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The classic comedy

19th Century, Great Britain

I alighted the carriage and was greeted with a fine scarlet rug that stretches to the entrance of the theatre house. I adjusted the black long coat I am wearing whilst I grip the cane I am holding with my left hand firmer. Everyone bowed their heads as I made my way inside. The women made their small curtsy.

The pronouncement came. "Announcing, His Grace Sir Frances Erík Gordon-Lennox, Duke of Northumberland."

The sea of spectators parted with the usual formal greetings, acts of salute. I didn't make any eye contact, avoiding gazes from some familiar members of the House of Commons.

I proceeded to a huge chamber where the royalties and upper aristocrats gathered before the show. A mixture of sparkling chandeliers and gem stones worn by the ladies brightens the place. Claude Debussy's String Quartet in G minor provided an auspicious atmosphere, all but the usual culture moirés.

The show will feature a comic opera by Sullivan.

It is miserable enough, to say the least, to be treated with melodramatic concoctions. A theatre performance may provide a whole lots of other reasons to my fellow aristocrats, but no, Sullivan's offer of entertainment is the prime reason of my attendance here.

I cannot deny though, a small portion but relatively decent group among the nobles consider this kind of theatrical features most odious. But who's to complain if the Queen herself is most particular of such? I cannot quite forget, like it was instilled in my mind, Her Majesty's words the other day: The important thing is not what they think of me but what I think of them.

I was in such a deep swirl of thoughts until interrupted.

"Excuse our intrusion, Sir Lennox. You seemed to be lost in your own thoughts and my daughter and I just came here to offer our greetings," the old man, no other than Duke Charles Algernon Grubbins of Kinnoul said.

"It's no matter Lord Grubbins, " I politely replied then turned to the lady on his side, extending my hands saying, "I hope you are having a fine evening Lady Grubbins."

The lady gave her hand which I brushed delicately before my lips.

"I am now, Lord Lennox. And please, you may call me Anabella, as I've told you countless times."

As I meet her gaze, I thought I sensed a different glint in her eyes than the usual.

"Well, I say why don't we invite Sir Lennox to spend a day with us at Kinnoul so you two can be more relax with each other? You both enjoy cricket, am I not right?" Lord Grubbins interjected.

"I daresay that would be perfect Father. That is, if the Duke has nothing to do that is too important the next day after tomorrow?"

"I think I can arrange it so I can make appease with your invitation. May I inquire as to what's the occasion?" I politely asked.

"Nothing fancy, really. It's Midsummer, you know," Lady Grubbins answered.

"It's settled then. We'll be expecting you Sir Lennox."

"The pleasure is all mine Lord Grubbins, Lady Annabella."

And with that they left. As they make their way, Lady Annabella flashed another glance towards me. Her mouth twitched with a hint of a wink which she tried hiding after her ruffled fan.

Now it is time for the main exhibition.

As I was heading up to the main theatre, I noticed the young dans un théâtre. He is smiling towards my direction, his eyes glimmering. I noticed he has such a smooth face with a prominent jaw that seems to be too sharp, finished with some slightly grown facial hairs. His hair sleek pushed back.

As my distance with him diminished, he bowed his head, gesturing with his left hand saying, "This way my Lord."

I went straight to a private seat provided for the nobles. I can see below that people are already positioned, though some are still making deals about something with the in-charge figures, obviously hoping that arrangements could me made so they could transfer to seats of higher aristocrats who didn't make it for the show.

I thought about Lady Annabella. She's lovely, not to mention a good cook. She's a simpleton, obviously without so much intelligence. She could provide a perfect Duchess for me.

Then I imagine the young usher outside. He was roughly 25 to 28 years old. Not bad for his mediumly built body, I thought.

I raised my fingers so as to summon my chief servant just standing a foot behind my seat. The servant obliged and I commanded, "Arrange for the usual. I know you knew perfectly well whom I am referring. Go."

And with a last courteous bow, he left.

I can now imagine him saying to the young man: "My master called for you. I already made arrangements with your superior. You are to go to this place. There you will be met by a person named Wilson. You are to follow him. He will then direct you to a private chamber. There you will wait patiently for my master to come. You do understand, yes?"

