Monday, December 6, 2010

Once a 16 year old and a college dude

An old memory visited.

I was crouched on my bed watching Glee and the boys from Dalton Academy performed their version of Hey Soul Sister.

It took me back 7 years ago when I met this guy, 'twas 2003. I was a young 16 year old junior high school virgin, not really clueless but still indistinct with his sexuality. He on the other hand was about 20 to 21 years old in his senior year in college.

Here's how we've met.

It is, once again, a music competition and he was a member of an all male choir group of a College somewhere in Manila. I first saw him at the hotel's swimming pool where the delegates are staying. Funny that I can still picture him in my head even up to now. About the same height as I am now, 5'7, he's wearing red shorts and was naked from waist above. He wears dental braces and his hairstyle was the same with Jordan Herrera that time the Rexona commercial was hitting the air waives.

I was eyeing him for no definite reason. I thought I was just fascinated because he swims really well. But now that I'm not as "clueless" as I was, I think I was attracted then.

We were alone at the pool and finally, after a few more laps, he approached my by asking if I was also a delegate coz I'm clutching a music sheet that time. I stuttered as I answer yes to his question. The idea of a college dude talking to me was so disconcerting then.

 So that's how the conversation begun and we basically just talk about music before moving into something more personal.

He told me anecdotes of their concerts and other performances and basically life as a college student. He was kinda giving me a lecture about college life and asked what school I'm planning to attend after graudation. I told him how I was against the idea of my father sending me on a private institution for engineering students and that I just want to settle for a state university either in Diliman or in Manila. At that point he stared at me smiling then ruffled my hair. He stood up and asked me if I can come with him for a rinse.

So I agreed without the slightest malice and went with him at the shower area. But to disappoint you guys, nothing happened.

I just stayed outside the cubicle and the conversation continued. He dried himself up, caught glimpse of him in his underwear then we left the shower area with his hands on my shoulders.

He brought me to his hotel room afterwards but then again nothing happened and he just introduced me to his choirmates. When the time came for me to go to attend our rehearsals he simply just bade me goodbye. As I was heading towards the elevator, I heard him yelled my name and when I turned to look at his direction, I saw him grinning. He winked at me for the last time then entered his room in time that the elevator bell dings.

The last time I saw him was their performance night. I wish I could let you guys listen to their group's rendition of "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" and "Sana Maulit Muli" coz now that I recall them I feel like I can still hear them, him,  like it was yesterday. The only difference is that now I have this fantasy of him serenading me.

With memories of him now coming back, I remember the lines from the movie Kahit Konting Pagtingin.

Sharon: Ang problema sa 'yo, maaga kang ipinanganak.
FPJ: Ang problema naman sa 'yo, huli kang ipinanganak. 

I searched for him at Facebook but couldn't find him. I saw that one of his batchmates on the choir is now a member of the country's most prominent chorale group. But I haven't got a clue as to where he is now.

I wish I have the technology that I have now during those times. I wish I wasn't a late bloomer. Maybe if I'm not that young that time the story would've been different. I must confess I slightly wish now that he took advantage of me then.

Anyway, it's just another memory. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to remember a different one. Or would it be better if I make a new one?

His group's photo from the competition's souvenir program 

Call it a strategy but I know you'll remember me if you ever happen to come across here. You were nice, I hope you know that.

"It doesn't matter if we will meet again. It doesn't matter if you will remember me. I just want to tell you a secret --- I love you."
-Lu Xiao Yu, Secret

18 reaction(s):

neildalanon said...

so vivid and poignant. galing! :)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

I'll never be the same if we ever meet again.

Memories. I love them. They will always be my favorite lovers. Thank you for sharing this one. :)

Kyle Cee said...

Chances fade but memories remain...

Let me follow you my friend. :)

Mu[g]en said...

Wonder how would you feel if you learn that person is a blogger now. :)

Nielz said...

hahaha.. after 7 years, tandang tanda mo pa rin. he must be really something to have that effect on you..

hay. buwisit. ganyan din ako dati. we're of the same age you know, mmasyado rin akong naive.. so i've let many chances pass.. i could've been happy with them.. but i chose to stay silent and did nothing.. hahaha..

i've linked you up.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

naku, maraming baklita rin sa s** b*** college chorale :p

Peter said...

Heartrending. More . . .

KikomaxXx said...

haha... sana nga makita niya to...

Désolé Boy said...

Neil - thank u. will definitely visit your blog
Citybuoy - thank u and you're welcome
Kyle Cee - thank u and will follow ur blog din para masaya!=)
Kuya Joms - waaah di man lang sumagi sa isip ko yun. hmmnn, pano nga ba..[hindi kya ikaw yun? hehe]
Nielz - apir sa pagiging bente tres! will link u din bro. don't wori ;)
Peter - salamat ;)
Kiko - the idea is really tempting yet also unnerving. hehe

Jinjiruks said...

parang kilala ko na siya. *joke* hayz, meron din akong exp na ganyan. sad hanggang memories nalang ang ganun. pero masaya parin balikan at umaasa kung hindi man ngayon eh baka sa ibang pagkakataon.

soltero said...

OMG Des! I remember you! Ako yung guy na yun!

CHOZ!!! nagpa bata pa ako bwahhahahah :P

ummm in the showers, di ba sya nagpakita ng birdie sa yo? hihihi sayang ahhaa :P

orally said...

shet isa pala etong panawagan ng kalandian. cheka lang DB, sana nga maligaw sya dito.

Désolé Boy said...

Jin - eto yung mga masarap na ala-ala na masarap ding umasa ;)
Soltero - bleh! alam ko magaling ka din kumanta pero Lasalista ka eh. =p
Orally - haha. natawa ko sa panawagan ng kalandian

JR said...

Kainis si Soltero, parehas sana ang comment namin @ Orally -

Syet - magaling ka kumanta?? kantahan mo naman ako fafa - bukas na zipper ko - dali! choz! lol

Désolé Boy said...

Papa JR - di ako magaling kumanta. pero kaya kong kantahin yung tinutukoy mong kanta. hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

parang butterfly effect lang yan. malay mo kung nagbago ang turn of events nun baka straight ka na ngayon.gusto mo ba yun? HAHAHAHA! lol

Jinjiruks said...

eh hanggang dun nalang ako, hanggang sa parteng umaasa nalang.

Désolé Boy said...

Wandering - may punto ka dyan. hehe
Jin - at least may pagASA ;)


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