Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Neverending Story (Challenge post)

Captain Jack Sparrow once said, there are only two things that matter: what a man can do and what a man can't do. True enough. However far our strength and wisdom's reach, there would be limitations. Sometimes easy to accept; others painful to bear.

But being human is about conquering those boundaries. It's stepping to the realm of the unknown that stir us to wander in a feral jungle of ambiguity not minding the question whether able or not.

I grasp onto my fears. Bizarre as it may sound, I would exploit it as my security blanket. From time to time it would consume me but only enough before reaching the brim. Because without fear there can be no courage; and without courage there can be no adventures.

This is what this story, and my story is all about. Dreams and wishes seem to vaporize as we humans get consumed by The Nothing. According to G'mork, The Nothing is emptiness. It is the despair that people try to bury deep within them pretending it's actually not there. But what they don't know is that almost every feat they try is an unconscious leap to satiate that emptiness.

But dreams and wishes are dreams and wishes per se. A portion of them might corporealise in the actual cosmos, but the huge slab of the truth, and as for what my venture proved, it is most likely to get vaporized without a trace. And so with nonsucess, there creeps in emptiness. And the jaded philosophy follows.

But what the novel is trying to defy is the idea of nonactualisation. That there exist a world where all the crafted dreams and wishes swirl into absoluteness; where Oracles and luckdragons exist; where the Magic Mirror Gate challenges you to face your true self; and where the Swamps of Sadness'venom subvert you to flimsiness.

They are all real, even how surreal they may appear. Because like what I always say, there are many truths. And with the many other truths come the different realities. There's a world out there called Phantásien where everything is created by a child's dreams and wishes. By a kid named Bastian.

I wish to become Bastian once more. I do think I am always the kid Bastian but a few of his facet faded as I confront the incessant rejections of my life. While it is true that I still hold that naive voice of a child with a little trust to what his hands are capable off, the courage to initiate dreams and wishes dwindled. And so is the adventure.

I felt like I have given away everything, trusting people, acting like a total fool. But then I remember, all travelers who seek adventures must be a fool. After all, we dreamers are always fool, yes?

Now, I want to create many wishes. I want to collect many wishes. Because I want many adventures.

But there's a warning.

While the mystical object AURYN (pardon, in the novel it is always spelled all in upper cases) grants your wishes, words are etched on its back that says: do what you wish.

I must remember that not all wishes are right. There are wishes that would make you forget your true self. There are wishes that might wipe away your memories. It's what happened to the same kid Bastian that must always be remembered. That at the end of the many wishes that set you on many adventures, find that one true wish that would lead you nowhere –but home.

But for now, relevant to what I’ve said 3 paragraphs ago, I WILL create many wishes. I WILL collect many wishes. I WILL set on many adventures and do exactly my wishes. I WILL dream again because my dreams are my treasures and they do exist. I WILL know the difference between dreams and fantasies. It won’t matter if I can. It won’t matter if I am hurt. I WILL have my dreams, wishes and countless unimaginable adventures. I WILL.

So for now, let me wrap up my sack and begin the adventures of my wishes. Until then, I will tell you my story –the neverending story.



To that blogger who challenged me to write...well I didn't really know what you challenged me to write about, but this is it. You're too nice. Thank you. 


“The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende

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KikomaxXx said...

yepey bumabangon na si robin.. wahehhe

uno said...

will wait till the next story of your neverending story...

just dropping by bak mapansin mo hehehe

Ester Yaje said...

at nagbabalik dito. :) good luck sa nver ending story!

Spiral Prince said...

this post is a melting pot of childhood fantasies and worlds. it's nice. this is your now.

see what I did there?! :3


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