Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You held me light, never tight so as not to exhaust me. 
You thought you're giving enough air so I can breathe. 
But didn't you know?
You're the only air I wanna breathe?

Your slightest stir on my untamed flesh thrills 
my hermiting soul.
The cursed princess stirred, now half-awake. 
And it's not even a kiss yet.

Stares of nothingness from your eyes were piercing enough 
to dawdle my questions;
leaving strings of euphoria;
ending my unconquerable ire.

Back then all important was what catches the sight. 
Now, no more pretentious masquerades and solitaire
when tangible is only a throb away. 

And so the page turns. 

"Now, drive me faraway. I don't care where. Just far away."

11 reaction(s):

my-so-called-Quest said...


"Stares of nothingness from your eyes were piercing enough"

so another chapter starts db?

Nimmy said...

waaaaaaaaah! ang sweet... :)

kinilig naman ako dito desole!

WV: react
pak! that's what i just did! hahaha

Désolé Boy said...

waiting to be written ced...

Désolé Boy said...

@nimmy<<kxe inlababo ka kaya ka kinikilig..

Guyrony said...

And when it finally turns, there will be depth, passion, boldness.

On life affected.

Alterjon said...

waiting to be blown away by the wind - I'm positive someone's waiting for your arrival. :)

toffer said...

you are one amazing poet..:))haha

very deep..

soltero said...

hmmm..i'm anxiously waiting for that chapter to start..di ba doc? ehehe :P

paci said...

..another page. =)

. said...

major major pak!


Nimmy said...

kahit hindi in love magkaka-diabetes sa post na ito. hahaha :P


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