Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Of lousy sex, arcade games, friendship and life lessons

Codega, in the Venetian middle ages, is a person you hire to guide you by the lantern through the dark Italian streets, warding off assailants and offering comfort and protection. 
I met Rod in the street. Being the bitch in need of his scratching post, I succumb to his delightful wink. Yeah! We ended up having sex.

But to say that it was an "okay" one would be an understatement. It was terrible!

I don't know if maybe we're just both exhausted or there wasn't really any sexual chemistry at all to begin with. Maybe there was an attraction. Yeah, there was an attraction but definitely not enough to fire up the bed. [And here I learned that a 7-inch cock won't guarantee you a hot sizzling bed action]

We cuddled anyway. I love cuddling so much that I incidentally fell asleep in his arms [I have this rule not to sleep literally with men I had sex with. And I just made that up lately.]

While fixing ourselves I dropped something from my wallet. It was my Timezone card. He picked it up then look at me with a strange grin on his face.

Next thing I knew, we were racing virtually at the arcade laughing so hard. You could hear us cursing as we try beat one another. We played basketball, we danced, we answered trivial questions [to no decent success] and did a hair-rising videoke session to the tunes of April Boy Regino's Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin and Ye Ye Bonel. The sweats on our shirts are proof of a much intense chemistry than those that are shared between our naked bodies.

Now, telling you guys I had fun would be an understatement. It's definitely a blast!

What I like most about my new friend is that he can effortlessly make me laugh. He even has this weird accent which sounds very barriotic to my ears, that sometimes I'm actually having a hard time discerning what he's saying, I have to ask him repeat them again much slower [he's somewhere from the Visayan region]. I know it's bad. But hey, he says its cool anyway.

He's also very weird. One time we were walking along Araneta Center. I was animatedly telling him a funny anecdote of mine when all of a sudden at the midst of it he turned to this street and as he was walking along he told me he needs to go home quick and just bid me farewell as if nothing is happening.

Here's another one. We were watching a gang of teenagers playing Tekken. I was commenting on the way the dude is handling the game only to find out, when I looked at my side, he was nowhere to be found. After a minute or so, he just re-appeared then handed me a can of soda and crackers which he bought with his accumulated points from his Timezone card.

If you happen to read the book Eat Pray Love, for me, he was like my own version of Richard from Texas.

But as I share with him some of my problems, he would just shrug. You would never hear him comment or offer consoling words whatsoever. Though, I know he's listening. And I am sure of that. I'm just torn whether that he just doesn't care at all or is it his way of telling me "just let it be?"

At times I thought he doesn't care at all. That he's insensitive and a bit selfish. Screw the fact that I was at the middle of recounting my story or that the sex wasn't good at all. And that things are not so complicated at all if you stop questioning every bit of it and just fuck whatever it is that drops in front of you

In my recent fall-down, he might well be damn right!

I was lucky. I was dragged out from the cycle of blow-me-then-I'll-blow-you during those times I was trapped in a black-hole. The idea of jumping from one bed to another was the one blown away.

In his way, he taught me how things in relationships are no different than the arcade games we're playing. There's no guarantee you'll win. But enjoying the game while you're at it is already worth the money you paid. When the game is over, the screen flashes the reality boldly --you lose. It is now then the time to move forward, either to a new game or swipe again your card for the same ride with hopeful thoughts that maybe this time you'll get pass to a higher level. And with the number of times you lose, you may not notice that you're earning points. It might be too little to begin with, but as time flies you will be surprise how much it grows. Sometimes enough to buy yourself a soda and a cracker.

"We said there warn't no home like a raft, after all. Other places do seemed cramped up and smothery, but a raft don't. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft."
-Huckleberry Finn (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain)

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Mu[g]en said...

At first you get attached for several weeks, then you get attached for several days, then you get attached for a few days, then finally you give yourself a deadline, break free immediately.

You get used to the same kind of cycle until you stop asking for phone numbers. Unless, that person gives you a different kind of high, you will begin hoping again, maybe this time, it won't be as bad as your last.

Nice entry Dboy!

Nicos said...

I like it db! nice one... :)

sana makapag post din ako ng mga may sense dba?wahhahahaa

orally said...

i say just let it be.

screw the sex, it's the friendship that matters in this case

Jepoy Dee said...

ang galing, kung paanong nagamit mo ang arcade sa mga kakemehan sa buhay DB. :)

Alter said...

someone will always be worth the stop but do not drop everything at the spur of the moment.

a good post and a good luck at that deebee. cheers!

Bloiggster said...

nice post. :)

la na ako masabi eh. basta i like what u wrote here.

KikomaxXx said...

good realization.. just be happy everything's gonna be fine..


toffer said...

i just love this post db..:)) sana pag sikat ka ng writer eh maalala mo pa rin ako..:)

shenanigans said...

mukang in love ka DB ah?!

Soltero said...

I kinda like that dude Des ehehhe.. he is spontaneous. And from the looks of it, you're having fun being with him.

I can sense that your guy is carefree and would really hate "dramas" to creep in whatever is happening between the both of you right now...

so try to keep it cool with him...


goodluck! ching!

Nimmy said...

bet ko si kuya. hanep tumira ng ka-sweetan. sponta kung sponta ang effect. hehehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

good to hear you enjoyed your day db! :)

at nacorrelate mo pa ang arcade sa relationships. hehehe

Désolé Boy said...


1. Walang romantic something between us

2. Kakabreak lang ng lolo mo kay jowa. Iyak-iyakan ang drama nya ngayon. Na tinatawanan ko naman

3. I don't believe in love...yet. Maybe am on my way to believing.

4. Nagmamaganda lang si DB


VICTOR said...

"Sometimes enough to buy yourself a soda and a cracker."

You have sometimes a way of whipping up unexpected lines like that, which I happen to like immensely.

red the mod said...

It swings both ways, the shelf-life of things. When we feel we have lost someone, it maybe too that someone lost us. We are only emotionally capable of processing one moment, one emotion, at a time. And often, this sentiment is endemic.

Arwind said...

He sounds like a nice friend to me. Sana makahanap din ako ng ganyan sa "street", hehe.

Kane said...

Désolé Boy ,

I love this story. And I get you, at least I think I do. What you have, it's not exactly love, but it's not exactly friendship either. Or, at least, not the way you are friends with other people.

But it's tender. And perhaps, it is what both of you need right now.


Ewan said...

the last time i visited your blog, i think.... virgin ka pa ha heheheh

i love your story especially the last paragraph

enjoying life to the fullest
this is what gay guys have to master in order to... somehow... stay happy


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