The house lights faded. The music begun playing and the stage's curtain parted in the middle. The opening act is about to begin.

I breathed, inhaling what seemed to be a looming triumph for me.

"This is why I love this. This is why I love comedy."
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my-so-called-Quest said...

aba, ang Sir Frances Erík Gordon-Lennox, Duke of Northumberland ay malandi. joke lang. :D
the aristocrats and the nobles then really get what they want. hindi kaya makita ang duke using those small eyepiece? hehe

basta wag lang mahuli baka mamarie anotinette ng wala sa oras. :P

dwight said...

inspired by the latest royal engagement? ;)

let me know if you need any help with royal and noble titles, addresses etc for your semi-fiction

and i think i know why this is semi-fiction hehehe

Désolé Boy said...

Dwight - I know I exaggerated much. Anyway, let me know what you're thinking 'bout why it's semi-fiction. haha.

P.S. No. I wrote this days before the royal engagement of Prince William. Call that intuition ;)
Ced - I won't if you'd be careful. (wink)

dwight said...

hehehe i saw a similar scene sa tv series na the Tudors...

saka in our present time, meron din naman people so high up and mighty who have minions on their beck and call that protects their public person hehehe

and dont worry di makikita si duke gamit ang theatre glasses.. kasi un angle ng seats for the common mass won't allow them to see what's happening sa private box.. un katapat naman na private box, may private show din hahaha

VICTOR said...

Vastly amusing. It almost sounds like that wickedly entertaining novel written by that brilliant poof, Wilde.

I daresay I have a faint suspicion you intend this to be a serial, yes?

shenanigans said...

binura mo na yung post mo bout sa dreams?

Mu[g]en said...

Pleasure to be in your company, Lord Lennox, your thoughts are mine to enjoy!

Alter said...

please write more often.

Désolé Boy said...

Dwight - you're an expert! hehe. thanks =)
Victor - goodness! being compared with Wilde...i don't know what to say! anyway, i'm afraid i can't do a series. i'm a lousy storyteller =(
Shenanigans - ang panget kasi ng pagkakasulat ko eh. sorry.
Kuya Joms - the pleasure is all mine my Lord!
Alter - i wish i could! =)

dwight said...

Huh? Expert san, sa theatre boxes?!? No, sa kotse ako eh hahaha
And that goes without saying that you being a duke, should addressed as “your Grace”… di ba astig na astig hahaha

Désolé Boy said...

kotse? teka...ikaw ba yung yumari sa 'ken sa sasakyan nya nung isang araw? hahahaha. LOL

POPOY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
POPOY said...

hahaha @my-so-called-Quest natawa naman ako baka "Mamarie Anotinette" meron pabang ganung execution? alam ko silya eletrika and pinapagangbang nalang diba?... which do you prefer? LOL

going to follow you My Lord "Désolé"... para madagdagan knowledge about English Lit. not a fan of it kasi akoy isang aliping sagigilid lang LOL :)

shenanigans said...

ngek! hindi naman panget ah..

ang galing nga eh ramdam na ramdam ko

shenanigans said...

sayang binura mo pero opinion ko lang po ah... sana hindi mo binura kasi part siya ng history ng pagiging isang mahusay mong writer. di ba sabi ko sayo dati magaling kang magsulat at isa yon' sa pinaka gusto ko dahil

una, eksaktong eksakto yung mga ginamit mong salita para i-describe yung mga pangyayari

pangawala, hindi siya nakakalito i mean hindi confusing na dream pala siya

maybe hindi ka naniniwala sa akin kasi sino ba naman ako di ba para magsabi ng ganito pero let me tell you na i am one of your readers at alam ko kung maganda o hindi or naiintindihan ba namin yung gusto mong sabihin or hindi..

wala lang opinion ko lang po

again, isa sa pinaka magaling magsulat na kilala ko. i mean online..hehe!

you influenced me nga db?!

Désolé Boy said...

Shenanigans - salamat ng marami, hehe. i saved a copy naman eh. wala ako masabi kundi salamat. pasensya na...


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