Thursday, December 16, 2010

How do you measure a man?

Jasmine Pringles 

He’s a former heartthrob. The rebel hip-hop dude the chicks swoon over upon taking the center stage. He would count girlfriends and make them fall in love with him. He too fell in love with them girls, he admitted.

One by one, the list of schools in Cavite kicked him out. He would throw chairs, kick his teachers and would often bully other kids at school. He’s the king of troublemakers.

Now he’s no more king, for the king is now a Queen – a drag queen!

The stockings hid his manly strut as the fake breasts mount his seeming confidence. The colorful wigs flash feminine flames. The long lashes twinkling to the beat of gleaming lights. Make-ups carefully orchestrated emitting majestic air.

The crowd would marvel at her moves. She now graces the stage pouring her soul out, bearing her heart in an up-beat stir. That night on that local pub she works on, Jasmine Pringles is to be known Lady Gaga. Oh yes, she is Lady Gaga!

“Itong ginagawa ko wala namang masama. Tsaka ligal naman siguro ‘to. Wala nga lang papeles.” 

His family won’t believe him. They all thought, when he showed them his video dancing in drag, he’s just doing another rebellious act to piss his family off . He was a known rebel after all. But the truth, as blinding as it may appear initially, would always be the pounding truth.

“Kahit kabaklaan ‘tong ginagawa ko, may mapupuntahan din ‘to.” 

Later on they would accept the reality that is now. The family learned to nod over his beat. Jasmine Pringles got the blessings of his family.

“Dati ang tingin ko sa mga bakla kadiri. Nakakahiya. Ngayon okay na. Bakla na din ako.” 

How do you measure a man? Is it by his dick flamboyantly hanging between his legs telling the world how mighty and proud he is? Or could it be the amount of cosmetics he dares put on his body? When is a man a real man? What is the measure of a man?

For Jasmine Pringles, without hesitation, he is a proud genuine man!

“Now that I can do whatever I want and I know who I am, I can say that I’m a man." 

"I am a man.” 

adapted from STORYLINE 

by Patricia Evangelista and Paulo Villaluna 
Chapter 1: The Making of a Man

photo credit(s) screenshots from the episode. 
no intention of copyright infringement

Please watch STORYLINE on ANC 
Also at ABS-CBN Channel 2 every Thursday after Bandila

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Kyle Cee said...
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Kyle Cee said...

there's something i realized lately (as taught by my ex-gf).

"i can't be a man, if i cannot stand on my own feet."

"and if i can't rely on myself, i cannot stand up as a man."

shenanigans said...

ay! gusto ko mapanuod toh!

Ryan said...

Real men got balls. Jasmine Pringles has them.

KikomaxXx said...

the best talaga ang storyline...

my-so-called-Quest said...

from cavite? hehehe

ay ngayon pala yan. :(

soltero said...

hmm matsek nga sched nyan d2 sa ANC...mukhang interesting yan ah :)

Leah said...

The measure of a man... A man is measured, not by the size nor length of his cock, not by the number of girlfriends and bitches he had used, not by the being a troublemaker or a "siga"... Not by those.. but by the kindness of his heart, the goodness of his soul and the strength of his character.

Ang ganda ng story. Meron din akong kakilalang ganyan. Crush ng bayan siya noong high school kami, but then.. naging bakla sya nang mag college na kami. Andaming panlalait ang natanggap nya. Pero he stayed strong. =)

Yun lang. hehehe...

Nimmy said...

sayang!!!! hindi ko napanood!!! ikaw na kapamilya dboy! :)

love ryan's comment!!!!! :D

shenanigans said...

ngayon ko lang nabasa ng maayos.. haha! sorry DB

nyways, syiet ang putek! ang gwapo naman niya!

"Is it by his dick flamboyantly hanging between his legs"

i love this part!


* tigangity mode *


iurico said...

Pinanuod ko talaga siya sa Youtube after this post of yours!

Siyet! Parang mahal ko na siya. At medyo maton nga siya kumilos. Siyet, mahal ko na siya!

Can someone tell me saang bar siya nagttrabaho>? Pupuntahan ko at papanuorin ko siya paguwi ko ngayon!!!

hard2getxxx said...

may karibal na si bebe gandanghari LOL!

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

para pala mapatunayan na man tlga ko, magmamake-up na din ako..
hmmm.. humanda sila sa christmas party... LOL

on a serious note, he can be called a man when he does show his real self without any hesitation..


Ex Jason said...

oooh, gusto ko to. mapanood din nga to. magandang i-share sa mga tao.

Ester Yaje said...

o? in fairness, may natutunan ako dito pare

M.I. said...

We are all men. It's just that some of us happen to be gays. But it doesn't make us any lesser of a man.

I'll definitely watch his story.

Jinjiruks said...

parang napanood ko na siya nung breaktime sa cafeteria kaya lang hindi ko siya masyado narinig at maingay. kakaiba enoh, tama ang theme at point ng story na ito.

Nielz said...

i measure a man by the size of his heart, and by the length of his temper. :D


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