Thursday, August 12, 2010

sometimes it's all about me baby

finally, desole boy got no more fever, which explains the blurry mode and ambiguous entries the past days. and so am out again, ready to face new guys...i mean new challenges (put down your eyebrow babe, hihi) on the road. so, let's begin with this lame joke i got somewhere:

SADIST: I'm bored. Why don't we torture a cat?
ZOOPHILE: Yeah! We'll torture it then fuck it.
ASSASSIN: We'll torture it, fuck it then kill it.
NECROPHILE: We torture it, fuck it, kill it, then fuck it again.
PYROMANIAC: Yeah! Then we'll burn the cat


SADIST: Why don't you say something?
ME: Meow...


after a long period of sickness and so much emotional instability, i've got nothing on my brain left now coz most of the contents are flushed down the toilet when i puked. but luckily, i was tagged on one of those notes in facebook,. and so, to keep this blog from not being flushed down the toilet, like the contents of my brain, am posting it here and maybe you'll find it interesting. especially if you want some kicker from those mind boggling entries of other bloggers. peace fellow bloggers!!!!


The 25 Random Things About Desole Boy

1. This is actually my second blog. The first one is already 1 year old and it deals with politics and international affairs. So please, don't go bother looking for it, okay?
2. I love Japanese animes, especially those that are not yet popular here in RP. I love them in their original Japanese dub. My top 2 faces are KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN and KYOU KARA MAOU
3. I'm so weird, I once draped my room with black curtains. My lola was so horrified when she saw it.
4. I learned to ride the bicycle at the age of 21. Since then, biking became my official sports.
5. Modesty aside, people would compliment me saying am very talented.
6. I disagree with the above. Often, I feel like I'm jack-of-all-trades but master of none.
7. I almost died due to typhoid fever back in high school.
8. Speaking of high school, that was when I get to taste my first heartache. I'm so ugly then (actually up until now) so I really don't know where I got the courage to court this popular girl in my year who's stunningly beautiful (or so I think back then). I gave her a bouquet of roses. She accepted them but not the love am offering. =(
9. I'm currently in the 3rd year running of me and my bestfriend's bet of me remaining NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) for 5 years or else am gonna pay her 5 thousand bucks. Anyone willing to pay her? Hihi.
10. Regina George's fave movie is Varsity Blues. Mine is Mean Girls.
11. I copied number 10 from the guy above.
12. I think I have ESPN. Kidding! I mean ESP. I can tell if its going to rain.
13. People may think I am very liberated, radical and modern. But the truth is, am very conservative, reserved and religious.
14. I love porn.
15. Burned them weeks ago, magazines, dvds etc.
16. Alright, I kept a few good ones.
17. For a Christmas Party of our department in ABS-CBN, I joined a pageant where I have to look like a drag queen in front of Tony Velasquez and other prominent people, threatened by my boss that if I back out,  I am soooo fired!
18. I learned how to smoke at the age of 7 or 8, thanks to my uncles. But no, am not a smoker at that young age.
19. I can eat a maximum of 5 servings of Leche Flan in one sitting.
20. I am a trouble magnet. Twice, I' got myself sitting in front of the Guidance Counselor for same reason: naghamon ng away at natuloy sa away.
21. I'm super torpe. (so imagine how I did number 9. am totally shaking back then)
22. Am still a virgin.
23. Believe it or not is up to you.
24. Or maybe you want to find it out for yourself?
25. I've got nothing more to say, I think am starting to bore you guys.

Yey! Done!

i hope none of the above will be used against me in the future. so keep your mouths shut. It will be our little secret, geddit?


"Talking about oneself can also be a mean to conceal oneself."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

22 reaction(s):

my-so-called-Quest said...

hahaha, meow ah! :D

i heard she made car commercials... in Japan!

saulo mo lahat ng linya sa movie no?:P

JP said...

ahem may una agad! hahaha! :))

hindi ako nabore, its like reading my own list. we have too many commonalities! :)

hope you're feeling better now sir! :)

Ex Jason said...

ayan na naman si ced at db. kinikilig na naman ako at nakangiting parang tanga dito sa shop. lol.

i watched kyo kara maoh's first season but i can't seem to find a dvd of the next one.

virgin, eh? how does one find out if that's true? =P

and hooray for leche flan monsters! =D

Désolé Boy said...

@ced<<yep. i can relate to all four girls..hihi

@jp<<glad u liked it. thanks ha!

@jason<<hanggang season 3 meron na. but the makers opted not to return for 4th season. =(

Mu[g]en said...


Kyo Kara Maou pala ha! Hehehe.

Désolé Boy said...

@mu[g]en<<hihi..nahiya na ko tuloy. reregaluhan mo po ko ng kyou kara maou colectibles??haha

Guyrony said...

Pretty interesting random facts about you...

btw, I love porn too!!!

Nimmy said...

wowowowow! interesting!

21. I'm super torpe.

i remember posting that you have a crush. wala lang. naisip ko lang sya bigla. hehehe

Désolé Boy said...

@guyrony<<ahmnn palitan tau??jowk!ahaha

@nimmy<<pano kung si leo mo ang crush ko??hehehe..kidding!

Alterjon said...

ayan, magaling na si DB. ahm - I'll go for no.14. haha. :)

soltero said...

i don't believe # 22 at all! ahahaha :P

kaloy said...

the "meow" made my morning.


kuri said...

mahilig sa porn pero virgin? kahit sa kamay??? nuh! heheh.

anyways, ano ung kyou kara maou???

di ako mahilig sa animes eh..

thanks nga pala for always visiting. "D

iurico said...

qualify "virgin" please?


paci said...

now i have to update my anime watch list. god(?) save our king. coolness.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

Andami na nating adik sa mean girls! haha

i love how after all that, you pull a nietzsche quote on us. haha

arkin said...

virgin. sarap. LOL

engel said...

i find it hard to believe you're still a virgin. :P

Ex Jason said...

sobrang narrowed down na malamang ng definition niya ng virgin. lol.

Knoxxy said...

i love anime too.

Ewan said...

i've been to japan and anime is only popular in tokyo

Ewan said...

btw, thanks to my aunt who made my trip possible jejejej


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