Friday, September 24, 2010

we don't say goodbye

for a month, one of my closest cousins, my Ate Leah, together with her husband Donald and my uber cute niece Gabby, had their vacation here in the Philippines [they are currently based in S. Korea in line with Donald being part of the US Army].

we are all very excited! for one, it's been 4 years since my cuz left the country for her job. second, we finally get to meet Donald and Gabby. and third, syempre madameng pasalubong, hehe. 

the entire month of their stay was a blast! despite Donald and Gabby getting hospitalized (probably because of climate change plus the water and food here), my uncle almost having a heart attack (from all extreme family activities maybe) and dengue fever starting to kick in while having our vacay at Subic (which would be the topic of my next post), the entire ride was a sure fire!

and what's surprising is that Donald and i actually became close buddies. the dude is totally fun to be with although i have to admit i did avoid him in some occasions for being sooo extreme. i had to try different water sports, learn ice skating (which i really really hate) and do mind boggling arcade rides. but he had me with my favorites like, jet skiing, bowling and paint ball (laser nga lang pala. no paints). another thing we commonly shared is music. the guy is a saxophone player. how cool is that, eh? i would love to jam with him. me on the piano, him doing sax and my ate on vocals. hehe. its just me dreaming...

Donald trying to teach DB how to skate

DB and Ate Leah

for their last night here in the Phils, Donald threw a what he called "All American Dinner Party."
as in strictly no Asian cuisine. i think the highlight of this night is when i sang Bohemian Rhapsody. remember the opera part? my entire family sang that and totally nailed it, some neighboors actually checked us out! i forgot most of them are natural born singers. but too bad we didn't get to capture it in a video. so, no evidence for our crime. =(

when the time for them to leave arrived, everyone was sober. but what i didn't expect at all? seeing Donald hugging us goodbye with tears. actually no, he didn't say goodbye. he said see you soon.

a day after we drove them to the airport, i got this message from him in Facebook:

by the way, he left me this as a gift with writings at the back that says: will see you soon!

Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'
-C.S. Lewis

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Mu[g]en said...

You made him feel at home. Filipino hospitality at its finest. Buti ka pa, nung umuwi yung mga cousins ko from the states, hindi ko man lang kinausap. Yung pinsan kong model-modelan ang naging GRO ng angkan. Wahaha!

Nimmy said...

ikaw na accommodating! hihi. san share namin sa pasalubong ni donald? naki-donald talaga oh. :P

nice pics DB! pak na pak :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

aw. nakakamiss nga. sana nagextend pa sila. :(

babalik naman sila for sure e.

Alterjon said...

Stitch: Ohana means family. It means nobody gets left behind -
Lilo: or forgotten.


WV: meluv

red the mod said...

It all comes down to connecting. Reaching out to another. And you discover that you're not such strangers after all. :)

soltero said...

hmmm... u tried "watersports" ? bwahahhahaha .... jk if u knw wat i mean lol..

anyways, aba at magbo bowling lang e naka pose pa :P

orally said...

lol@soltero, lahat may halong libog.
WOW your clan singing bohemian rhapsody! kabog ang say a little prayer scene.
and yeah nakaka-miss nga yang mga ganyang bisita.

Drei said...

At least natry mo na mga new experiences diba? :)

I don't get the watersports thing mentioned above. :/

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

sana na-invite din kame sa isang "All American Dinner Party" hehe..

for sure, uber unforgettable ang vacation nila..

toffer said...

i can relate to you db..just felt like that a month ago..hehe..:))

an sarap ng mga pasalubong as in..takaw mode ako.hahaha


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