Wednesday, July 7, 2010


well, not the fuck that we're all expecting, but the kind you'll wish you never had. so here, let me share with you the few fucks i've got for the last 48 hours:

1. suspended credit card. it's actually just an extension from my father, but i screwed things up and forgot to keep track of my growing expenses which include bulk payments for Restaurant City's Playfish Cash. and, also, was it my fault every store i love is on sale this past weeks?

2. lappy is still broke. hindi ko pa rin siya napapagawa up till now. yesterday, my cousin had to get married immediately after she and her boyfriend found out she's 5 weeks pregnant. so, i went home immediately to witness the wedding followed by an early dinner then a drinking session with the "new members of our family." today is my lola's birthday naman. so, still no time for lappy to get fixed.

3. francis and i aren't talking much lately.

4. 3.jobless. this is one of the drawbacks of being a freelancer. pag wala kang raket feeling mo pulubi ka na. at ganun ang pakiramdam ko ngayon.

5. 4. someone is like courting me. i know, very hetero, right? the problem is, i don't have the slightest romantic feeling for him. i don't know how to break this to him, pero as of now, being in a relationship is the very last thing on my list. o excuse ko lang yun dahil sa totoo lang, hindi ko naman talaga siya type?anyhoo, hindi ko na dapat talaga 'to pinatagal pa. i don't wanna hurt his feelings. =(

6. 5. my precious harry potter books got wet (sob). i forgot to close my window last night and apparently, it rained really hard that it practically victimized my innocent books. book 1 (sorcerer's stone) is the most damaged.

7. 6. i lost my thumb drive for the nth time containing important contact lists, previous articles, photos, videos and other important stuff.

hayy, kapag kinantot ka nga naman ng kamalasan! i don't know if it's bad luck or am just realistically screwing things up. god, am so fucked!

oh, and by the way,

8. 7. what the fuck is going on here in blogger? lots of comments disappeared. i've been getting updates from sites am not following. and i can't see my comments for other blogs. akala ko pa naman binubura or hindi ina-approve nung iba dyan yung mga comments ko, magtatampo na sana ko, hehe.

i hope everything just clear themselves up, that when i wake up tomorrow morning, things are better and okay.

being [in the] bottom sucks!


"Would you give up your arms and hands to fly? The birds did."
-from a Magic Card

21 reaction(s):

Mu[g]en said...

Chillax dude. What goes down, must go up. Makakarebound ka rin!

Désolé Boy said...


Guyrony said...

I don't know if I'm gonna laugh or feel sorry for you so I'm gonna do both. :)

Your situation is hard but one must learn it the hard way in order to be harder.

Makes sense?

Désolé Boy said...

@guyrony<<its naman talaga ang intention ko sa post na 'to..magpatawa at the same time you'll feel sorry for me..haha

soltero said...

ano ba yan? ahahha..when it rains it pours! bwahha...di bale after the rain, meron nmang rainbow, may pot of gold pa bwahahha :P

Désolé Boy said...

@soltero<<sana yung masarap ng f*ck..hehehe..joke lang

arkin said...

hihi. mahirap makantot ng pagkakataon. HAHAHA

imsonotconio said...

ok lnag yan! hugs!!!!!

Désolé Boy said...

@arkin & conio<<salamat ng madame!!

engel said...

at least after all the shit you've been going through, you know there's no other way for you to go but up.

take it easy my friend.

my-so-called-Quest said...

nooooooo! hp book 1!
sabagay pwede ka pa naman bumili nun. :D
my book 1 is tattered and maaalis na sa pagkahardbound. lol

you'll be ok. sabi nga nila when shit happens. may kapalit un na maganda :D

Anonymous said...

makantot ng kamalasan. aylayk. haha
bounced by.

Désolé Boy said...

@engel<<thanks bro!!

@mysocalledquest<<IKR?grabe..yung pinakaancient pa tlga ang nadale..

@chichirya<<salamat sa pagdaan!!balik ka ulit!

iurico said...

hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako sa mga terms na ginamit mo dito or maiiyak ako for you sa mga kamalasang pinagdaanan mo.

Pero keri lang yan. It's one of those days or in your case - couple of days. :-)

Désolé Boy said...

@iurico<<anong mga terms ba nakakatawa??hehe...anyway thank u po sa pagdaan!!

Anonymous said...

bro di lang ikaw ang screwed up. Pati din ako, however I didn't get to lose anything but I felt I lost an opportunity and also regretted why I did an interview 2 weeks ago. Sana nga makabangon from these kamalasan, so sad to be in the bottom.

parking ticket said...

meron ka yata balat sa pwet.. pwede pasilip just to confirm...LOL.. what do i do when i'm down.. go to the nearest mall and splurge!! then i feel OK again.. hehe.. cheers!

Ex Jason said...

Hindi naman hopeless ang mga bagay bagay. Kayang kayang gawan ng paraan. Need help? =)

JR said...

ayos lang yan, fuck lang ng fuck! mauubos din yan ;-)

mylawhite said...

isang corny joke lang yan :-)(kinuha ko lang kay greenpinoy

Sa Hospital…

Doc: Iho, mukhang pumapayat ka at hinang hina pa. Sinunod mo ba advice ko na 3 meals a day?

Pa Gurl: Diyos ko! 3 meals a day ba? Akala ko 3 males a day eh!!!

Désolé Boy said...

@marniboyisme<<thanks and gud luck din sa 'yo bro!!

@parkingticket<<walang balat eh..stretch marks lang..chos!!anyway, thanks bro!

@ExJason<<sana nga..hehe..salamat

@JR<<thank u!

@mylawhite<<i love it!!hehe..thanks!!


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