Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It’s again my first and this time--- its Republiq baby!! 

Probably one of the top coolest hot-spots to stomp it out on the dancefloor nowadays, the crowd there is super dope! I mean, c’mon, it’s a haven for partyphiles like me. The sight of grinding hot girls is just too much  (for some reason, I like me some girl on girl action =p).

The space is huge, music is awesome, what else could you ask for?

Another thing I proved from partying there is that I’m abusing Facebook too much. It’ so creepy when you started seeing familiar faces grinning at you who used to be just small display pictures on the net.

One is a long-time crush, print and TV commercial by the name of Z. Another is a photographer/model who offers photo-shoots for what he says “a very affordable and high class standard.” He’s good, honestly and he gave me a tiny “kilig” moment there. He caught me staring shamelessly at him but instead of raising his eyebrow he raised his glass to me like  saying “cheers” then winked.

I went there, actually last Saturday (no party for me this weekend since I’m feeling a bit under the weather) to welcome a friend, Angela, from her month-long exile in Singapore.

Angela came back from whoring around that city and I was a bit envious. She resigned from ABS-CBN like me, but then unlike what I did (jumping onto the next job) she treated herself for a vacation after.

I missed her so much that I couldn’t contain myself so I kissed her on the lips. We’ve been friends since we both started our career in the network. I even owe her my life as she was the one who dragged me on the sands of Boracay after passing out from obsessive alcohol abuse on some party back then (the excuse is that. I’m broken hearted then..and still. Lol) all the way up to our hotel room. Dun niya 'ko talo. The bitch never get drunk!

Anyway, I hope you guys could check it out one of these days. I wish I took some pictures but my cousin borrowed my cam and I couldn't grab Angela's photos as it would risk revealing the persona of DB. But still I assure you you’ll gonna have great time with your friends and the people there. It’s a perfect place to leave all the drama behind. Believe me! 

photo credit: wheninmanila.com

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nOx said...

true, very nice. better than encore, for that matter. and the crowd is just incomparable. medyo hindi na nga lang ako sanay sa coed. hehe

but the price ain't cheap. what we normally do is we drink in central, then we hit the clubs.

ako na ang reincarnation ni lumen! choz!

Yj said...

it's the dry humping that i can't stand...

but the dancing, Yaiy!

Mu[g]en said...

Its a party place my clubber-side won't be able to stand.

Unless libre ng iba ang drinks at entrance. Lol.

jayps said...

cool you're hitting the party scene na kuya db! :)

KikomaxXx said...

waheheh ayan si robin pumaparti=parti nalang..wa hehe

Désolé Boy said...

Nox - mas sanay naman ako sa coed. Anyway,hope to see you there next time. And don't worry 'bout your advice. Si Anne Rice nga ang advice uminom muna sa bahay before sa club eh, hehe. ;p
Yj - you'll learn to like it;D
Kuya Mugs - how 'bout kung libre ko? hehe
Jayps - alas, hehe.It's better this way, yes? ;D

Désolé Boy said...

Batman - pre, kelan naman party naten para sa grad mo, hehe.At bakit parang pareho yata tayong nananahimik? =p

imsonotconio said...

hmmm im a regualr customer i onder kung cno ka dun hmmmmmmm, u knw naman my ofc is like a tumbling lang hehe

Nimmy said...

libre mo naman ako dun DB!!!! :)

Désolé Boy said...

Conio - just look for a guy about 5'9 tall, with eyebrow earing on the left, fair complexion with a dragon tattood on his right arm --- and that's not me, lol! See you there!
Nims - entrance lang sagot ko ha (tapos i-geguest list ko lang..hehe)

shenanigans said...

i havent been there pero feeling ko matagl tagal pa bago ako makapunta diyan... yung tipong laos na siya.. hehe! feeling ko ma i-intimidate lang ako diyan..

btw, may twitter account kb?

Spiral Prince said...

it's good to go once in a while, especially when you're with friends.

Désolé Boy said...

Russ - bakit naman? tara..sama kita. may twitter ako: desoleboy
Spiral Prince - it's an escape, yes.

Kane said...

Someone's really enjoying partying. Ang perky perky ng entry mo ha. =)


crazydora said...

im a spammer


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