Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Piece 014: Noble Truths

The gist of [Buddha's] basic analysis is given in the famous sermon at Benares . It consists of the "Four Noble Truths"

[1] Existence is unhappiness

[2] Unhappiness is caused by selfish craving

[3] Selfish craving can be destroyed

[4] It can be destroyed by following the eight fold path, whose steps are: (1) Right understanding; (2) Right purpose; (3) Right speech; (4) Right conduct; (5) Right vocation; (6) Right effort; (7) Right alertness; (8) Right concentration.

-from "The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddah" by Edwin A. Burtt

3 reaction(s):

Peter said...

Noble thoughts on Sunday.

rudeboy said...

It's Buddha Day on the 17th, db.


Désolé Boy said...

Peter - I used to do this piece every Sunday during the first few months of my so-called blogging career, hehe. There's a reason why I'm bringing it back ;D
Rudie - I didn't know that! Thanks for saying. And again, welcome back --to bedlam ;D


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