Friday, September 17, 2010

for love itself is a stranger, that is why

i am a fool who fell in love with a stranger. a stranger whom i don't even know the real name. i was blinded by the beauty and the bright light emanating. the warmth i felt was such that even by words uttered, i melted. i felt content even with the slightest touch. my thirst for affection, so intense that even a whisper of my name seemed so thunderous, it echoes around everywhere. yet now that the stranger is gone, i can't call thy name in the vast darkness. for i don't know the name. and forever i wouldn't know the name. not tomorrow. or even in the coming years. this name i always call, only in my dreams.

i am a fool who fell in love with a stranger. i don't know where to go. or where to look at to find this stranger. this stranger who found me when i am lost. yet now i don't know how to find thee. it was like searching pins in the ocean. a quest for the rainbow's end.  i plead for help from the heavens, but then hell spits its insults and mockery. i can hear satan with his maniacal laughter. for i am in love with a stranger. a stranger who came from nothing. the very same nothing who took my heart. the reason why i am now almost nothing. 

i am a fool who fell in love with a stranger. a person with no eyes to see me. no lips to kiss me. even a mind to remember me. only a faint heart to love me. i kissed thy face, yet my lips touches the wind. but when we make love, we are brought this insane paradise. and in that instant moment, the person is no longer a stranger. for that person is already inside me. digging through my every senses, searching my entire body and finally entering my soul, capturing every sweat and moan of acceptance. but then as i reminisce and look into my memory, i cannot find the stranger again. and then i will remember, the person has no face. and will forever remain so. no matter which mask is put. it will forever remain so.

i am a victim of love to a stranger i've met. a willing victim, prisoner and slave. though i won't be able to look in thy face, my eyes will always see love as thine own face. i don't even care if you don't have a name, for this feeling i have for you cannot be named. not even the wisest man on earth. not even love itself, for it is ashamed of itself knowing how hollow love's name compared to what i have for you. you may not even remember me as more time come to pass. or probably look and come to me. but that's all right. i won't get tired of falling everyday. i'll battle with eternity. 'till eternity itself give up and surrender you, the beautiful stranger i fell in love with.


"Even before I was touched, I belonged to you; you had only to look at me."
-Louise Gluck
originally written: the 26th of April 2009

6 reaction(s):

orally said...

Maybe it's best to love a stranger
Well that's what I've done
Heaven help my heart.

imsonotconio said...

yah maybe its best to love a stranger

Ex Jason said...

ah, well, i guess love has a unique form for each person.

toffer said...

love whoever you're heart wants you to love for it will give you the ultimate happiness...:))

red the mod said...

But there is no other way to love.

It has to be absolute, complete, earth-moving. It must not have reason, or method, causation or plan. It is the only way.

There's a silver lining, in the dead of night. The deepest darkest moment in the night are the moments right before dusk.

You will be well.

VICTOR said...

It is hardly a surprise that we fall for strangers. Mystery is a beauty.


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