Monday, April 4, 2011

He's lovin', touchin', squeezin'

I’ll tell you where I am. This is a private resort somewhere in Antipolo owned by two former classmates in Ateneo de Manila who got bored and converted this former family rest house to a money-making entity. There are two wide swimming-pools surrounded by tall mango trees and some other cross-breeds. Nearby is a pond where fat Japanese Kois are whirling happily and a pair of swan floating majestically.

House music fills the upscale air, a glass of vodka sitting on my side and Mikey, the thirty-ish co-owner of the resort was telling me how he was forced to shop with his girlfriend in Hong Kong the other week because apparently there’s a massive sale in H & M and some other brands. I could barely understand what he’s saying since I was too busy eyeing my friend Angela at the far corner of the cottage flirting with a guy and I am calculating inside my head the possibility that she would take him home which would mean I have to find another ride after.

“…San Sebastian?” Mikey is still talking and I only catched his last two words.

“I’m sorry, what was it again?”

He leaned forward and I felt his breath on my left ear before he said “Are you a graduate from San Sebastian?”

“No. I’m from PUP. You know…a state university…”

“Really? Eto sigurado na ko, masscomm ka, right?”

“You said that because I’m working for ___. But no, I’m a graduate of Broadcast Communication. Ha!”

“What’s the difference?”

“A lot!”

Actress-TV host from a Spanish-Filipino clan who married hunky six-footer basketball player was also there. She’s very pretty and kind, which I did not expect since she appears to be this mataray in television. Then there was this gay radio and TV personality who seemed classier than what I expected him to be, GMA7 director from some gag show who also got tangled with few starlets and a girl who according to Mikey is a daughter of a politician.

At some point, I was talking to this group of struggling female models. I call them “miniature Karens” and yeah, you have to watch Mean Girls to get that line. I know three of them. One is currently a girl from The Price Is Right and two of them are former brief-case girls from Deal or No Deal. But all seven girls were hanging in every word I’m speaking about the story of executed Filipina Sally Ordinario Villanueva. They couldn’t believe how Sally got involved in a well syndicated drug cartel unknowingly and how Tita Cacayan gave her the infamous bag that contained hidden drugs.

One girl exclaimed, “Ohhh Emmm Geee, did she died (sic)?”

“Yeah. All three of them last Wednesday,” I simply said.

Now, this must be a terrible joke of fate. Almost a year ago, I left this exact scene I despised yet here I am, laughing my ass off stupidly with a dozen people who are all strangers a day ago and still. These people who are blithely unaware that Jonas Burgos “went on holiday” without notice and that deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte doesn’t fully understand half of what she’s saying, I thought I’m through with all of them.

How could I fit well? My world is with the vagabonds and scavengers, with Ate Sol in her invisible household in the side-street of Escolta and the kubol of rallying fired ABS-CBN IJM employees. I want to sweat it out under a bloody sun of protest, eat hand to mouth from a transparent plastic filled with rice and a piece of daing and study the forensic of film-making in the slums of Tondo. I'm from Idaho, for Rico Puno's sake, not from Hollywood!

I did not go back home in Bulacan that night. Angela and the guy she's tongue-wrestling with disappeared all of a sudden without the bitch telling me to go find another ride. 

But guess what? I did find another “ride” that evening, if you know what I'm saying.

I'll tell you where I am now. Tomorrow I'll think about principles and the constitutionality of condom-use but for now, I need to focus in pumping my new found "ride." This is where I am. 

Maybe what they said is true, that I am truly back. Yeah, maybe I'm back. Oh yes, I'm back!

originally titled "Still at the point of a turning world"

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Spiral Prince said...

There is something quaint about ignoring all other things, all other problems and confusions and circumstances, to do something else that allows us to escape. And then we return to what we momentarily left behind.

Go, go, go, desole boy!

Papa Jay said...
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Papa Jay said...

I've found that depth is a liability in this world. While there isn't much you can do about it, a good change of perspective will help you deal with it. Spell cynical.

Anyway, good for you, that you found another "ride." Make the most out of it, I say.

Désolé Boy said...

Spiral Prince & Papa Jay,

Thanks you two! I'm admiring your thoughts guys, really.

Anyway, again thanks for sharing your wisdom and for always droppin' by.

All the best!


Eternal Wanderer... said...

there's a time to be pondering and serious, and there's a time to be shallow and frivolous.

it's all about balance :D

Nimmy said...

wow! not the usual dboy na nababasa ko 'to ah. woot wooot! :)

RainDarwin said...

Just as that old cliché says, in every cloud there is a silver lining. A quirk of fate brought you to someone who made you realize that life is indeed a full of sanguinity and optimism.

Welcome back DB. Hugs and kisses.

Guyrony said...

Hey everyone' got to be shallow and deep and somewhere in between once, if not, most of the time.

Désolé Boy said...

Eternal - Balance? I think I'm learning it. Thanks. ;D
Nimmy - Thanks! Still the same DB anyway. ;)
Rain Darwin - Wow! Thanks much. ;D
Guyrony - I think so. It's fine actually. Not complaining about them. It's me complaining about me. Thanks for droppin' by. ;D

KikomaxXx said...

Good for you chong.. you are enjoying the enjoyment of last year's cruelty.. hehehe.. ok na gagrad na ako.. hehehe


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