Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't wanna party but my feet just keep tapping

Parties at ABS-CBN are to watch out for --exactly my thought 2 years ago when I joined the company. But not when I was forced to be a drag queen [don't ask for pictures coz I did my best destroying them plus a threat to sue the girl who posted them at Multiply] by the boss and represent the department and the yearly performance of Retrospect.

But there are fun moments, like last year's performance of the studio tours. Take a peek!


Here's my secret crush Robin. But since I'm a bitch, yeah, he knows it! =p

But this year, well not much fun. So I decided to drag some friends and go to a real party in a bar somewhere around the area.

I guess what I'm missing is the street party. It was more fun when the company would close the entire Eugenio Lopez Drive to motorists and employees would dance all night at the middle. Prices are even bigger then and the least you can get is a GC from Bench. Now, well not much. The only thing not changing are the cans of San Mig Pale Pilsen which I suspect are sponsored anyway.

It should be a time of giving and I thought as a company who advocates it we should start at our very own household first. But the idea of picketing former cameramen and technical crew just beside the high fences that separates us, I find the grand fireworks display and the thousand worth Christmas decors lucrative and ostentatious.

Merry Christmas Kapamilya!

"I hope that our wisdom will grow with our power and teach us that the less we use our power the greater it will be."
-unknown author

21 reaction(s):

M.I. said...

ang cute naman ni Robin. :)

Nielz said...

yeah, the robin guys is cute.

ang kj mo naman. pakita mo na pics mo. :D

Sean said...

oo nga. post na ng pics mo. :D

Désolé Boy said...

M.I. - of course. kya lang no match ako sa mga type nya eh. naku, wag sana syang mapadaan dito lagot ako.
Nielz & Sean - wala na talagang nagsurvive na pics. sayang ganda pa naman ng gown ko. hehe

Ryan said...

Nagpapastreet party ang ABS? Ang saya naman :)

Bloiggster said...

ay isa ka sa mga candidates sa bb abs-cbn na minemention sa tweets ng mga reporters. hehehe. pictures please?

my-so-called-Quest said...

hanapin mo ko sa first pic. :P

Désolé Boy said...

Ryan - yep. t'was d old days.
Papa Trench (ok lng ba yung papa na twag ko? hehe) - hindi eh. last last year ako nun akala nila straight ako. yun kasi ang concept nun. alam mo pla yung Bb. ABSCBN. dpat ipopost ko dito yung vid eh. sobrang nakakatawa niya pramis!
Doc - si Spongebob ka ba? =p

my-so-called-Quest said...

yung parol :P

Marhk said...

Ay kala ko yang mag hombre na yan ang a prices ng ABS CBN sa pa raffle nila lolzz

KikomaxXx said...

hahha ang saya lang o...wahehehe

orally said...

Merry Christmas DB.
sino yung mga nasa first pic?

Désolé Boy said...

ced - akala ko...
Papa Marhk - hindi eh. sa susunod, isa-suggest ko yan =)
Kiko - hindi naman masyado, hehe =)
Orally - mga tour guides sila sa abscbn. merry christmas din!

Kyle Cee said...

merry christmas DB!

JR said...

bakit di tayo nag-kita sa party? charot haha

Merry Christmas fafa!

soltero said...

uy ang kyut nga nung crushie mo! nagpapatikim ba un? hihihi...

ang daya mo, minention mo pa yung drag queen ek ek, di ka nman nagpost ng pics! dali, katuwaan lang! ehehe..

Happy Holidays Des! Mwahhhh :P

wanderingcommuter said...

hahahaha!!! kakamiss ang abscbn compound. bakit walang ganito noon??? anyhow, merry christmas!!!

shenanigans said...

ang gwapo ng crush mo! kagat labi pa si kuya.. hoooooooooooooong sarap! haha!

merry christmas DB

sana merry ang christmas mo.. :)

hugs and beso

Nimmy said...

hanep ang taste mo db ha! winner! panalo si robby! hehehe

merry christmas ka-blog! hihi :)

Désolé Boy said...

Kyle - Merry Christmas din sa 'yo =)
Papa JR - nagkita nmn tau dun sa Star Magic Ball with Mr. M di ba? hehe. merry christmas din. ;)
Kuya Solts - PLU sya. pero bagong buhay na yta. un yta dahilan ng break-up nila ni ex na walang wala ako sa kagwapuhan at sa ganda ng ktwan. hehe
Wandering - hehe. bumobongga lang ang mga taga studio tours eh ;)
Russ - salamat;) merry christmas din sa 'yo
Nimmy - hindi namn ako winner sa kanya eh. hehe. merry christmas mare!

Mac Callister said...

so taga media ka pala?nice!


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