Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone

Betty is finally getting her famous braces off, but before that, she gets knocked unconscious and gets a peek at what her life would have been like if she would have never needed braces. Apparently, while a portion of her life falls into places that she always dream about, the larger part turned out to be all messed-up and a total nightmare. 

Betty: I can’t believe that I’m in cahoots with Wilhelmina. How can having perfect teeth change me this much?

Betty’s New Dentist: Let me break it down to you. Having braces is hard right? People make fun of you and it hurts your feelings which made you compassionate. Pretty-Teeth-Betty, people fall all over her and went in her hand.

Betty: Everything is so screwed up. Claire and Daniel hate me and Wilhelmina and Mark love me?

Betty’s New Dentist: Oh, Mark doesn’t love you.

Betty: What? He couldn’t have been nicer.

Betty’s New Dentist: Well not to your face.

Betty: This is terrible. It can’t stay this way. It has to change. I have to change it back.


I had this idea of arranging a one-by-one friendly meet-ups with most of the guys who dissed me. The benevolent purpose is to ask these gentlemen of their reason(s) on why they rejected me. Of course I know it sounds crazy but I thought maybe this little experiment would actually help me the next time I decide to go back to dating scene, maybe help me formulate a few do’s and don’ts, maybe help me become more "dateable." 

I thought about it long and hard, proof that I'm serious with it and I already told one of them guys about the plan. But as with Betty’s epiphanies, I realised I don’t need them. If things about me did not agree with those guys’ preference before, then maybe their rejections are probably the most right thing that should happen. 

Maybe if I didn’t get all those “no” from them I could have ended up being the new town whore, or maybe half of my friends wouldn’t exist or worse, I could be very fat and ugly now! One rejection that would go gone missing could lead into something fatal.

Those rejections made me doubt myself even more, I must admit. I still do and still have self inflicted issues on matters of confidence but I’m actually surprised at the rate of how I’m dealing with them lately. 

Betty, despite realising her braces are part of herself that brought her to where she is now, still decided to have them removed by the end. That’s what I’ve been doing now. I’m removing my braces not because they caused me shame and pain but because I have to move forward and leave them with the past where they belong. My braces, I mean those rejections, would always be part of me though I’m not wearing them anymore. And I will always be very thankful that once I have them with me. I will always remember that once, there was a boy who despite his young age braved all those rejections, a boy who still managed to smile beautifully even with those braces/rejections on. 


On a different but still related note...

It's like somebody I know died. I received so many condolences on Facebook, Twitter, on my cellphone and even here on my blog (di ba Papa Jay? Hehe) though ninety percent of them are actually concealed gloatings. 
Lakers lost.

But it's all good. 'Di naman ako napipikon. All I can say is...

Live. Love. Lakers! See you next season!

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Mr. Brightside said...

Hi DB,

There is no right formula to become more "dateable" or to avoid rejection... you can only do so much, we are limited that way. I know this is unsolicited, but I want to give a piece of advice on dating (and this may sound cliche).. just be yourself, don't play games, show your date what you really are, flaws and all, pros and cons. Most likely the person who could like, and eventually love the entirety of you is the one for you.

Good luck DB.

- Mr. B

Mr. Brightside said...
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Juan der Last said...

I think it was Ricky Martin who once tweeted that sometimes, rejection is a form of God's protection. :)

I've come to a point that I don't obsess so much about finding the right guy. I try to live a life that's full even without one. Should he finally decide to come into my life, he's welcome, but I'm okay even without him. I call that happy cynicism. And I'm genuinely happy.

Xall Percé said...

Rejections on a good note, will make you improve yourself. Improve, not pretend to be someone else.
On your post, I like your idea of "...arranging a one-by-one friendly meet-ups with most of the guys who dissed me."

green breaker said...

para namang di ka talaga nareject. hihi. i felt like it was the other way around.

i'm fascinated with your idea of these recollections on your "rejection". it is one brave and perhaps, noble act.

hihi. epal lang.

Peter said...

Look to the bright side. Lakers next season?

Désolé Boy said...

Mr. Brightside - I know and I realised that after the "plan." Apologies of course as a kid like me sometimes don't get it at all. Thanks!
Papa Jay - I like that tweet from Ricky Martin. Thanks for sharing. By the look of things, I think I'm more than better. And lots of things are just getting better and better...
Xall - I guess by improve it could mean being braver or becoming more compassionate, yes? Thanks for droppin' by! ;D
Green Breaker - Bakit naman parang 'di ako na-reject? Haha. Thanks for always paying a visit ha ;D
Peter - Yeah. That's what I've been doing. And definitely more better season for Lakers. Woot! Woot!Thank you.

shenanigans said...

ang lalim ah..

pero nagustuhan ko. just do it! kung sa tingin mo ito'y makakabuti sayo at sa pagiging mabuting tao mo.

alam kong hindi madali ang balikan ang mga taong naka-sakit sayo lalo na pag tuluyan mo na silang kinalimutan. kung ako yun hindi ko kakayanin yun pero ikaw....

saludo ako sa katapangan mo! kahanga-hanga ka talaga DB kaya ka special sa akin eh.. harhar!


KikomaxXx said...

so may brace ka pala chong.. hehee... sa maiba ako ha... ayus chong di ka asar talo.. hehhee

Desperate Houseboy said...

Buti ikaw matapang. Ako alam ko na, hindi na kailngan tanungin, i dont look good or maybe that time,hindi ako nakapasa sa pamantayan nila.

imsonotconio said...

rejections? sa ganda ng likod mong yan? narerejct ka pa?

muah love you


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