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Blood Brothers

The 9th of April

There won't be any prelude or beginning for this post.This is, after all, a story that started probably from the previous lifetimes, of course only if you believe such things. But really, who knows? There's would be no coherence, no logic and everything is spontaneous. And in the manner that it has no beginning, the ending is also nowhere to be seen.

More or less 15 minutes to 30 minutes before 4 in the afternoon

1 message from Alterjon: just got off sa train. san ka?
Reply: coffee bean & tea leaf
Reply: san ka na? am juz here sitting. red checkered top
1 message from Alterjon: look behind you

And there he was. Did the usual meet and greet and what do you know? It's like I've known him far long before. He complimented how tall I am. I then remember how I refuse to be the onii-chan whenever he calls me such, and at that point, I thought there’s no point denying the obvious. He’s so little! 

The exchange of banters begun. Talked about pains of previous attempts in love, you probably would expect some drama sequence, but no. Nothing like that. The only drama we had is “hair-drama.” You see, in about the same time he shaved his head, I also shaved mine, well not entirely, but part of my head when I had a mohawk. And yeah, for same reason but for different persons.

Hanging out with him is like hanging-out with myself, a better version of me I would say. From books to sex, writing, movies, jokes, felt like we could talk about casseroles and empty shoe box and things would be just as fun.

A few minutes past 7 in the evening

We’re in a department store and he was busy finding the right size that would fit his size one body. On the background, a saleslady was promoting Wow Magic Sing, belting with her beautiful rendition of “Ang Tipo Kong Lalake.” I was grinning while I watch the saleslady sing and had this epiphany that I’m in love with the lyrics of that song. I looked at Alterjon and saw that he’s grinning too while silently singing. I shook my head and laugh.

Between us, I noticed he’s the more congenial. He would smile at the cashier and politely answer to their queries as oppose to me being the snob with my always ready smirk.

“Maybe that’s why I’m still this single. There's no venue for me to meet guys,” I said out of nowhere.

“Well, anywhere is a venue. See that guy, he checked us out! Stare back, smile and say hi.” 

He could do that. I can't. Or maybe I could?

Between 20 to 30 minutes past 8 in the evening

Hungry at last from long walks and the seemingly endless conversation, we ended up at the best place to squash that hunger --- food court. I didn’t understand why he picked the other store from another saying “mas maganda yung kulay nung mga pagkain sa kabila” but all the same, the hundred peso dinner could match those at Via Mare and Mairon. Even better.

In those events that you trail the letters of our blogs, you may probably accused us of being emo-tards. That’s no true. And here for proof, I give you Alterjon’s powder blue striped pajamas with printed little bunnies and DB’s pink velvet slippers that squeak whenever he jumps as feathers fly in all directions. 

Behold, your happy twin bloggers.

Around 10 or 11 in the evening

I am thankful Tanduay Ice is not available anywhere in Metro Walk and he wouldn’t drink anything other than that. From being the first two customers of O-Bar in Ortigas, we became the hottest dancing pair it has ever seen!

The guys around watched, envious. Some even tried to get in our little circle to no success. It is, after all, a night made for us, the night of confirmation, the night when the gods gave their nods and said “they are indeed brothers.”

After draining the last drop of booze, after that last song, when we hugged in the dance floor before leaving the party behind us, I silently said a prayer to no god in particular. Two words: thank you.

Almost 2 in the morning

Who would’ve thought walking from Ortigas to Shaw Boulevard could be such bliss? No, we’re not drunk, we decided on that. The paths are just clearer. He said the stars looked at us that night jealous as our voices and laughter filled the empty streets of that part of the Metro, want to know why? Because only stars like us can do what we did.

And so next time, we’ll dance like tomorrow is ours.

Give or take 20 to 30 minutes after 2 in the morning

1 message from Alterjon: Not a second bored. It was definitely worth my Saturday. Kudos my brother, we deserve the world, we’re good people, fuck those assholes. Take care.
Reply: Take care too. Remember that from now on, u hav a brother u can call anytime u need him. We’ll have more adventures, I promise.

14th of April, almost a week after

Doesn't everything seems bigger when looking back? I would be more than glad to give you a blow by blow account but some things better remain between us. I'm just proud about this friend who writes so well, whose smile so warm and contagious and wears a lady's pants because its the only thing that would fit him

This is for you brother... and everyone out there who can relate to Alterjon and Desole Boy. 

for a home to rest
back in the wilderness
for your light and winds
We carry a bundle of scars
We carry a bundle of stars

for a home to rest
back in the wilderness
for your light and winds
We carry a bundle of tears
We carry a bundle of dreams

The picture beside the poem is just too cheesy, yes? Just go [here] to wash away some "cheese." 

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Nishiboy said...

uy si alter nga. buhay pa pala siya.

Mac Callister said...

what happened to his blog anyway? so when's the next escapade nyo?hehehe

shenanigans said...


nagkita na kau

samantalang sa akin ayaw mo magpakita ginagawa ko naman lahat para sayo..



Spiral Prince said...

So -that's- the story behind the brother thing, DB! When you said you were brothers over at Twitter I got a little confused. haha.

So, kayo na ang Hardy Boys! hehe, joke. Seriously, though, I'm happy for both of you! :D

Mu[g]en said...

Na-miss ko yung ganitong meet ups dati. I guess my pre-baabaa days were so twisted, its hard to identify a foe from a friend.

Thank you for sharing.

Désolé Boy said...

@ Mac - Aterjon got a new place. u can check it out:

KikomaxXx said...

hahaha kudos... April 9 bday ko yan.. hahaha

orally said...


Nimmy said...

nice nice! finally nakapag-meet na ang magkapatid. :)

natawa ako sa comment ni Jason. hahaha

kalansaycollector said...

uy saya. inggit ako, never pa akong nakakakilala ng fellow blogger, live via satellite with no commercial break. :p

Mr. Chan said...


Tanduay ice is my new favorite, natikman ko na sha nung umuwe ako ng Pinas :)


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