Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An open letter to my future love

Dear You,

During times like this, when I'm most vulnerable and in silent pain, my thoughts would go wonder to that place venerated by your presence, imagining the things you're doing, making a rough sketch on my mind how you look like while figuring out what's running on your mind. That hopefully, yours is making the same leap about me.

I hope you won't get mad when I tell you this, that sometimes, I doubt your very existence. There is that part of me questioning my patience, asking, what are you doing during those solid 23 years, wondering, what's taking you so long.

Anyway, I'm leaving it all up to God, for I sure hope He's perfecting an elaborate epic love story for both of us! Don't you agree?

But please, promise me you'll never be "perfect." I don't want you to be the best looking guy there is, for i'll probably always get annoyed with others constantly ogling at you. I want you to be as simple as you are, though in my eyes, the most beautiful man there is. You don't have to be the richest. I won't mind eating on those street carts and carinderias for as long as I'm with you.

In the same way, I can't promise to be "perfect." You know how my mood swings can get worse. I hope you'll be patient enough to handle them and would just laugh at my melodramatic tendencies. Your tight and warm embrace were enough to make me calm then surrender. You should know that.

I am very sorry too that I'm too much of a brat to learn how to cook, wash the dishes and do the laundry. But i'm trying! I hope you love pasta coz I'm learning a few recipes of them lately.

I know I can even get freaky jealous at times, probably brought about by those countless rejections and heartaches I get to taste while we're apart that built up my tower of insecurities. But it won't matter anymore once you're here. We'll bury them together and leave them over the past where they belong.

However, this I can promise. No matter what lies ahead in our future, I can always be your bestfriend who's willing to listen when everyone refuses to. I promise to laugh at your every joke even though I've heard it countless times already. I will forever remain your number one fan, the silly guy who silently squeals with your simple gestures for I always have this highschool crush on you.I don't know how am gonna do it, but I'll promise to make you fall for me over and over everyday, for as long as time would allow me.

But above all, remember this. I won't stand in your way if ever comes the day (which I hope not) you'll choose someone better than me. Someone you can live quietly with the blessings of your family, friends and this society. It'll be quite difficult for me letting you go, but for your happiness, I know I can't say no.

For now, I will wait patiently, palms held together in prayer. And if you're out there somewhere waiting for me, just listen. It might be me, the next one to knock on your door.

Until our eyes finally meet,

"Even before I was touched, I belonged to you; you had only to look at me."
-Louise Gluck

as inspired by Cathy Babao-Guballa's article for The Daily Inquirer last August 8, 2010 "My daughter's letter to the man she will love someday"

31 reaction(s):

my-so-called-Quest said...

naks naman. very sweet!
if he can read this. i bet he's smiling and blushing! :D

Nimmy said...

HOMAYGAD!!! Kinilig naman ako dito! Grabe Desole! ang sweet talaga nito. :D

imsonotconio said...

cno ung guy sa pic?

soltero said...

naks naman daw..i bet daw he's smiling & blushing ehehehe...i bet tinigasan din un ng onti hahahaha :P

Guyrony said...

The sincerity is most certainly felt.

One that would make, even the perfect one swoon with agreement.

Aren't we all waiting for that one?

But the question is:

Will the person come or will you come to that person?

Désolé Boy said...

@ced<<i sure hope so!

@nimmy<<salamat naman. hihi

@conio<<ako po yan =)

@soltero<<tinigasan? ahaha. wait..let me confirm

@guyrony<<i'll tell u when that fated day comes

soltero said...

ako ulet...dapat itsek mo personally un ah, para maconfirm tlaga ahahha...

Alterjon said...

hangkyut. knocks me off my feet. :)

ang galeng. you're a natural.

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

mag-antay ka ng sagot sa sulat mong yan. malapit na

Désolé Boy said...

@lolo soltero<<done checking!

@alter<<yay! thanks for the compliment

@mandaya<<sana nga. salamat sa pagdaan ha =)

orally said...

this is so nice.

yaan mo darating din yun or
dumating na yata eh?

o sige na di ko na sya lalandiin hahaha

Yj said...

oh baby, i'm here! i'm here!


seriously, this is so sweet... don't you worry, he'll find you soon... na-delay lang yun, kasi hinarang ko... hihihihi

Anonymous said...

sabihin mo ng emotional ako pero naluha ako ng 2 drops sa letter na ito DB. super sweet. :)

Désolé Boy said...

@orally<<haha..kaw talaga

@YJ<<pakisabi bilisan..hihi..

@jepoy<<aww hugs!!! glad u liked it.

Mu[g]en said...

Sana ma meet mo na siya. :)

mark said...

Sa'yo pala dapat magpagawa ng sulat sa mga NFBFs. Hahaha. :)

arkin said...

ang yummy o. slurp. LOL

Désolé Boy said...

@kuya joms<<ihanap mo kxe ko..hehe

@kuya mark<<yan tinawag din kitang kuya. ano po yung NFBF?? hehe

@arkn<<salamat [kahit lam kong di ako yummy] hehe

Lalaki Daw Po said...


di pa kasi tau nagkikita e.. baka ako na yan.. hehe

nice post.. kakaantig..

engel said...

no words needed. i can only smile. :)

JP said...

awww, that was sweeeeet! :)

don't worry darating din siya. at pag dumating yun hindi kana papakawalan! ;)

toffer said...

AI AI AI...gave me a highschool kilig feeling..haha..:)) nice posts..

read read pa ko iba mong posts..

shenanigans said...

i can so relate to this... just to ease the pain mag i-imagine tayo ng mga kung anu-ano. i believe its one of the defence mechanism.

haaay! ang sarap magmahal

Fickle Cattle said...

stab me in the heart and twist the blade naman desole. this is beautiful.


Mac Callister said...

thats sweet!!!

Im sure the single guys after reading this e magpaparamdam na sau!hahah

sayang di na ako single! may ganunnnnn!!

you're one romantic guy,im sure swerte magiging bf mo....


ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

how sweet! you should save this somewhere so when you finally meet him, you can say you thought about him for years before he arrived. :)

ahmer said...

incredibly sweet, nandyan na ba sya sa tabi mo? hehe

Pipo said...

"...but I'll promise to make you fall for me over and over everyday, for as long as time would allow me."

Pamatay. Ang swerte ng future love mo, Ninong! Sana mahanap nyo na isa't-isa. =D

Anonymous said...

sobrang nakakatuwa mabasa yun mga blogs mo.. :) am a super fan! :) 'to yun favorite ko.. :) thank you for inspiring everyone.. :)

Anonymous said...

Wish ko lang magaling ako magsulat sa ingles like you..buti na lang nakakaintindi ako kahit papaano..

Ansabeh ng sweet sa letter na to hehe! I like the honesty and sincerity..devoid of big words but its definitely in the face romantic..

I'm a fan DB..keep on writing this kind of stuff.. =)

- cHard

ishmael husai said...

Salamat sa pagpapaalalang hindi ako nag-iisang umaasa..


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