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Attraversiamo, in Italian, means "let's cross the street." [Eat Pray Love]
i said, his stories are somehow parallel to mine, that i am wondering how is that. and he said, ours blogs are like twins. i couldn't agree more. he appears to me like a veteran crusader yet still learning his way on battlefields, whereas here i am, a dreaming soldier who doesn't even know how to properly handle a spear and a shield.

i am saddened by his disappearance. i am saddened of the many disappearances. but for someone whose stories   are not too far from my book, i know. and i understand.

there's a whole world out there living loudly in silence.

i, too, on occasions, attempted the suicidal of this quarter. reason(s)? i won't and can't tell you. but i think you guys already knew! check your list of "Top Reasons Why A Blogger Would Delete His Blog" and mine is probably your number 1 or 2.

during these rare times, i would contemplate hard. then, i would go back to that question of: how and why i started blogging. to answer the how, you can just flip back on my archives then peruse on one of my early stories of heartbreaking baptism of flesh. the whys, there are many which would require a separate post.

diverting from my "whys" became the causes of my distresses in blogging. it's when i bend my rules. it's when i go beyond my critical mind. or drifting on shameless thoughts. like the idea of prostituting myself here, gaining popularity, and the worse, getting hitched [oh yeah! the bastard did try looking for love. what an emo-romantic schmuck! boo you DB!]

that's why i am very sorry if i seemed wary of meeting people outside these parameters. but i actually did met a few. and did i regret doing so? maybe yes, maybe no. but i'm definitely not burning bridges. maybe i'll get to learn the game. hopefully. and it better be soon, yes? [it's Christmas brethren! don't we wanna have some XXX-mas party, eh?]

am i the next to go? no one knows for sure. i say let's just enjoy these while we can. come, let us cross the street my friend. Attraversiamo!
"Oh human race, born to fly upward, wherefore at a little wind dost thou so fall?"
-Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia

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imsonotconio said...

i want to watch the movie

PILYO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Désolé Boy said...

@conio<<libre mo ko, nood tau. haha. kapalmuks eh no?

@Papa P<<this made me love u even
more. hmmnn. pa-hug nga! =)
<<seriously though, salamat.
dame ko natutunan sa sinabi
mo especially for a newbie
like me.

PILYO said...

i decided to delete my previous post. May pagka-subjective kasi, but if you chanced upon reading it, i mean it hahaha.

Nice post desole boy.


Désolé Boy said...

@Papa P<<nasa mail ko kuya. kunwari na lang personal message mo saken. haha. tnx!

orally said...

i miss alterjon too!
hope he is well.
at ikaw naman, di ba you promised not to delete your blog evah

Soltero said...

I miss Jon's blog too, last time he wanted to delete it, napagsabihan pa sya and he didn't.

i'm sure he still reads our blogs daily..babalik yun ulet hahah di yan makakatiis.

Anyways, nawala din si Arkin. Sana wag ka din mawala.

JR said...

kaw na nga lang nagmamahal sa akin aalis ka pa - chos!

It may be hard to keep blogging lalo na pag occupied ka na sa maraming bagay - pero once in a while, sarap pa rin balik-balikan so wag mo isara para pwede mo pasukan ulit ;-)

Jepoy Dacuycoy said...

Attraversiamo, Let's cross over. :P

oh well, alam mo na sasabihin ko. ALAM MO NA. :P

jc said...

waa i was just starting to read alterjon's blog tas biglang nawala. and yeah DB, walang deletan ng blog sabi mo sa isang post mo. hehehe. :p

Désolé Boy said...

@soltero<<manawagan tayo kay alterjon..hehe

@JR<<labyu papa! hehe

@jepoy<<grazie mille!

@jc<<hmmnn pag sinabi mong mamimiss mo ko di ko na delete..hahaha =p

Mu[g]en said...

When you see your blog as your inner fort, your citadel, chances are, you will do everything in your capacity to make sure that your emotional turmoil will not overwhelm your line to sanity.

