Friday, March 4, 2011


My favorite niece, 1 year old Miel, got hospitalised the other day. But no worries, since she's all fine now.

Anyway, it was supposed to be just a visit but the poor kid won't let me go when I tried bidding farewell. So then I just asked someone from home to bring me blanket, pillows and my laptop.

Around noon, we're both sleeping plus her mom, when I heard a knock and so I got up and opened it. It was the nurse, a familiar one. He smiled. Apparently he remembered.

A few months ago, I was confined at that same hospital due to dengue, remember? And he was my nurse, real name is Mark.

So we had a few chat (we have a common friend, by the way just so not to shock you with the instant "closeness") then he invited me downstairs. Apparently, it's his breaktime.

"Let me ask you something," says me.


"Why are you always wearing a mask then whenever you enter my room to take my temp etc.?"

"Because that's the standard protocol."

"Ikaw lang ang ganon eh, yung iba mo namang mga kasama di naman nagma-mask."

"Sila yun."

"Nandidiri ka siguro sa 'ken."

"Bakit naman?"

"You saw me when I was puking, when I was pissing, you even saw my shit. Jesus!"

"All part of the job description," he said with such boyish smile.


How would I describe Mark.Taller than me. Dark. Not good looking. Average body. Alright, I slightly had, or have this crush on him since then that I was under his care (although paid by Papa's money).

I can still remember what he told me when his shift ends then: "Dapat pagbalik ko bukas wala ka ng lagnat ha." Sweet isn't he?

I broke the silence.

"I have to go back. Baka kailangan na ko ng ate ko," I explained.

"Wait. Let me show you something. This way," and he motioned me, directing to the back part of the hospital. I was all quiet the whole time.

Then he stopped abruptly then faced me, once again with that boyish smile of him. And then I saw it. I broke into a wide grin, satisfied by the surprise that I'm seeing.

"But of course," says me and then I chuckled.

"Hyperball" by Bjork

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ARchieVINer said...

Sang hospital yan? i'm glad ok na your niece... inlove kana sa nurse ahh :)

Will said...

Di ko gets yung ending.. Bastos ba yun? or pinakita lang niya yung bibig nya? wala syang ngipin?

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

tawa naman ako kay will,, walang ngipin?? LOL

baka pinakita ung keme nung nurse para fair na,, since DBoy said the nurse had seen like all of him na..

tama ba?? :))

Nicos said...

Hi DB...Good to be back sa bahay mo..:)

sorry, di ko rin nakuha yugn ending. anu yun?hahaha

Eternal Wanderer... said...


Spiral Prince said...

I echo the question above!

soltero said...

ahaha ano ba yang pinakita nyang nurse na yan? malaki ba naman? hinawakan mo ba naman? bwahahahhaa..

seriously, ako din ung fave nephew ko may congenital defect sa kidney hayyst, naoperahan na last year pero kabado pa rin ako til now ...

miss u too!

char! lol

Kyle said...

Hahaha natawa rin ako. Hahaha ano ba yung pinakita niya?

Pyro Phoenix said...

thrilling naman hahaha

KikomaxXx said...

hahah may part 2...


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