Sunday, September 26, 2010


DB's Thanksgiving Week ends today. the deeds are over. the echoes? let's hope it reverberate longer as one would wish.

I survived the war but i did not win the battle. 
The guns no longer in anger, the canons now tamed. 

among bloggers i look up to, Kane, asked me what's next after this. honestly, i was dumbfounded when i first read the question. really, what now DB, i asked myself. after hours of contemplating, i realised, i have to choose the thing that my 23 years in this world has thought me rigidly...


when holidays are over everything must go back on track. it can't be forever a feast. the same goes with every catastrophe that comes. after it sails away, then the rebuilding must commence. the world will not stop for a single celebration, neither by any tragic blow. least of all, because of a stupid heartache.

i survived the war but i did not win the battle. i got wounds all over. i probably got my heart amputated. but i survived to tell the tales. and you know what? i will always will! because in here comes my worth. that again, i may be allowed to live.

The air is silent, the deceased scattered. 
Look! A mighty soul standing. 
He is not alone. 

this is my 50th post

19 reaction(s):

Mu[g]en said...

That's the fighting spirit. Hehehe!

rudeboy said...

"Life always finds a way." - John Hammond, Jurassic Park

"Rawrrrrrr!" - Velociraptor, Jurassic Park

Ronnie said...

I love the spirit. Keep it up, friend. ;)

toffer said...

one strong and tough DB...i like the attitude..:))

Alterjon said...

sabi nga ng isang indie film: ang siketo sa buhay, huminga ka lang ng huminga!

we'll be fine brother. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

congrats on your 50th post! :) post pa!

and i know you'll be okay db! kaw pa! :D

orally said...

you go gurl!
and congratulations on your 50th

Manech said...

Echoing the others, congrats on your 50th! Here's to the love of blogging. Cheers! :)

Mr. Brightside said...

Di naman siguro na-amputate yung puso mo, broken at the most... with the strength you're showing, it will be fixed in no time =D

Kane said...

Désolé Boy,

Nagulat naman ako sa entry mo.

Sometimes, I wonder if bloggers really do reflect on what readers say in the comments section.

I try to put some thought into my responses, particularly if the topic was serious.

When I said that to you, I wanted to make you think. To realize that perhaps what you needed wasn't just a temporary change of mind, but a complete paradigm shift.

I am glad you decided to live =)

Because though at times, the world may seem a terrible place to live, it's really not so bad. There may be pain and sorrow, but there are other things too... joy, love, and redemption.


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

happy 50th post for you sir DB!

sabi nga nila,
"all that happens means something, nothing you do is ever insignificant.."

powering up on being optimistic with ur life.


Yas Jayson said...

after all, we are all condemned to live.

of all, this is the most beautiful condemnation.

Nimmy said...

wooot wooot! go DB! go! go! go!

it is a wonderful world. love the way you appreciate things. pak na pak! :D

Désolé Boy said...


You really had me thinking there. Indeed, I need a total "paradigm shift." And i realised, the only way I can achieve that is to again find that real person inside without the masks everyone forced on me. Again, looking within me.

I was also reminded. The world is a beautiful place at that moment I decided to paint it red.

Désolé Boy

Désolé Boy said...

My Dear Readers,
Thank you so much. I know paulit-ulit na pero di pa rin ako magsasawang magpasalamat
You guys really inspire me
Let's keep rockin' it, alright?

soltero said...

congrats on ur 50th! eheheh

an oh..isn't surviving, winning in itself already??

wanderingcommuter said...

i must agree with soltero, surviving is indeed winning...


Manech said...

I forgot to say something the first time. So.

As the adage goes, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I'm having some rough time lately, and I'm holding on to this belief.

Here's to overcoming the blows. No pun intended.

Désolé Boy said...

thank u so much guys!


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