Thursday, July 15, 2010

Round one

Sweat was trickling on Prisco Nilo's face while consulting his notes, red-faced, avoiding eye contact with his president who's dressing him down loudly over his bureau's failure to provide a decent prediction of the typhoon's path.

One again, here comes Pagasa in its not so literal sense!

Listening at President Aquino's first disaster management meeting, I realised, we're having the same nightmare over and over again, and we didn't seem to have learned our lessons, considering what we've gone through with Ondoy.

In Camp Aguinaldo, we have perpetual meetings, damage control plans, rantings, pin-pointings etc. But going around, we have crying housewives who lost their husband, children who lost their parents, families who lost their homes etc.

Same old pictures.

Always we are caught unprepared. A single blow of typhoon and we are all rocked at the foot of our seats, swallowed in the darkness, confused and annoyed at what had happened.

We all thought, after Ondoy, we already learned our lessons. We all said, surely next time. But here comes Basyang, the "next time, " and suddenly, almost the entire Northern Luzon flipped once again.

Typing this post, where I had to cross three Bulacan towns just to get into a computer shop, I cannot help but feel afraid on what might happen with the next twenty more typhoons that would hit us within the next five months. Basyang is definitely just a warmer.

Knocked out at the first round, we can probably do some strategies and try win the next coming rounds. We just have to remember, the more proactive we are, the lesser lives we need to give up.

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jace said...

Colleagues and I were just talking about this. It's funny how we're a decade over 2000 and yet our weather forecast system, the first in a string of look out points or red flags, is hardly reliable.

It was pretty disappointing.

Mu[g]en said...

I for one was definitely unprepared for Basyang. Good thing my mom wasn't. Siya ang girl scout sa bahay. Hahaha!

Murphy's Law. If something is meant to happen, it will happen.

orallyours said...


soltero said...

i don't think may exact science sa pag predict ng typhoon (correct me if i'm wrong),the probabilities can be predicted but kaya nga bagyo e pabago bago ng isip ehhehe, kahit dito sa US sablay din, dami nga namamatay din sa flooding sa ibang states..ang dapat na ma master ng gobyerno e ung pano mapapaghandaan ang mga yan at pano makapag bibigay ng mabilis na serbisyo sa tao pagnagka bagyo :)

engel said...

agree with soltero.

things like that, ondoy, basyang,no one can predict that. it's not just the government's responsibility to prepare for things like that. we have to do our share too.


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