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

"am i the next to go? no one knows for sure. i say let's just enjoy these while we can. come, let us cross the street my friend. Attraversiamo!"

basta sasama ako kahit ayaw mu.. hehe

Désolé Boy said...

@Kuya Joms<<and the song goes: hello teacher tell me what's my lesson. look right through me...look like through me...

@ceiboh<<salamat. o pano? lika na? =)

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

cge cge.. njan n ako...


red the mod said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
red the mod said...

Everything is transient.

His blog may no longer be there, but he still is. In what we've read and remember, for the few who reached out and connected, he hasn't left. We will never be able to comprehend why people choose to take certain paths. Or decide on particular things. Free will wills this, and it is our responsibility and burden to accept it. As it is.

Everything is transient.

And who knows, maybe, he will return. But for now, we make do with the traces of his presence. He needs this, it is imperative, a decision hard but essential.

Life goes on beyond the four corners of this screen, it spills into the world, in our consciousness and the stillness of the vacancy. We have to respect what we cannot fathom. He goes on, maybe just not here. He connected, to all of us, and for now that should be enough.

As he have said, the rest is up to fate.

Mac Callister said...

great post,you are one of those great bloggers out here,sana wag mo maisipan mag stop...

Ronnie said...

Great entry, DB! Whatever is your choice, we'll support you on that. However, If I were to be selfish, wag mo na lang burahin ang blogsite mo... at wag kang mawala samin. :)

Mr. Brightside said...

Pumunta ka na ng Italy, India at Bali, Indonesia... Just don't delete this blog... I have yet to discover the greatness that is DB (marami pa akong kailangan basahing posts mo) =D

shenanigans said...

i am staring sa monitor ko sa office for half an hour ang nakikita ko lang ay yung blinking cursor kyeme. thinking kung anung ico-comment ko sa nabasa ko.

sa totoo lang.... nakakalungkot. nakaka disappoint bakit lahat na lang ata gusto burahin ang mga account nila dito sa blogspot? di ko maarok kung bakit, basta ako? nalulungkot lang.... alam ko kahit anu pang sabihin ko sayo at the end of the day ikaw pa rin ang mag de-desisyon kung itutuloy mo ito or hindi subalit gusto kong malaman mo na ikakalulungkot ko ang pag-alis mo...

i thought you never say goodbye, remember?

i want you and this (blog) to stay!

shenanigans said...

by the way.. im done back reading your blog after two days.. whew! hehe.. i enjoyed it dami ko natutunan..

Désolé Boy said...

@shenanigans<<awww!! don't worry..gusto mo kwentuhan pa tayo in person...hehe..thank u for back reading..madame akong kalokohang sinulat when i was starting =)

fox said...

at one point. naisip ko ding mag delete blog.. parang wala ng sense pa ang mag blog.. but i realized.. ito lang ang tanging outlet ko para mailabas ko ang mga sentiments ko sa pagiging buhay PLU ko.. and of course andiyan ang friends kong si Mugen at si Pliyo.. kaya eto.. buhay pa din ang blog ko..

shenanigans said...

sobra nga eh.. hihi! puro sexcapades mo.. parang xerex online nga lang ang binabasa ko eh
nakaka aliw

Désolé Boy said...

@shenanigans<<baka ibang blog na binabasa mo? hahaha
asan ang sexcapades ko? lol

PILYO said...

visit Fox blog and read comments.


toffer said...

matitiis mo ba mga readers mo?:(

sana wag mo tong idelete.. i love reading you're posts..pramis!

shenanigans said...

woooshoo! eh parang ikaw na nga ang brian kinney ng pilipinas eh..

naks brian kinney! kahit saan makatinginan lang nakaka sex na oh di ba ganun si brian.. haha!

"you're brian kinney for god's sake!"
- micheal novotny

Cio said...


Ganun talaga eh. May mga kailangan matapos. Yung sayo, relax lang. ANg daming nagmamahal sayo oh.


Nimmy said...

nami-miss ko na rin si alterjon! ang liar na un oh! tsk tsk tsk. :P

ung first blog ko nawala na rin. pero bumalik ako agad. hihi

continue blogging DB. :D


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