Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kuya Gino was confused. There has been rumors around and he couldn't believe what he is hearing. One by one people are called for a talk. Now it is his turn.

He was escorted by two marshals in black uniform. He asked them what's going on. Nobody among the two grim looking sturdily built guys answered him. More confusion.

He felt more bizarre when he was transported in a hotel nearby. They took an elevator. They arrived in a room guarded by three more marshals as the other one ushered him in. There were foods inside. The room looked fancy, but not the news he is about to hear. He is about to get fired from his job!

For more than one decade, Kuya Gino served the company being an audioman for the network's news programs. He is among the 112 workers dismissed by ABS-CBN Corporation since June this year.

When protests were mounted, those who joined them are warned, others also dismissed.

A veteran reporter of the network for 16 years, Wheng Hidalgo refused to sign a regularization contract because with it comes a waiver that would exclude her years of service.

June 16, CEO and Chairman Gabby Lopez gave his warning -sign the contract or you'll get fired.

67 of dismissed workers were from Technical Operations Division while the remaining 45 were from News and Current Affairs . 34 of those fired were cameramen, 20 lightmen, 19 sound engineers while others were video engineers, VTR men, technical director and a reporter.

with sources from the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines

Sa Biyernes, Nobyembre 12, saktong isang buwan simula ng mag-vigil sa mismong harapan ng gusali ng ABS-CBN ang mga tinanggal na manggagawa, muli silang magsasagawa ng malakihang protesta sa pamamagitan ng isang noise barrage upang muling ipanawagan ang kawalang aksyon ng kumpanya at ng gobyerno sa kanilang mga hinaing. 

Nagbanta naman ang ABS-CBN laban sa pagsuporta sa mga manggagawang natanggal kaya't palihim ang pagaabot ng mga donasyon at iba pang tulong sa nagpoprotestang unyon. 

 kinuha ang mga larawan dito


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