Friday, November 12, 2010

Don't read this nonsense post

I think it is very unfair for Stieg Larrson that I already had his book ages ago yet am still halfway through it.

Blame Liz Gilbert (attraversiamo my friend), J.K. Rowling (review for the coming movie) and Neil Gaiman (no sex since ages so I thought I'll treat myself for some good mind fuck instead) plus the mounting chores and activities am jaunting one after the other these past days.

I had to beat myself in remorse for ignoring it for so long coz now on the chapters am currently on, let's just say am lusting on with every letters branded in its pages!

A friend had to slap me for asking too much questions. I'm just so envious coz he already bought the sequel, The Girl Who Played with Fire and from the sound of it, it must be as cool as this first one.

I just wish I didn't agree with my boyfriend for a meet-the-parents day this Sunday, which I know would be totally boring and pretentious, so I can finish the book this weekend instead. 

Booo! Alright I lied. The truth is I'll be at church on Sunday praying for the above miracle to happen. Pffft.

If you happen to be a long time reader of my stupidities here, you'll prolly remember Francis, my so-called stupid little bro (just rummage through my archive bitch). 

Well, our kuya-shoti relationship's been totally rough these past months. 

I got angry with him and now it's his turn.

You see, am supposed to meet him last Sunday at 2pm in Malolos and we agreed to attend the Mass together, after, at 5pm which I regularly attends. 

I'm having a hard time remembering but if my recollections are right, I was drunk the night before. So there goes the culprit, the reason why am so lazy come Sunday that after eating lunch with my family I took a nap. My body clock woke me around 4pm in time for the 5pm mass.

As I took my usual spot in the church, there it hit me. 

I went straight to our agreed meet-up spot and lo and behold --of course he's not there. 

I don't bring my cellphone(s) to Mass, so I had to wait till I get home to see those anxious and irate messages he threw on me. This time I'm the bad guy.

But since I have more than enough of problems at my disposal right now, I thought I wouldn't care about him for now. Bahala siya. 

I'm on a break right now and while I'm contemplating on my mounting dilemmas, I received a phone call. I was surprised. 

You know who you are. Thank you. 

(Sigh) Man, am so tired. Wish someone would treat me for a dozen frapps at SBux to fill up all the stickers for the planner. 

Well, I don't know if I still want it. In fact, I haven't written anything from last year's planner they gave me. 

Hmmnn, could it be the reason why this year I seem to be all over the place and all messed-up? Maybe.


"For some reason I can't explain, I know St. Peter won't call my name."
-Coldplay, Viva La Vida

13 reaction(s):

shenanigans said...

"I just wish I didn't agree with my boyfriend for a meet-the-parents day"

may boyfriend ka na? boyfriend as in BOY FRIEND or boyfriend as in jowa?



Soltero said...

ay di nagbasa ng maigi si shenanigans ehehhe..

anyways, Desiree.. na miss ko mga kwento mo about Francis..kwento ka ulet about him hihi..dali na!

orally said...

pareho tayo, di ko matapos tapos yung the girl w/the draon tattoo (have you seen the movie?)
and i love coldplay's viva la vida, feel na feel ko hehe.

Soltero said...

Des & Bien have to continue reading the book, it gets better after about a quarter me, it's worth it :)

Désolé Boy said...

@shenanigans<<tama si Papa Solts. basahin mo ulit ng maige. don't be sad. hahaha. CHING!
@orally<<have you heard lady gaga's piano acoustic version of it?
@Papa Solts<<yeah! yeah! am loving it right now. nahirapan lang ako nung una when it comes to names of places and the Vanger family. but now that Lisbeth and Mikael are working together, it gets better and better like you've said! =)

shenanigans said...


nasa baba lang pala nun yung sagot.. kairita! ang stupid ko haha!

"Booo! Alright I lied. The truth is I'll be at church on Sunday praying for the above miracle to happen. Pffft."

Nimmy said...

eeeeeeeeee. ang harot harot mo! hehehe :)

sayang! sana pala sinabi ko sau ung Cheer Party ng Sbux. ang daming free drinks at pastries kanina. :)

P I L Y O said...

di ako maka-relate puro Xerex lang kasi ang binabasa ko at PANTASYA.COM

Désolé Boy said...

@shenanigans<<tummmuuuuh!!! =p
@nimmy<<kaw kasi eh. ang hina ko sa 'yo =p
@Papa P<<ok lang yun. basta pagisipan mo ung offer ko sau na donselyahin ako. nyahaha

my-so-called-Quest said...

lol. totoo, keep buying starbucks for the sticker hen ended up not using the planner. hehehe. aksayado lang so i'm planning to give it as a gift this year. lol

Nimmy said...

huhuhu. sorry na DB! huhuhu.

toffer said...

what you post here are things with sense..:)) just love readin your blog..promise..

Désolé Boy said...

@mscq<<d stickers are really addictive!
@nimmeru<<tse! hahaha
@toffer<<(blush) salamat. shoutout kay boyfie na sabi mong nagbasa din ng entry ko dati..hehe


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