Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stories about love (but not love stories)

We ever always find answers and solutions to this word -love. As for those cynics, indeed it is a question. Meanwhile, the lucky and the blessed take it as the answer itself.

Let me take you down to a story by Aristophanes, a great Greek playwright who lived around ca. 446-ca. 386 BC, who tried to explain in his infamous speech - the origin of love.

There were originally three sexes born of the Sun (males), Earth (females) and Moon (hermaphrodites). Each of three sexes were doubled over and united as whole. 

Each form of person was round and all over with back and side encompassing it in every way; each head has four arms and legs to match these and two faces perfectly alike on a cylindrical neck. There was one head to the two faces, which looked opposite ways; there were four ears, two sets of genitals, and all the other parts as may be imagined in proportion. 

One day this entire race mounted an attack against the Olympic gods. All three sexes somersaulted up towards Zeus. Zeus was furious with such a show of arrogance. But he didn't want to destroy the entire race. 

"I think I can contrive that mortals, without ceasing to exist, shall give over this excess through a lessening of their strength. I propose now to slice every one of them in two, so that while making them weaker, we shall also find them more useful by reasons of the greater number." 

Being cut in half immediately resulted in the forms of heterosexuality (from the hermaphrodites) and homosexuality (in both male and female forms). A further consequence of this split, (beside the origin of the bellybutton which was used to seal each wounded half) was that each half crave for it's other half. 

When our first form was cut into two, each half in longing for its fellow would come to it again and then would they fling their arms about each other and in mutual embraces yearn to be bound together. 

This is the origin of love, continues Aristophanes, and why human beings are constantly chasing after one another...

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Alter said...

Aristophanes must be drunk when he thought of that. Hahahaha. Sige na, I'm impressed with his creativity. Hahaha

Désolé Boy said...

really now? he must be drinking with you then...hahaha
peace JP!

RainDarwin said...

I hate Zeus na!

Sya ang dahilan kung bakit Prinsesa ako ngayon, bwahahahahaha.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

have you seen hedwig and the angry inch? they have a song called the origin of love which describes this legend (?) perfectly.

paci said...

and they say my home planet is the moon! LIKE!!!

Désolé Boy said...

Papa P - at least isa kang maganda at marikit na prinsesa, hehe.
Citybuoy - i'll check that out. thanks ;)
Paci - you bet! =p

Seth said...

Sweet ^^

red the mod said...

The Greeks are amazing to have thought of it long before humanity had labels defined to discriminate and separate. The Greeks believed that each of us had the capacity for both genders, and we would spend our lives looking for that missing half that makes us whole. Male-male, female-female, and male-female. Gender was not a function of biology, but a matter of heart. They knew it then.

The original exploration of this idea came from Plato in his Symposium, where he tells of Aristophanes' speech on the subject.

Great post DB. Glad to see someone else interest in Greek esoterica besides me. Hehe. The song from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Origin of Love, written and performed by John Cameron Mitchell, was based and inspired by this piece of Greek philosophy.

KikomaxXx said...

wee... parang alamat ng buwan at ng araw...


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