'll introduce yourself so I can thank you properly.

Hope to meet you soon. Thank you.

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YOW said...

Wow. Cool. Eto yung tinutweet mo. Haha. Happy Birthday. :)

orally said...

COOL!Happy Reading

^travis said...

Awesome! I was already curious about Mr. Carroll's writings when I read your previous entry but this act of kindness made me more so.
Baka pwedeng pa-share after you're through? (ang kapal ko.)hehehe

That little birdie is so cool - brilliant idea of sending Mr. Carroll an e-mail.

shenanigans said...

wow ha!

Juan der Last said...

I wish I could take the credit, DB, but I just can't. Hehehe. Like I said, I am happy for you. ;)

To the Little Bird, in DB's words:

"You just made me so happy. I just hope you'll introduce yourself so I can thank you properly."

Translation: DB is willing to do ANYTHING for, with, and to you. Hehehe. Go ahead and introduce yourself, post-haste!

the green breaker said...


the Little Bird is definitely meant for a Twitter person (ehem) lolz.

i showed interest in finding for you that book, isn't it still obvious? haha.

ui, joke lang. i may have shown interest in finding the book, too, but the idea of sending Mr. JC a DM won't reach my undeveloped mind. haha. so much for that. I'm so happy for you!grabe, yung author pa mismo ang magbigay, ibang feeling yun. at sa Little Bird, sorry for my impersonation! ahaha :)

Aris said...

wow, grabe, ang bait naman ni mr carroll. mabait ka ring bata kaya natutupad ang mga wish mo. happy birthday in advance, db! :)

VICTOR said...

Wow. Happy birthday! Maybe I should also start blogging about books I want. LOL.

Désolé Boy said...

Yow - may dalawang linggo ka pa para mag-isip ng regalo mo sa 'kin, haha ;p
Bien - salamat! ;D
Travis - nakakahiya nga kasi nung nag-email back ako ng pasasalamat ko eh puro thank you na lang yata nasabi ko, hehe. BTW, you have a blog? gimme a link so i can visit u back. thanks!
Russ - wow talaga ;D thanks for the visit
Papa Jay - hmmnn, you're so humble, haha. but still, thank you for sharing my happiness ;p
Green Breaker - uyy you're a suspect too, haha. but still, thank you ;D
Aris - baka madaming kumontra sa sinabi mong mabait ako, hehe. but thank you ;D
Victor - wishes do come true! sana nga mag-blog ka ng mga gusto mong books para makapulot din ako ng magandang basahin ;D

SunnyToast said...

Wow...your prayer was answered:) such awesome gift:) advance happy birthday:)

^travis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Viktor Saudad said...

Whoever that little bird is...i'm sure you're going head over heels over this one. :)

Truly, a happy birthday :D

^travis said...

^Travesty: life is so grotesque.

@DB, the link to my blog is above. I'm sorry for deleting the first post - seems there's something wrong with the html.

Salamat sa pansin, madalas kulang ako nyan. lols.

Shameless plug na rin sa mga nag-comment sa iyo. Just in case ayaw pa din mag-work, eto na lang:

Désolé Boy said...

Sunny Toast - indeed! thanks for the greetings;D
Viktor Saudad - still a mystery who he/she really is. thanks ;D
Travis - sure, no worries. thanks ;D

Xian Garvida said...

naks, galing naman, HBD!en
joy reading...

my-so-called-Quest said...

advance happy birthday indeed.

shenanigans said...

why do you have to say thank you or why does everybody have to say it whenever i visit your blog?

i just couldn't understand...

arte lang! :)

Désolé Boy said...

Russ - i always say thank u to u guys because of your time and effort on coming to my page to read my stuffs, hehe.

tim said...

Wow dude, i love that author right now instantly.. He is just adorable to his fan like you.. Awesome dude! Let me look for it..

Mr. Brightside said...

I just posted a comment on your previous post about sharing the same desire to find this book, apparently the author sent you a copy already.. hahaha...

Congratulations and a happy birthday to you. :D

Désolé Boy said...

Tim - glad you approve my idol, hehe. and thank you for taking time to read and comment ;D
Mr. Brightside - yeah, i saw your comment with my previous post. thank you for the advance greeting ;D

Kane said...

Désolé Boy!! Hey, it was good to bump into you again. So this is the story you were telling me about.

Perhaps you will meet that "bird" one day =)


Cinderella said...

ganda ng tiyahin ko. sinusulatan ng mga published author. :D

citybuoy said...

I love it! Ang powerful mo na DB! haha

Replyan mo yung email. Tanong mo kung may facepic. lol

KikomaxXx said...

chong bday mo ba di ka man lang nagpasabi dinaan mo pa kay uncle jonathan.. haha joke lang... wow nice gift...

Désolé Boy said...

Kane - same here. hope to see more of you. oh, and carlo. and of course, eduard ;p
Cinderella - haha. salamat teh!
Citybuoy - tinuturing ko na rin siyang isang blogging achievement, hehe.
Pareng Kiko - bumabanat ka na naman dyan. sige ka pag nagtampo ko wala ka nang side-kick. haha.


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