Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I believe in the power of my pen. It can slowly torture a man on his way to death but it can also feed a man, allowing him live. It can capture someone's heart yet it can squash it with some simple stroke and simple thread of words. It can create truths and twist what is lie and illusion. The pen has its power. And I own that power.

I believe in stories. I believe that every story is worth hearing, all the more that they’re worth telling. I believe that every story has an invisible bond making up a single vast narrative. I believe fairytales are no truth. I believe fables are more probable. I believe in people who declare their stories. I believe I can be a voice to those who couldn’t tell their stories. All of us have our own stories. Every person is a story.

I believe in children. I believe I’m always a child inside and out. I believe in playing in our backyard; in a vacant lot and in rice fields. I believe that Santa Claus is my neighbor and that Jesus is my classmate. I believe in little kisses living in a matchbox cushioned with cottons. I believe in “once upon a time” and is curious about “happily ever after.” Innocence is that of a child’s voice. Faith is that of a child’s eyes.

I believe in music. I believe I make beautiful music. I believe that music is an expression, an escape and a way of life. I believe in every string of my guitar. I believe in every piano key I have. I believe in Lucio San Pedro and Ely Buendia; in Freddie Mercury and in Lady Gaga. I believe in opera, in chorus and in grunge. Now who can live without music? I can’t, can you?

I don’t believe in celebrities. And I don’t believe in love. But I believe in relationships. I believe in friendship and in sex. I don’t believe in fairies but I know there are monsters, ghosts and zombies. I don’t believe in hell but I believe in few vices which make life more enduring.

I believe in the mavericks, the scavengers and vagabonds. I believe in those who do not own an iPhone, those who think that a MacBook is a burger and that a PSP is a placement agency. I won’t say no to a rugby-sniffing- boy who invites me to share his lunch but I can think of a whole host of excuses not to consent on some stupid fancy dinner. I believe being poor is a privilege. I am poor. I am privileged.

I believe in hope, the power of trust and the vulnerability of a man. I believe in truth and in many other truths. I believe in justice. I believe in courage. But above all, I believe in freedom.

I am Désolé Boy.




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DSM said...

i believe that it takes courage to believe in a lot of the things you believe in... good for you.

Aleph's id said...

ganda db! at naaliw ako ng todo dun sa kisses, di na yata yun alam ng mga bata ngayon eh no.

I can't live without music too, good or bad haha.

Guyrony said...

You believe what you want to believe and so shall people whom you influence.

Words are powerful but the most is the mind.

orally said...

uhmm very proletariat but then the first line says i believe in the power of my pen which sounds bourgeoisie so siguro ang post na eto ay di naman tungkol sa social classes at nagmama-epal na naman aketch

Alter said...

and even if you're stripped of all that makes you who you are, the people you've laid your heart with will recognize you even in the darkest night.

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

and yes, you are the sole believer..

pero u dont believe in love but u believe in relationship.. panu un?
di ba sabi nila:

"a life without love, is no life at all"

Mac Callister said...

an ganda!!!!

and I also believe the children of the future,teach them well, and let lead the way...LOL!

gillboard said...

how poetic. you made me a believer.


shenanigans said...

uu nga noh?

bakit sa office di ko nakikita tong post comment?

nyways, na alala ko tuloy si rizal sau

Jinjiruks said...

parang bloggers creed na yan ah!

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

the pen is mightier than the sword. so true. so true.


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