Tuesday, July 27, 2010

no, there's no fairytale

this post is dedicated, or better, a tribute to some people.

first, to jay. if only we can remain drunk everyday, eh? but no, it just can't be.
second, to tess. i believe, a woman named tin isn't the incarnation of love, no?
third, to those lovely couple i am watching while sipping my beloved caramel machiato a while ago in greenbelt. a couple made in heaven!
and lastly, to this boy i always knew, who DOESN'T eat apples.

once there was a boy who loves apples so much, he can't survive a day without having one. every week his mother would make sure she bought seven of it [or more] from the market so her boy would never miss a bite.

but then, one day, the mother got sick. being the little boy who don't know yet how to take a trip to the market and buy his beloved apple, depression creeps on him. the little boy cried and cried but no apple came. and so he decided...

when the boy's mother got better, the usual apples came back. but this time, the boy wants to make sure he'll never get to miss an apple again.

carefully, as he bites into his apple, he made sure he get to keep the seeds. he will plant an apple tree in their lawn.

the boy's mother noticed his sun digging holes in their lawn. she asked what he's doing.

"what are you doing son?"

"mother, am going to plant an apple tree here in our yard, " said the boy, smiling as brightly as that morning's weather.

the mother smiled gently as she kindly touched her son's innocent face.

"son, do you not know it's just impossible to grow apple trees using those seeds you've got?"

"but why?" the boy answered very confused.

"because...its just the way it is. it is not in its nature to grow in yards. and the seeds used for apple cultivation are special and different. but you'll get to learn all those as you get older."

"what if i take good care of it well? i won't leave it. i'll stay with it all the time. i'll water it everyday. i'll even cover it during storms and too hot weather. i will love it like i love you and dad. will it grow now?"

"i am very sorry son. but it just can't."

seeing the painful look on her son, she said consolingly, "son, don't worry i can always buy you apples whenever you want. or maybe we could ask someone to buy one for you if ever i can't."

"but i want to grow them here. so i'll get to see it grow and take it whenever i want. i want it to be my very own."

"son, if you really want to plant trees i can get you some good seeds, but not apples'. let say..how about papaya? or maybe guava? or how about some tomatoes or banana on our backyard? you'll love them for sure!"

"but mother, i really love apples. i really do."

his mother don't know how to answer him anymore. she just stared at him. and there she saw confusion and sadness at the young face of her son.

she could not bear anymore how painful it is, not being able to give what her son wants. she hugged him tightly, thinking if she could only plead to the apples to grow in their yard. but she knew. she always knew. it just can't be.

in the course of time, the boy would not give up. he will contemplate and try hard with all his heart if he can really grow apples in his yard.

soon, he'll find out...


"Love is like handing someone a gun, having them point it at your heart, and trusting them to never pull the trigger."
-Michael Gardner

14 reaction(s):

my-so-called-Quest said...

so we can't plant an apple in the backyard? :(

malay mo pwede? malay mp posible? :)

Désolé Boy said...

maybe. we'll find out..hehe

Nimmy said...

awwwww. that made me a fan!

clap! clap! clap!

Mu[g]en said...

They say nothing's impossible under the sun. Who knows. :)

soltero said...

sometimes, things are just not gonna happen and it's better not to give false hopes.

Guyrony said...

With optimism and perseverance, there is no limitation of the possibilities.

orallyours said...

Was it hope that Pandora kept inside the box?

Pipo said...

"I do believe in fairies! I do, I do!" -Hook


rudeboy said...

"There's a fine, fine line
Between a fairy tale
And a lie."

- Avenue Q, There's A Fine, Fine Line

I disagree.

All fairy tales are lies.

Alterjon said...

Bamboo sang "Himala" and I appreciate that but still, i don't know.

caloy said...

an apple a day is 15 pesos a day or an apple a day makes seven apples a week. hahaha!

loko lang. ewan ko ah, pero tingin ko, di dapat pinipilit ang mga bagay na di pwede..

parteeboi said...

on mr. gardner. love sounds like a lot of trust... is anyone still capable?

on apples. so let's be careful with our bets.

Désolé Boy said...


ahmer said...

i dont know.
but i know Miracles do Happen.


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