Friday, September 17, 2010

and it's all because of you

...that i would never be whole. no. there was this piece of my shattered self that was blown away, the one that created this vast hollowness which in no way would be filled. it was you who cursed me with it, you should know that.

...that i'm having trouble trusting. even myself.

...that i don't believe anymore that i was capable of being loved. you've left me. that's all i know. and that brings the conclusion that people would always leave me. i was destined to be alone.

...that last night, I wasn't able to sleep -yet again. if only i could drag you out of my mind. but how? if your blood travels around me. and if your flesh is the same as mine?

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Nimmy said...

awwwww DB. things will be better, i hope soon. :)


Mac Callister said...

give it time...that too will pass...

canonista said...

I can feel you, brother. I too, am broken... It has been a long time, since.

Kane said...


Ang intense. Do you really believe you will never be whole again?


Alterjon said...

the world could turn its back on you but you shouldn't to yourself. let's keep on hoping.

my-so-called-Quest said...

aw. you'll never be alone forever db.
don't doubt yourself.

nice pic btw! :)

rudeboy said...

Inviting people into our lives always carries the risk that they might disrupt it.

And sometimes, people shatter our worlds without our permission, DB. But to remain in the rubble or start to rebuild is a choice that only we can make.

Désolé Boy said...

@Kane<<i don't know. i've been like this for 11 years, so how could i expect any better in the coming 11 more years? by d way it's an honor you droppin' by here. thanks!

@everyone<<i thank u all for your kind words

Kane said...

Eleven years is an awfully long time, Desole.

And at the risk of shameless plugging, I wrote this two months ago.

We must help ourselves =) There is hope.


Désolé Boy said...

i realised that. you are right. i should help myself first. thanks.


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