Sunday, January 2, 2011

There's the rabbit, then prophecies, resolutions and a newfound hope

Alas, I gave in to writing tradition of resolutions, forecasts and other whatnots as this brand new year is unfolding right in front of our noses and the smell of freshly laden hope is just too much to ignore, yes? While I was optimistic with the idea that I was born under the sign of Rabbit (1987) and the Chinese Lunar Calendar is paying tribute to it (or something like that) I know this boy won’t be oblivious to the crimes of the world and carrying myself still is the topmost task in my list.

Let me share with you some of my prophecies for this year 2011.

1. I would remain as this hot-single-bachelor-boy (I had to include the word “boy,” sorry)

2. I would have achieved a smokin’ body that all the guys and babes would be hot for thus;

3. I would go on travel A LOT to avoid the frenzy of my mounting admirers 

Alright, I can see now that you’re moving your cursor to the unfollow button, haha. But really, don’t we all want to hear something like this instead of the usual warns of dooms and poofs?

Second, resolutions are good. Whether we’ll be able to stick on it or not, isn’t it just fun going back on it by the end of the year and check for ourselves what we’ve done and the things that we haven’t?

Here’s mine.

1. Be more organized. Solution to this is to buy a new cabinet or a decent bookshelf and a huge laundry bin so my room won’t be littered with newspapers, books, used underwears and porns.

2. Study more on film editing especially Avid and watch more art films

3. Attend firing lessons with my uncle and behave myself to create this image of mature-enough-to-own-a-gun-someday

4. Get serious in toning my body


6. Lessen the cynicisms 

Now I must admit all the above six would be as hard as my stiffy every morning. For one, burara talaga ko sa gamit ko at obvious na obvious yan pag sinilip mo ang bag ko dahil siguradong tatawag ka ng DTI representative dahil magulo pa siya sa tambiyolo.

On number two, I now have more problems with my attention span compared to my school days, so learning about it I know would be tough.

Third point, everybody knows I have a terrible temper with slight autism. But really, I wanna own a gun someday.

The problem with number four is that my friends and I would be merging on a single gym (clue: somewhere near GMA7) this year which means more distractions not to mention all the hot guys and girls in there. Whew!

Five, I don’t think I need to elaborate on it more. And six would be like telling Patrick the Starfish to go get an IQ test. So good luck to me!

New Year doesn’t mean new life coz we only have one neither that it’s a fresh start coz we’ve started all the way long before. Whether we like it or not there would always be the pasts that are once the present and are all attached to us. All we can do is just to deal with whatever shits that may hit the fan and absorb all the good things while they last.

New Year to me is new hope. It is hard, I know. But hoping, like I always say, is better than being optimistic. Optimism is to expect things to be better while hoping is the conviction that even if things didn’t turn out quite right, we stand anyway. That way happiness would be more graspable even if it is only by default –like mine.

26 reaction(s):

Nimmy said...

wow! a sexier boy this 2011! me likey! go! go! go!

soltero said...

ahahha naku, by 2011 e dapat DI KNA VIRGIN! AHAHHAHA..

ayyyyi..same tayo ng 3 prophecies mo! choz!

bwahhahaha ching!

Happy Nu Year Baby Des!

shenanigans said...

4. Get serious in toning my body

ako din se-seryosohin ko na talaga toh.. haha!

happy new year!

shenanigans said...

pareho pala tayong rabbit

M.I. said...

There's no harm in trying to do your resolution.

Cheers to your new look and new self this 2011 Desole. :)

Ronnie said...

Palong-palo ang 1st prophecy. Sounds good to us haha.

Go for the goal!

Désolé Boy said...

Nimmy - its mandatory to be sexy if you're single, hehe
Soltero - ay wag naman. gusto kong mapanatili ang aking pagiging busilak. haha. Happy New Year Kuya!
Russ - go! go! go!
M.I. - wui thank you!
Ronnie - baket sounds good? hehe. thank u ;)

Jinjiruks said...

go sexy boy! haha!

KikomaxXx said...

ay sana ako din magkaroon ng sexy body.. hahaha

Kyle said...

ako din. gusto ko din toned body. :)
happy new year DBoy.

my-so-called-Quest said...

i know you can stick to your resolutions! let's look forward to a better 2011. Happy new year DB.

Désolé Boy said...

Jin - thanks! haha. happy new year!
Pareng Batman - anu ba, kaya mo yan! buhat buhat lng chong! hehe
Kyle - isa ka pa. go go go lang, hehe. happy new year din!
Doc Ced - hindi rin. parang di mo ko kilala, hehe. alam na! =p

hard2getxxx said...

madali lang naman iachieve ang gusto mo kung determined ka na makuha yun

Ester Yaje said...

i'm inspired by what you've written esp sa comment mo na it's mandatory to be sexy when you're single. wala kasi akong pakialam sa structure and form and whatever ng body ko. ahahaha

c - e - i - b - o - h said...


i so love your resolutions na nakakaiinggit kung bakit hindi ako mkpg-icp ng mga gnyan for myself.. hehehe

power DBoy!! you can make those work.. you can have them into reality..

Mac Callister said...

ako sumuko na gumawa ng resolution!LOL

goodluck sa mga plano mo, and happy new year!

Sean said...

at talagang allcaps ang #5. mas mahirap na yan pag uber sexy body ka na. good luck sa resolutions DB. happy new year!

Peter said...

May timeline ba ito? Happy new year!

Désolé Boy said...

Hard - sana nga. will power talaga. thanks for droppin' by.
Ester - sometimes we are sexy in our own way. especially for the ladies! ;)
Kiko - thank you, hehe. oist yung sikreto dali bulong mo na saken =p
Mac - ba't naman? okay lang naman kun di masunod. masarap din siya balikan, hehe. good luck din and happy new year!
Sean - madali lang din yan. i'm gonna wear a cilice belt..hehe..happy new year din!
Peter - good suggestion. dapat nga may timeline. salamat and happy new year din!

red the mod said...

The last one is curious. And intriguing. I could very well be saying the same thing. But then again, what's past is past. And some men, are really just boys in the guise behind sugarcoated words.

Do not hope, actualize. Do no dream, achieve. Happy New Year!

JasonPaul said...

ikaw na ang virgin.

Nielz said...

Waw! napaka maaliwalas ng blog.. hindi na parang suicidal ang may ari.. hahaha.. anyway, sana matupad lahat yan.. but why do you have to own a gun?

it's the part that I don't get.

punta ka dito sa fiesta. lol.

Désolé Boy said...

Red - point well take my friend ;)
Jap - need proof? =p
Nielz - puro kasi mga parak ang kamag-anak ko. bata pa lang ako i'm used to seeing them with a gun. so sabi ko one day i want to own a gun too ;)
- hopefully talaga makapunta ko sa fiesta. FYI pulis tondo tito ko =p

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

seems very doable. i wish you luck, desole boy!

ps belated happy new year and i love your new layout!

melovesflying said...

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imsonotconio said...

portect my virginity ka dyan

happy chinese new year!


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