Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fading yellow

The president’s laziness has been the subject of talk not because it is gossip but because it’s a fact not only witnessed and observed by us, media people, but alarmingly also being reported by people within the confines of the Palace itself, even before the celebrated columns of Ramon Tulfo and Ernesto Maceda lambasting the president.

“Night vices” like late night computer games and trips to the hottest gimik spots within the Metro, the likes of Republiq in Pasay, are far from being figments of reporters and critics imagination. There are the Palace households who are well aware of it and a whole host of people also enjoying the same establishments that reported the same thing.

But this is not to re-write what the others already reported but to stand in defense of those media personalities the Palace are now calling “liars” and “tabloid-makers.”

Understand that not everyone in the industry of news media are Conrado de Quiros and Ricky Carandang. It’s funny that the Palace is now pointing their spears towards the same Yellow media that not only helped create his previous campaign but also helped his presidency begin its sail. Perhaps the delusion that Noynoy’s presidency is brought upon by records of achievements and impressive government platforms should stop at once. It is not. Noynoy and his messianic presidency is created by a poorly written history of this nation, the media and the series of propaganda  set upon by more intelligent people.

His defenders, the likes of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and his team of miscreant traitor watchdogs, could put up all the huge words to drown the reports of “laziness” but the image of Noynoy being under-performer and under-achiever is branded in scarlet bloodstain in the name of all the women he dated every night and the stench of his stubborn cigarettes.

De Lima, now on top of lists to be crowned as next Ombudsman, defended his boss saying “that the president is hardworking.” We could probably give him the benefit of the doubt but not with left and right news of the president dating different women nightly, news leaks of him tripping to Subic to join a club of Porsche loving bachelors and his irritation on working beyond four in the afternoon.

Carmen Pedrosa of Philippine Star, on the other hand, said that the attacks are “personal” and that “these should have been considered before he was elected.” Yes it is personal. It is personal because his demeanor speaks for the nation as a whole. It is personal simply because he is the president of this nation and there could be a lot more problem than who to take out for the night to thousands of jobless Filipinos and the merciless rise on oil prices. 

Noynoy Aquino’s slacking record both during his stints on Lower and Upper House are known to everyone yet he managed to gather a staggering million of votes. Maybe because presidency is not about records of achievements. Maybe because presidency is about honesty. Maybe because presidency is about staying true to their promises. And maybe because presidency is not about growing balls.

The talk of laziness persists not because editors, news desks and columnists insist on it but because the president’s work ethics speak clearly for it. The story persists because there are reports of "appointment papers remaining unattended for months,” “planned projects taking so long to get-off the drawing board” and how “so much official time and resources are spent going after political enemies.”

It’s barely a year and we all know a lot could happen that’s why we have articles like this; we demand improvement. A shift from the righteous path is what the president is famous for, maybe he should start re-tracking his leadership trail and stop being such a stubborn brat. Dealing with the squabbling factions within his administration won’t solve the nation’s problems neither is referring to the previous regime from time to time nor hiring a “big time crisis PR man for a makeover of Noynoy's image costing a fantabulous amount.”

To critique is not to dictate and never to hate. It is to participate, to speak-up and to engage. Noynoy already proved his worth to the millions of Filipinos who voted for him, its time he earn the nods of those who did not believe in him a year ago. The job begun on that fated morning of June the past year and will continue for the next five more years even when the singing fades, the yellow blended with red and heroes stripped of their memories.


-with reports from Manila Times, Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star and ABS-CBN
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