Sunday, August 22, 2010

SUNDAY Piece 013: Sustain

Let the earth bleed
and the virgins die
For the wrath of the gods
excruciate the viles
For neither the lords
nor the governors
could escape or evade
such fleeting 
fearful grudge.

They will curse the heathen
the haughty oh proud
They will call damnation
's if their saviour
their christ
For the greed for blood
shall never be deprived
Or the need for lust
crave for flesh, amass

Shall the great orb light
blackens at midst
and the pieces of quartz
almost half deceased
then the promise time, alas!
Let the trumphets horn
so the judgment begins. 

-The Prophecy of Lun Yap
by Desole Boy/ 01272010/ 12.20am

i am tired. let me rest in your lap, can i?

"I'f I'm too cowardly 
to give my life
at least I am brave
enough to take it. "
-Maria Lourdes Abulencia, May 1976. 


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