Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have you heard of this book?

I’ve been desperately searching for this book (Alterjon could attest to that) “The Ghost in Love” by Jonathan Carroll to no success. Apparently, it’s not available here in the country. 

Powerbooks offered to have it shipped but of course with extra amount. I was thinking hard but even how effortful I count my remaining “riches,” I couldn’t afford it with my present financial status. 

Scribd.com has the first chapter of the novel but nowhere in the internet could I found the remaining parts.

My birthday is coming and I want to give myself that book as a gift. But even if I managed to save up before my birthday, the book stores said it would take 4 to 7 weeks before the book arrives.

I sensed that my friends are trying to get it as a gift for me but I warned them not to do so. I don’t like people gifting me books.

So this is some sort of a strategy, writing about it here on my blog. If any of you guys know where else I could buy that book, I would be more than thankful. My contacts are on the About Me page.

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from this book I’m obsessing upon:

Suddenly, sensing something, the ghost stopped what it was doing and glared at the dog. Peevishly, it demanded.


Pilot shook its head.

“Nothing. I was only watching you work.”

“Liar! That is not the only thing. I know what you were thinking. That I’m an idiot doing this.”

Embarrassed, the dog turned away and began furiously biting one of its rear paws.

“Don’t do that. Look at me. You think I’m nuts, don’t you?”

“Yes, I think you’re nuts, but I also think it’s very sweet. I only wish she could see what you’re doing for her.”

Resigned, the ghost shrugged and took a slow deep breath.

“It helps when I cook. When my mind is focused then I don’t get frustrated.”

“I understand.”

“No you don’t. How could you? You’re only a dog.”

The dog rolled its eyes. “Idiot.”


They had a cordial relationship. Like Icelandic or Finnish, “Dog” is spoken by very few. Only dogs and dead people understand the language. 

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the green breaker said...

I've heard of Jonathan Carroll but I never knew this title until now.

I tried searching for an e-book but, to no success. :/

the final resort could be Amazon.

red the mod said...

Kafka on the Shore much? Why not have it shipped by Amazon?

Mac Callister said...

isa ka din palang geek!hehehe

sana makita mo na yan book na yan :-)

Désolé Boy said...

The Green Breaker - thank you. but still, kahit sa Amazon, di pa rin aabot for my birthday =(
Red - ayun nga, last resort ko na siguro yun kahit di na rin aabot for my birthday.
Mac - i'm a weird geek, hehe. thanks ;D

Juan der Last said...

Advanced have a birdie, DB! When is the big day anyway? I'll ask around.

Leah said...

Hmm.. Wala akong idea kungsaan pwedeng magbuy ng book na yan, so I really can't help. Still, I could wish you "Good luck!". :D

Love the excerpt.. So merong conversation ang ghost at ang dog. Interesting. I'm a dog lover.. so how I wish I could talk "Dog", too. pero sabi nga, only dogs and dead people understand the language. LOL..

About ur comment. SURE! You like? hehe.. Usually, meron akong binibigay na topic, pero I'm very open to suggestions. :)

Leah said...

Ay.. and advance happy birthday!!!! :D

SunnyToast said...

All I can suggest is Amazon...I guess the book is one of a kind so never mind the cost:)

Your new follower hope you follow back

Désolé Boy said...

Papa Jay - nobody knows when, haha. but you'll know. but thank you ;D
Leah - I like! It's very editor-ish. Just message me the details if ever: desoleboy@yahoo.com
Sunny Toast - welcome here and thanks for following. will hit you back ;D

Mr. Brightside said...

Yes, I have. From you..haha. I downloaded the 1st chapter from John Carroll's website and read a few pages, and I am hooked. I like the part wherein he said about deep in our inner cities there is a cemetery of old loves. I share your desire to find this book.


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