Saturday, September 11, 2010


September 5, officially I became one among the 70 thousand Filipinos inflicted with Dengue Fever. What started as a severe headache and a come and go fever turned out to be a dreaded virus that already killed 500 alone this year.  

The Genesis

First night was hell night. Before my mother got to have someone to help her, she was alone with me. Almost twilight then, I started shaking madly. I couldn't control myself and I was shouting how cold I am feeling at that moment. I ordered her to turn off the aircon. My entire body is still shaking. She couldn't leave me alone to call for the nurses. I felt a hot liquid substance trickling on my face. I never noticed I was already crying then. She hugged me tight then and said, just pray. I remember the scapular am always wearing. I tried feeling it. There it was just under my shirt. I was in that state for almost 10 minutes. At last the nurse arrived. Thanks to Paracetamol IV and some more meds injected, I was pacified at the very least.

But the night did not end there. What with cries of a very painful headache, countless vomiting and a fever seesawing from 37 to 38 and to 39, the fine end is just nowhere to be seen.

War of the Platelets 

For my initial platelet count, I hit the borderline of 137. The normal they say is at 150. As medication begins, the next test revealed my platelet count down to 110. Alarming though, the doctor thought it was still a respectable decrease. The problem mounted the next day. My mom went home to get more clothes and other needed stuff. It's just me and my tita. A nurse came telling my tita to come over and that the doctor wanted to talk to her. Unfortunately, she forgot to close the door and so I heard everything they talked about. Apparently, the latest platelet count made an alarming report of a sharp fall, reading from 110 down to only 43, and that the doctor already made a call to the provincial blood bank [of Bulacan] for a bag of platelet. Here, another problem arise. Probably out of nervousness, my blood pressure skyrocketed hitting 140/100. Obviously, more meds were taken in until finally it normalizes in the afternoon whereas the platelet count continue to drop to 40 then finally at 38.

At midnight, they prepared me for a platelet transfusion. The medicine injected before the transfusion is like a very powerful drug which made me dizzy with a feeling that my entire face thickens. As the platelets enter my veins, the pain was overwhelming. I wasn't ready for that. But what could I do? I just welcomed it, counting until it was over probably after 4 hours. I don't know exactly, I must've fallen asleep.

The next morning, for the first time, I was actually feeling better. But the morning news isn't so good. Even after the platelet transfusion, the platelets still weren't winning over the virus. It was down to 33.We were all wondering how is that possible. Here, the doctor talked me over and said it is time I help myself get it over with. So I encourage myself to start eating solid foods for the first time since Friday that I'm not yet confined. I would even sit in the chair for half an hour instead of just lying on my bed. I even started conversing my visitors and would laugh at their goofs. My mood is high. I am beginning to feel better and better.

The 33 platelet count started climbing to 41. After that, it reaches 59. Finally, Wednesday morning, counting to 65 the doctor released me, allowing me to finally go home.

Baby Boy

Not only I felt like one, I was actually named one in the hospital. From my doctor down to the nurses, everyone is calling me "baby boy." Honestly, I was torned between amusement and embarrassment every time they do that. But what could I do? I may probably a 23 year old almost 5'8 tall bloke but under the curse of Dengue, am just as helpless as a 3 year old baby.

Never had it occur to me I'll get Dengue Fever. No, not even in my wildest dream. People couldn't believe it also. Others suspected I got it from my trip to Olongapo last week. My mother said I contacted it in Manila. I myself don't have a concrete idea. But the experience made me realise how important my health is, making me feel guilty of how I neglected it most of the times with no consideration at all. Maybe I have to be first one to treat myself like a baby, yes?


September 8, birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a known Marian devotee was finally healed.

DB is back!


"I know God won't give me anything I could not handle. I just wish He didn't trust me that much."
-Mother Theresa of Calcutta

17 reaction(s):

soltero said...

Thank God you are well now.. pahinga ka mabuti tol!

Ex Jason said...

db! kasi kasi. ingatan ang sarili. pagaling ka.

my-so-called-Quest said...

good thing you're back and doing great! :D

welcome back db! :)

rudeboy said...

Sucks to be sick.

Glad to hear you're better.

maginoongbulakenyo said...

Kabayan pagaling ka!

Traydor talaga ang dengue, kaya ingat, ingat!

Aris said...

Salamat sa Diyos magaling ka na ngayon. Pahinga kang mabuti. Ingat palagi. *hugs*

Nimmy said...

yey! buti naman and you're better now. :)


anteros' dominion said...

good to know you are now okay...god bless, and be safe dear

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

uso daw ngayon eh. mabuti't magaling ka na. :)

imsonotconio said...

ako dfin ngakadengue before 3x pa nga

Guyrony said...

It's good to know you're back on track.

Your platelet went dangerously low.

Good grief you were able to surpass it.

Mu[g]en said...

That was scary. Binabasa ko yung entry mo, bigla akong kinabahan. Glad you're okay.

canonista said...

Wow! Naalala ko nung akala kong nagkadengue ako nung 2008. 2 weeks akong nilagnat, wala silang mahanap. Nagkarashes ako ng kaunti at may little red spots pa. Sabi nung duktor, "Iho, nagkadengue ka... Pero amazing! Magaling ka na without any medications".

Yun pala, or so I think... Stage1 na pala ng HIV yun, initial infection. Jusko.

Naalala ko rin nung first time kong maospital naman dahil sa Typhoid. Isang buwan na akong nillagnat 'nun, walang makita, yun pala stage 4 na ng Typhoid. Muntik na raw akong tamaan sa utak, kaya siguro ako may pagkabaliw ngayon. Haha!

Ingat palagi. Stay away from mosquitos.

toffer said...

naalala ko tuloy nung nagka dengue din ako..:)) ang saya ko kasi pumayat ako nun..haha.. 5 bags of plasma yata yung trinansfuse saken...ang hirap kasi kasama nung dengue eh ulcer at uti kaya ang lake nung bill sa hospital,pero super bineybi ako nun..

good to know your fine now..:))

paci said...

thank heavens you're okay now.
we pray for those who contracted dengue especially the kids.

Pepe said...

napaiyak mo ako dito.. takot ako sa hospital at sa mga turok na yon.

pero mas naiyak ako kasi naalala ko pamangkin ko some years ago, sabi nya habang sinasalin ng platelets, "tito, ang sakit sakit, ayoko na po..."

:( :( :(

Viktor Saudad said...

happy birthday! birthdays have always been a celebration of life, so i think this is your other birthday.

(oh, do still take precautions against mosquito bites. a person can contract dengue 4x in a lifetime.)


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